Wallpaper For Entrance Hall

interior wall decoration Wallpaper For Entrance Hall

interior wall decoration Wallpaper For Entrance Hall

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Before you throw yourself into your new hallway wallpapering project, why not take the opportunity to check your potential purchase in situ first? We are more than happy to send you a wallpaper sample upon request. Alternatively, you could print out your preferred model on an A4 sample page.

Hallway wallpapers – how to design an appealing entrance area!

Abstract patterns Baroque damask Leaves Flowers Blossoms Objects Graphic elements Surface structure imitations Modern damask People Tendrils & branches Retro design Animals Solid colour Birds

Additional tips for designing hallways, stairways and corridors

And finally… Here are some tips that you should consider in order to achieve the perfect results for your entrance area. We’ve been inspired by the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui, which attaches great importance to the entrance or reception area and stipulates clear requirements for this representative space.

Graphic wallpaper and neutral color scheme links the entryway with the rest of the home [Design: Eric Ross Interiors, LLC]Lotus wallpaper adds interesting and unique motif to the small entrance hall [From: Greg Perko Photography]Stylish wallpaper in gray and white for the contemporary entryway [Design: ZeroEnergy Design]Wallpaper brings glamour to the entry while complementing the console perfectly [Design: Meredith Heron Design]

The black stripes in this gorgeous design are arranged in…

The dot matrix, which forms the 3D pattern in cream-white…

Double seam cut Good lightfastness Highly wash-resistant Lightfast Wet removable Scrub-resistant Low flammability Peelable Paste the wallpaper Strippable Paste the wall Wash-resistant Water-resistant

The effect is what counts – this should be your motto when designing your hallway, corridor or stairway. In terms of wallpaper patterns, materials and structures, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing wallpaper for reception areas. Just as a pointer, you could base your selection on the interior design style of the rest of your home or a specific theme. Colours and colour combinations can be subtle, daring, glossy, matt, intensive, pastel or bright. There are countless variations, from baroque wallpapers to wood and stone imitation wallpapers, retro patterns, florals or stripes.

Precious gold, modern neo-baroque patterns, provocative contrasts and excellent workmanship are the hallmarks of Versace wallpapers. If you wish to provide your hall, corridor or stairway with a sophisticated and elegant flair with a high luxury factor, we can warmly recommend these fantastic non-woven wallpapers with smooth or structured surfaces and easy-care vinyl coating.

One of the primary reasons why we turn to wallpaper is the ease with which it brings the walls of our homes alive by filling it with pattern. And if you wish to do the same with your entryway, choosing the right wallpaper is absolutely essential. One of the reasons for the comeback of wallpaper in the last few years has been the ability of designers and manufacturers to come up with designs that usher in pattern without disturbing the color scheme of the room. Wallpaper in neutral hues is a hit, even in the stylish contemporary foyer, as it ups contrast and pattern without altering the existing color palette.

Woods Wallpaper for the eclectic entry and mudroom with skylight [From: Shawn Freeman Architect / Brenda Liu Photography]

Crush Exquisite warp threads Effect foil Fine embossing Fine structure Flock Tactile relief effect Wax-Print Glass beads Smooth Small glass beads Small pearlescent tiles Natural cork oak Natural bamboo Paper fabric Vinyl

A large entrance hall provides plenty of space for large patterns and eye-catching motifs which demand attention. And for the very brave: how about mixing two different patterned wallpapers?

The hallway is like your home’s business card and it’s the first thing that is perceived by visitors the moment you open the door. Whoever comes to visit you will naturally see the design of your hall first, before any of the reception rooms. And guests will instinctively base their expectations of the rest of the home – or even the personality of its inhabitants – on this first impression.

Vivacious zebra wallpaper in Masai Red for the small eclectic entry complements the stairway wall art [From: Bryant Keller Interiors / Rikki Snyder]Traditional entry clad in Russell Square Raspberry by Thibaut [From: Anna Berglin Design]Wallpaper brings warmth of yellow to the Victorian style entry [Design: Siemasko + Verbridge]Simple and elegant entry with red grasscloth wallcovering, dashing mirror and a lovely console [From: Julians Interiors / Giovanni Photography]It is wallpaper that steals the show in this foyer [Design: Taste Design Inc]Woods and Orchid wallpaper used inside the home become a visual part of the entry [Design: Benco Construction]Perennial Favorites

Colour, type, order and size of patterns, as well as structures and effects can have a balancing and correcting effect on an unfavourable room layout. Choosing the best hallway wall décor for a specific issue will add light and space to a narrow and dark corridor, whilst a large hallway can be perfect for large, three-dimensional patterns and imaginative motifs. Here are our recommendations for various corrective measures for room layouts, using wallpapers for halls and corridors:

It is the entry hall that leaves you with the first impressions of a home, and it is this space that your guests, friends and family get to see first before they explore the rest of the residence. It only makes sense, then, to create an entry that is stylish, elegant, inviting and reflective of your own personal style and the overall appeal of your home. Today we delve into the gorgeous and diverse world of entryways clad in wallpaper and explore how you can craft a stunning entry by just altering the walls in an efficient fashion! Entryway wallpaper can add color, pattern, texture and a whole lot more when used right.

Wallpaper connects the traditional entry with hallway and the living room beyond [Design: Optimise Design]Fabulous entry room with a central table and wallpapered walls [From: Jules Duffy Designs / Laura Moss Photography]Transitional entry with wallpaper that adds classic pattern to the room [Design: Burnham Design]Time for Some Color

When you’ve had a long day and are finally opening the door to your home, you should really feel like you’ve reached your own personal refuge. What better way to achieve this than with a hallway that immediately makes you happy to be there. A place that feels so welcoming that you can hardly wait to lock the door behind you and relax.

If you’d like to add a very natural, warm touch to a hall or corridor, why not use nature wallpapers with bamboo or cork surfaces? With their irregular vertical stripe structure, crush wallpapers create a sense of gentle movement. The ceiling should always be kept in just one colour and in a lighter tone than the base colour of the patterned wallpaper.

Wallpapers for the hall have long been elevated from just one colour to reveal bright, dynamic varieties with gorgeous patterns and motifs. High-quality surface materials exude luxury and value. You and your guests should be welcomed in your home with style and warmth, as the hallway or reception area is like the business card of your house.

Whether your preference is with nostalgic or romantic wallpapers, wall décor with clean geometric patterns, or abstract and modern ornaments – anything goes in hallways and corridors. Depending on your personal taste, an edgy and imaginative wallpaper model like Texel or Covella can turn your reception area into an arty gallery.

Perhaps you’ve had the less than pleasant, or even downright scary, experience of walking through a dark, narrow corridor when visiting friends, acquaintance, or relatives. If so, you will probably remember the oppressive feeling of claustrophobia and the desire to get to the other end as swiftly as humanly possible? Forget that narrow, dark, frightening corridor as quickly as you can, as the fabulous new design wallpapers from our wallpaper shop bring freshness and class into the hall.

The face of your home, the soul of the house: The hall is a reflection of your personality, even if the reaction happens on a subconscious level. A cramped, chaotic or tiny hallway mars one’s joie de vivre and well-being; a lovelessly decorated hall reflects badly upon the owner. Hallway wallpapers beautify, they induce a feeling of “coming home”, they show off your creativity. Patterned or structural wallpapers made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials and in glorious colours add value to this often underestimated room. Our stunning designer range provides you with the tools.

With imaginative wallpapers for hallways which visually improve and emphasise the layout or even correct it, which are appealing to the eye and trigger positive associations, you can create fantastic first impressions which will last.

Of course, it is entirely up to you which surface material you choose – even delicate materials can be used, but they require a bit more care.

Considering the characteristics of wallpapers for stairways, hallways and corridors

High ceilings can make walls look obtrusive and “infinite”. A good solution is to create separate areas. For example, the area closest to the floor could have a one-coloured wallpaper with a special structure surface, whilst the rest of the wall could be adorned with a beautiful pattern wallpaper.

Furnishings should be sparse, but chosen carefully and with quality in mind. Closed storage elements (as opposed to open ones like shelves, for instance) should be given preference – this creates a sense of clarity and prevents untidiness.

Match type, quality and colour of flooring and furniture to the hallway wallpaper. Introduce more light into the area by adding lamps Defects and damages of any kind, e.g. faulty or broken light sources, loose door knobs, etc.

should be dealt with immediately as they disturb the flow of energy. You will soon realise this as these small issues will irritate you constantly. Remove tripping dangers or visual disturbances, e.g.

rugs with upturned edges, frayed, dirty or slippery carpets. Make sure your entrance area is always clean – the upper parts of walls are often particularly neglected. As a result, unsuspecting visitors might find themselves “attacked” by spiders’ webs!

There are some wallpaper patterns that have survived the test of time, and at the forefront of this pack is the iconic David Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper. The many other geometric patterns crafted by this master designer are also great for the foyer, while an increasingly large number of homeowners are opting for the trellis pattern. Geometric patterns allow you to combine a sense of historic past with a trendy, modern vibe, even while turning the entryway into an inviting and captivating space.

The huge variety of surface materials for hall wallpapers opens up even more creative potential. Iridescent or shiny metal and effect foil wallpapers, sparkly glass bead wallpapers, leather imitation wallpapers or wallpapers with real mica stones as well as beautiful textile and natural wallpapers are all perfectly suited to turn you dull hall, corridor or stairway into an exclusive, luxurious or extravagant space.

Dazzling fantasy themes combined with opulence and glamour – these are our Vatos wallpapers which turn your hallway into a catwalk. These patterned wallpapers play with structures, shimmering or matt effects in strong, metallic or subtle earthy colours. Baroque patterns, geometric patterns, exotic and floral motifs or abstract art provide your visitors with a spectacular welcome!

You can find more ideas regarding exciting hallway wallpapers in our Wallpaper News from across the globe.

Exquisite designer wall décor for the hall, corridor or stairway open up unexpected possibilities for new looks that will impress visitors and convey a sense of luxury and style. Let us introduce you to a small selection of our design wallpapers which will turn the boring tristesse of your reception areas into a welcoming space of style and elegance.

Another advantage of using wallpaper in the entryway is the ease with which it visually connects this usually small space with the living area next to it. This turns the small foyer into an extension of the living room and gives the interior a more coherent and curated appeal. Even small sections of the wall clad in wallpaper can get the job done here!

Stretch, expand and brighten – those are the three options that can be achieved with the right wall décor in the hallway. Choose light wallpaper colours; base and pattern colours shouldn’t contrast too much, but rather belong to the same colour family. Small patterns are more suitable than large or three-dimensional ones. Metal and effect foil wallpapers or glass bead varieties play with the light – and thus add light to the area.

In large parts of Asia, the entrance to a building is considered to be of great importance. The hallway marks the harmonious transition from the outside to the interior. Visitors derive a lot of information about you from the first area they enter, and as such, the hallway is like a personal calling card. Stylish, arty, or fresh and clear as the morning – you are bound to find your own personal favourite in our online wallpaper shop. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this important part of your home; adorn it with our trendy patterned, plain-coloured, luxury, or natural wallpapers.

Hall wallpaper is not limited to traditional designs and can be as quirky or unusual as you desire. Star wallpapers by Flavor Paper are daring, colourful, metallic and fabulous! Andy Warhol Flowers, the iconic face of beautiful Marilyn Monroe or striking retro patterns are real eye-catchers and provide plenty of topics for conversation.

Using wallpaper in the entry hall is all about finding the right balance that works in your own home. Even the tiniest of entryways in urban apartments can benefit from the presence of wallpaper, and the endless array of choices make decorating with wallpaper even more exciting. Striking at times and understated on other occasions, here are 25 fabulous foyers that have tapped into the beauty of wallpaper –

Easy-care, washable surface, e.g. vinyl Durability Stronger grammage

We love going off of the beaten path and definitely encourage our readers to do the same! Instead of buying wallpaper for the entry, why not craft one yourself and save both cash and the planet? Upcycling and decoupage projects allow you to turn everything from old newspapers and magazines to personal photographs into custom wallpaper that turns heads instantly. Those not too keen on getting their hands dirty can opt for fabulous, hand-painted wall murals that imitate the visual appeal of wallpaper to perfection. And if you really want to throw a curveball, then just move the wallpaper from the walls to the ceiling and give your entry hall a one-of-a-kind look.

The following characteristics and features are useful for hallway wallpaper:

The psychological impact of hallway design shouldn’t be underestimated. A bad mood, a day filled with problems, stress and strains will not be improved by a dull, dark corridor. Au contraire! Now that you have finally got home and want to let all the strives of the day behind, the last thing you want is an uninviting reception. Choose one of our carefully selected design wallpapers for hallways, corridors and stairways and you will pass these areas with pride and happiness!

In terms of colour choice or pattern size, the only thing that limits your selection is the layout of the room, i.e. the parameters height, size and daylight. Intelligent hallway wallpapers can balance unfavourable room layouts and create a harmonious picture.

Exciting times for hallways and corridors – with our gorgeous designer wallpapers

Maybe you do not want wallpaper in neutral, understated hues and are looking for something more exciting and dramatic! Not to worry, as there are plenty of options on offer here, and you can pretty much choose any color that you fancy for the entry hall. Bright reds always end up being showstoppers in any room they sit in, and a wallpaper in red is no different. It is best to use this vivacious wallpaper in moderation, while those coming in green, yellow and blue can be used more extensively. Bright purple or gold offers a sense of majestic aura, while shades of pink are generally reserved for more feminine entryways.

You can find out more about wallpapers for stairways in our Guide Blog Wallpapers in stairways make walking up the stairs fun!. This includes plenty of information regarding the right choice and application of stairway wallpapers.

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Again, light wallpapers in matt/gloss or metallic effects are best suited. A silky surface, entwined patterns or artfully arranged photo motifs and typographic patterns distract from the length of the hall as the eye is busy taking in the design of the wallpaper. Clear, geometric patterns on a light background and with a contrasting pattern colour visually shorten the hall.

By their very nature, hallways, entrance halls and stairways are areas where people pass through. This means that they usually have to be changed fairly frequently. As a result, one might think that wallpapers in these areas don’t have to have any specific characteristics. However, nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, furniture might have to be transported through entrance halls and stairways. Also, the area just by the door will be subject to more dirt than any other part of the house. Children will put their hands against the walls when taking their shoes off. And when renovating any other room, workers will have to walk through corridors and stairways, carrying dust and other pollutants.

DIY wallpaper crafted from old magazines [Design: Avocado Sweets Design Studio]Exquisite hand-painted wallpaper in green with floral pattern enlivens this entry room [Design: Studio 511]Custom stencil made by Royal Design Stencils replaces wallpaper in this spacious foyer [Design: Kelly Brown Interiors]Cottage style coupled with eclectic charm and color in the entry hall [From: Turner Builders]Metallic wallpaper on the ceiling and a splash of blue aim to bring Mediterranean charm to this modern entryway [Design: In Site Designs]Grasscloth wallcovering adds color and textural beauty to the entryway [Design: L.

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Beige Blue Brown Cream Yellow Gold Grey Green Orange Rose Red Black Silver Turquoise Violet White

Correcting room layouts by choosing the right hall wallpaper

A long, narrow hallway is also suitable for a feature wall. This is usually the wall that first attracts the direct gaze when entering the house. Choose a wallpaper that can deal with doors (i.e. pattern interruptions) and a pattern that is in balanced proportion to the size of the wall surface. The ceiling should be in just one colour that matches the wallpaper, but slightly lighter.

Batik Style Fine linen look Hologram effect Hand-printed Chalkboard Effect Hand printed look Matt Metallic effect Shiny pattern Matt pattern Shimmering pattern Shimmering Shabby chic Looks like textile Shiny base surface Iridescent base surface Matt base surface Shimmering base surface

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Here at Wallpapers from the 70s, we provide a plethora of stylish Designer Wallpapers for hallways, corridors, and stairways, which will fill these important areas with new life. Our motto: “Be brave and dare to explore new avenues in interior design for hallways.” There are countless options which will have a positive, inspirational and lasting effect on the beholder.

The hallway is the soul of the house, the place where visitors are welcomed and get a first impression of your home, and where you cast off the worries of the day. Hallway wallpaper serves a variety of functions: It creates space and determines an expectation for the rest of the house. Whether they are plain coloured or boast colourful motifs – one thing they should never be is boring. Striped wallpapers creating optical illusions, flowery dreams in pastel colours or with a touch of nature, structural or luxury styles reflecting your personality – our shop provides you with a huge choice.

Low ceilings require cunning methods to look higher. This can be achieved with wallpaper patterns that are arranged vertically, e.g. vertical stripes which become less defined in the top area, by the ceiling.

Imperial Trellis wallpaper for the entryway [Design: Rethink Design Studio]Iconic David Hicks hexagon wallpaper is a timeless choice for the modern entryway [Design: Heather Garrett Interior Design]Entry of charming New York home with fabulous wallpaper, mirror and console [From: Murphy Deesign / Jenny J.

Norris photography]Striking entry design with trellis pattern wallpaper and gorgeous loveseat [Design: Rethink Design Studio]Eclectic modern entry with Fiorentina wallcovering from Lee Jofa [Design: Rachel Reider Interiors]Inventive Alternatives

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Multi-coloured or bright, contrasting, or dark colours with lighter details are also perfectly well suited for large entrance halls. If the area has a glass door, hall wallpapers with a dark background and bright colours might be of advantage. For instance: how about an exotic welcoming lounge? Design wallpaper Gadotti provides just the right framework for this interesting style. Perfect the welcoming ambience with comfortable and classy armchairs and an occasional table in wood, natural stone or marble.

This can result in a number of positive adjectives, e.g. light, friendly, clear, structured, modern, stylish, unique, quirky, creative, extravagant, sophisticated, elegant, exclusive, luxurious, opulent or arty. On the other hand, it could also lead to negative adjectives entering your visitor’s mind, like dark, untidy, neglected or boring. It is entirely up to you how you design this possibly underrated space, and what impression you will create for your guests and visitors and of course yourself and/or your family!

Wallpapers with good to very good light resistance are important in entrance areas and stairways with windows and glass doors, and consequently with a lot of sunshine and daylight.

Wallpaper For Entrance Hall