Wallpaper For Bathrooms South Africa

interior wall decoration Wallpaper For Bathrooms South Africa

interior wall decoration Wallpaper For Bathrooms South Africa

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Wallpaper for bathrooms south africa

It is natural and expected that not all bathrooms are created equal, and all of them are certainly not treated equally. Bathrooms used by more than two people on a daily basis, that are poorly ventilated, or has no access to sunlight will need some special treatment, beyond what we’ve already discussed.

For these bathrooms, you will need to use a mildew roof wallpaper primer and adhesive to apply your chosen wallpaper. Thereafter you can go ahead and coat it with varnish as in other situations.

Using a coat of simple Decorator’s Varnish over your layer of wallpaper will seal it up perfectly, protecting it from the surrounding heat and moisture. It is a well-known and trusted trick, and even interior designers who use expensive wallpaper will still use the standard varnish to protect it.

Vinyl wallpaper has several benefits, including being appropriate for use in most areas, it is easy to clean, it is available in a wide range of textures and colours, it is safe for indoor air quality, and great for hiding imperfections (more on that later).

Décor at its best: ornamental designs greet you from the walls while structures on homely surfaces bring a touch of magic to rooms.

With a wide range of stunning wallpapers, Sasi has the best wallpaper for any space.

When it comes to small cracks or scratches on your wall’s surface, a coat of paint won’t cut it, but wallpaper will do the trick. When you have more problematic areas on your wall where imperfections are distended, you should rather opt for textured wallpaper, which will erase all traces of any problems.

There are some, who will go this route against all advice, and apply plain wallpaper in a bathroom. This may work out well for them in the short term, but the paper will never hold longer than two years at most, and that will not even be in the most desirable condition.

The trend of creating a stronger connection between living, sleeping and bathroom areas also brings decorative ideas into the bathroom: for example, damp-resistant wallpaper, colourful patterns on white ceramics and ornamental designs on shower dividers. Previously, consumers liked these glass walls to be pure and invisible. The AXOR Urquiola paravent, which acts as both a room divider and a radiator, is decorative and far from puristic. Its metal surfaces are adorned with a cloud pattern. The paravent is part of the AXOR Urquiola collection and embodies the playful style of the designer Patricia Urquiola.

Besides the obvious financial benefits of using wallpaper in the bathroom, there are decorative ones as well. Since there are so many different designs, textures and colours of wallpaper available to us today, our decorative options are endless. If you choose the right wallpaper pattern, you can also eliminate the need for other decorative options – the pattern will do all of the heavy lifting. This is particularly helpful in small bathrooms, as we don’t always have space for many decorative items, and it is never a good idea to clutter a bathroom!

The latest designs and products available in store and online now.

Coating your wallpaper with a layer of varnish is the simplest way to use wallpaper in the bathroom, and the key step in making it happen. There are, however, some design details you can consider for different effects, and we will list a few tips below…

For more on bathroom materials and considerations, take a look at: Best materials for the bathroom.

Mixing permitted: graphical and floral patterns compete with other decorative materials, as seen at Missoni in Milan.

Back in the day, vinyl wallpaper was rather unattractive. Over the years, however, manufacturers and designers have put a lot of thought into improving this product, and now we find a wide range of designs for vinyl and blown vinyl wallpaper.

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Sasi Wallpaper offers a beautiful selection of murals to compliment any space. 

What you also want to take in to account is the amount of wallpaper you buy. Not only do you have to buy enough rolls to cover the area of your desired wall or ceiling, you will also might have to use a bit more paper to match the pattern across your desired space. Therefore, to avoid struggling to find a more of your chosen wallpaper, make sure you write down the product code if you have to go back and they are out of stock.

It will be safest to go with a dead flat finish varnish for most designs, but in other cases you might want to opt for a satin finish. This latter is usually used in the kitchen, since it is more grease-resistant, but if you want a richer texture for your bathroom, you can use it there as well. The most important thing to remember when using any type of varnish, is to test a small patch on your wallpaper before applying to the entire area. This remains the golden rule of painting and varnishing in any situation.

There are surely more than a few of us who are concerned about the (in)ability of wallpaper to cover up defects in the wall. This is most likely why people still choose to go for tiles or other types of thicker coatings. There is, however, a way to get around this with the simplicity of 2 dimensional wallpaper.

Sasi Wallpaper offers clients in South Africa the opportunity shop for wallpaper online. With a wide variety of beautiful wallpapers and murals, we are the go to place to find the perfect wallpaper and décor for your home or office space.  Established in 2009 Sasi Wallpaper is a leader in supplying our clients with exquisite wallpapers.

The trend towards haptic experiences is now found in wall design: more and more newly designed tiles have relief-like or structured finishes, which attractively catch the light. Furthermore, many new wallpaper designs have a three-dimensional finish with protruding plastic ornamental designs. These effects give a room an exciting, sustainable character. Ornamental design in modern bathrooms – including from our brand AXOR.

Strong graphics make their presence felt on the walls, fantasy-filled patterns provide visual appeal and decorative ideas inspired by nature adorn the living area. Even upholstery and floors are becoming brighter: interior design and home décor have resumed their love affair. One popular trend is that of ‘wall tattoos’, which give homes a temporary motto. Flowing wallpaper designs are reminiscent of the seventies. Coolness and elegant purism are left aside: The decorative trend demonstrates individuality. Your local bathroom professional or dealer will be happy to provide you with information about the design options for your bathroom: they will show you the perfect bathroom products to create your own personal feel-good bathroom, displaying a penchant for the decorative.

For eight years Sasi has been bringing you beautiful wallpap

Charlotte Abrahams presents the history of wallpaper and 150 high-quality patterns. Callwey.

Most wallpapers on the market today, and especially those marketed specifically for high moisture areas, are covered with a film to protect it from water damage. It consists of a layer of non-porous film (mostly vinyl) laminated on top of a layer or printed fabric or paper substrate. This is much more durable than conventional wallpaper, as the paper is not susceptible to absorbing water.

The products available to us today are also super easy to clean. The treatment of these types of wallpaper can simply be wiped with a damp rag to clean. Stains don’t typically soak into properly treated wallpaper, so it will last longer.

Patterns in bathrooms and interior design – be inspired Images

Some patterns trigger memories; others represent future experiences. From Baroque to Pop-Art, from the love of gardens to the inspiration of the major cities: décor ideas for the wall excite our fantasies, awaken feelings and illustrate lifestyles. The patterns also redefine the feel-good rooms: a wall tattoo over the bed can send out a sign; the photographic-quality wallpaper can purport a topic. There is no taboo on optically bringing the birch forest or a city motif.

Add a natural element to any space with Sasi’s range of brick and stone wallpapers.

Here at homify, however, we are not interested in poor quality solutions, only effective ones that make your life simpler! So join us on a journey to explore how you can best apply wallpaper in your bathroom.

Another great benefit of modern-day wallpaper products, is that most high-quality brands are free from acetone and turpentine, which can produce dangerous fumes and poor indoor air quality.

The idea of using wallpaper in the bathroom may seem absurd to many, and indeed, if used on its own, wallpaper will certainly not withstand the humidity and moisture inherent to all bathrooms across the world. However, with the advancements in design and technology, our options are endless, and these days, it can also be very inexpensive.

What’s more, we get several designs of vinyl tiles resembling porcelain tiles. Not only do these tiles look hyper-realistic, but they are also far less expensive than the real thing, meaning you can change your look more often for less.

If you’re still not convinced and a little wary of using paper as wallcovering in your bathroom, this may be just the solution for you. Using your ideal print of wallpaper in combination with tiles can allow you to try out this new material in the bathroom while still playing it safe. Simply tile the area most likely to get wet (close to the bathtub, for example), and use wallpaper on the upper areas of the room. Given, the wallpaper here will still be exposed to steam, but much less direct moisture. Since we are only going to use properly treated products in any case, this should be completely safe.

Many retailers offer custom options when it comes to wallpaper, so you can easily get a design tailored to your needs and wants, as well as to your tiles!

Of course, paper and water are not a good match, and using standard wallpaper as is in a modern bathroom can be a recipe for disaster. As soon as the paper absorbs water (which it invariably will), it will start forming mould, which no one is ever happy about. Not to mention the host of health problems this can cause.

Many of us will be surprised to find that the world of wallpaper has been opened up to us – we can now use it on any wall or ceiling in our homes. Yes, that also includes the bathroom!

Another great alternative will be to use pressed tin tiles. This lightweight material is comparable to wallpaper, but provides a lustrous appearance and metallic sheen. They are, admittedly, more expensive, and you will have to purchase tin tiles which had been pre-treated to resist rust. You can also cover these with a layer of Decorators Varnish to protect it from moisture and humidity.

Wallpaper For Bathrooms South Africa