When To Mail Holiday Cards

interior wall decoration When To Mail Holiday Cards

interior wall decoration When To Mail Holiday Cards

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Many families are able to either create their own custom cards or order them from printing companies.

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Keep careful records of those with whom you are exchanging Christmas and holiday cards each year. If you have sent out a Christmas card to the Joneses for four years straight and have not received a card or greeting in return, you may want to continue sending cards, but it is perfectly acceptable for you to remove them from your card list.

It is true that it is a great idea to get your cards in the mail as early as you’re able; however, it is best to wait until after the Thanksgiving holiday. The ideal time for your cards to arrive at their destination is around the second week of December.

Try not to wait too long, keeping in mind that the post office is extremely busy during the holidays and you prefer for your cards not to arrive after Christmas Day.

By now, you’re probably DYING to hang this stunner infographic on your wall. Download it here, fire up that printer and pat yourself on the back for being so damn organized. If you’re just too overwhelmed to do any holiday shopping or mailing of any sort, Treated and Punkpost got your back.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you put your best foot forward as you send a little bit of seasonal joy to everyone on your Christmas card list.

Handing out cards in the office may be easier, but you really should mail these to coworkers’ homes if you have their addresses. This adds a personal touch while also eliminating the possibility that someone may take offense at being left out because you don’t have a card for him or her. 

Their lack of response shows that they are not interested in receiving the cards or do not participate in the exchange of greetings in that way. Or perhaps they’ve moved, and they aren’t receiving your cards.

3. Include a return addy: You just may get a fruit cake or some blintzes back in the mail. WIN.

Even better might be a short, handwritten personal note to each of your recipients. This gesture will show that you took the time to personally attend to and mail the cards.

2. Keep them separated: Send personal holiday cards to homes – not offices. Your personal holiday should be pleasure, not business, baby. If you’re sending a business-related holiday card, keep it in the office and don’t send a family photo.

It is considered inappropriate to send Christmas cards and greetings to a business associate’s home. Unless you know and interact with him or her socially, you should keep it professional and send your card to his or her office. This is another instance when the family photo cards and newsletters would not be appropriate to send.

1. E-cards do not count: If you miss the boat for X-mas or Hanukkah, send a New Year’s card.

Sending Christmas and other holiday cards is a simple task, but there are some specific things you should keep in mind.

4. Get addresses ASAP: Know people? Address gathering is a process. Give yourself at least a week to get them… better yet, start now.

Got any holiday mailing tips of your own? Flutter them to us in the comments below.

These are good because they offer the unique opportunity to send custom greetings that no one else will have.

The return address is a very helpful piece of information on any written correspondence. When your card is received, the addressee will know right away who sent the card. The return address also ensures that they have your current and correct address for mailing out their own cards in return.

5. Order your postage online. The post office is a madhouse during the holidays. Save yourself from going postal. Get those stamps delivered to your door.

You should always set up a system that helps you to remember which of your friends actually celebrate Christmas and which ones do not. In addition, if you and your family like to produce family newsletters or photos during the holidays, keep a specific list of those who should receive these more personalized cards separate from those who should not.

Many people still prefer actual cards rather than e-cards because they like to display them on the mantle. However, if you’re unable to get to the post office on time, feel free to email some holiday cheer. 

You may enjoy the holiday tradition of preparing, addressing and mailing out Christmas cards to family and friends. After selecting the cards with just the right message you want to share, you go home, jot some heartfelt notes, address the envelopes, and pop them into the mail. Then you look forward to going to your mailbox to see if anyone sent you a card.

You may want to opt for a more general card for business associates and others whom you do not know well. In short, try to keep your cards appropriate to your recipients.

If you are ordering a large number of cards you may want to have your name printed on the card. This is a fine alternative, but if it is possible you should use your own signature or penmanship wherever possible. This might include a personal note on the inside or the addressing of the outer envelope.

6. Outsource: If you can’t handle mailing yourself, there’s always an app (or seven) for that.

The post office is a place you think of… well, never. But when the holidays hit, gift sending and ho, ho, hellos via a card are on the mind. But tbh, surviving Black Friday and figuring out what to buy for Aunt Rhonda and your teenage bro are enough. Don’t waste any brain space deciphering when those packages and cards need to hit the mailbox. Thoughtfulness pros Punkpost and Treated have created a timeline for the winter holidays and beyond (we’re looking at you, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!). Before you add all those deadlines to your Gcals — check out our killer infographic with all the dates below — here are a couple of rules to follow for snail mailing during the most wonderful time of the year:

When To Mail Holiday Cards