Wall Stickers Quotes Oakdenedesigns Wall Art

interior wall decoration Wall Stickers Quotes Oakdenedesigns Wall Art

interior wall decoration Wall Stickers Quotes Oakdenedesigns Wall Art

A lovely wall sticker with the quote life is better with friends
Family home wall sticker
Only family can make a home wall sticker by oakdene designs
Antler christmas tree wall sticker oakdene designs 2
Personalised quote typographical wall sticker oakdene designs 1
Greatest thing quote vinyl sticker oakdene designs 2
5 gallery quotes for wall stickers
Joy christmas gold wall sticker by oakdene designs notonthehighstreet com
Dandelion and birds wall sticker by oakdene designs notonthehighstreet com one of things
Large size of stickerswall design stickers for bedroom in conjunction with oakdene designs wall
Red arrow plane wall sticker oakdene designs 4
Personalised biplane message wall sticker
The life you live quote wall sticker oakdene designs 2
You speech bubble wall sticker oakdene designs 2
Vinyl wall sticker oakdene designs 2
Wall designs stickers cheap removable wall decals
Pack of dinosaurs vinyl wall stickers oakdene designs
A fabulous wall sticker taken from the words of the great bob marley
Childrens owl wall sticker oakdene designs 1
Vinyl decal quote gaming video game playroom funny decor wall stickers ig2758

Saturday 18th June is fast approaching and although ol’ daddy-pops may insist not to bother with a gift this year- he’s lying. We all like to treat the old man, but this year, let’s not all fall into the trap of socks, shirts, ties, cufflinks, chocolate or albums –Dad deserves waay more than that! Whether he’s the next Jamie Oliver, Alan Titchmarsh or Bear Grylls, we’re sure you’ll find Pops a perfect gift from our top picks!

Monochrome is a classic colour combination across any medium and we love it.

The young team at Oakdene Designs work together to bring their creative ideas to life. Every product we sell has been designed and lovingly made to order in our converted barn workshop in Surrey, England.

Wedding themes are usually no longer traditional which has opened up a range of outfit choices. Skirts are becoming more and more popular, their versatility means they can work for every wedding you attend without wearing the same outfit twice.

5. Your Photo Printed on Canvas – From £16.50https://www.oakdenedesigns.com/products/your-photo-printed-on-canvas

Soft peachy and lilac hues of sunny days and sunrises and all those moody indigo and blue shades for those warm nights outside by a dying BBQ fire.

At this time of year we are inundated with gorgeous close up shots of mother and baby or the whole family on last years holiday.

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If indigo walls is just a little bit too dramatic for you then look to the more friendly and warmer turquoises and aquamarines. No need to paint these all over the wall unless you’re feeling brave they work extremely well as highlights in a white space or paired with contrasting colours like orange, yellow or pink. Turquoise is also becoming an extremely popular colour for children’s rooms and is perfect for both boys and girls, bolder is better.

The story of Oakdene Designs is a short yet eventful one… It all began back in 2012 in a small village in Surrey. A student called Ben started out by building luxury chicken coops out of his parents’ garden shed.

Although we all know parties can get wild, I do think these ladylike etiquette rules set out by Lauren Conrad on her blog, add the cherry on top to the perfect wedding guest.

3. Set of Four, Personalised Pastel Photo Coasters – £13.75https://www.oakdenedesigns.com/products/set-of-four-personalised-pastel-photo-coasters

Since then, with the help of Ben’s friends and fabulous staff, Oakdene Designs has grown into a unique company, designing and manufacturing personalised gifts, wall stickers, prints and murals.

What better way to display your instagram selfies than with our set of four personalised photo coasters. Each coaster is in a different pastel shade and can have different photos and text.

Our favourite shades have started to feature in a number of our prints and products.

Afternoon tea with champagne is a popular choice but if you crave something more adventurous a gentle treasure hunt can be a fun way to spend the day with mum in some of your favourite local spots.

The Oakdene Designs guide to being the perfect wedding guest.

Not everyone has a list laid out at John Lewis or a honeymoon fund, however even if they do sometimes it’s nice to bring a card or small gift just to lay on the gift table.

Spring and summer this year are all about love and exploration, the people, places and memories that inspire you. Our designers have been inspired by a number of exotic and romantic colours, patterns and materials.

If you’re brave opt for a jumpsuit or shorts and blazer co-ord set rather than the traditional skirt or dress.

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2. Personalised Solid Copper Polaroid Print – From £19https://www.oakdenedesigns.com/products/personalised-solid-copper-polaroid-print

Parents pulling a photo album out whenever a friend or boyfriend comes over is now a thing of the past. I expect young people have more than enough embarrassing photos on their own Facebook that parents needn’t bother anymore. Most people are far more open now about their lives since social media has arisen. However, having something tangible and real makes the special memories immortalised on canvases or in frames something just a bit more special for Mum.

Traditionally little girl ice cream colours, peach, lavender and pink have been given a contemporary upgrade even the big boys will love. Each shade has become interchangeable and work well together and even better as accents to warm the moody blue and aquamarines of 2015.

The trend at the moment seems to focus on not how much you spend but the thought that goes in to finding that special gift. This is the way it should be really, a definite must encourage trend!

Both are equally meaningful, not everyone has the time and skills to create a masterpiece or bake up a storm. Sometimes you just want something that’s not haphazard and won’t be chucked in the bin like your 5-year-old’s crafts from holiday club.  

“A picture is worth a thousand words” as the old chinese proverb describes and this product is definitely that. Truly unique and personalised. Just add your photo and your text and wait for this magnificent product to arrive. Great for anniversaries, gifts weddings gifts or just to have on your mantle piece. Available in two sizes and three finishes ( Brushed Copper,Brushed Steel, Brused Brass).

DIY crafts are the new big thing and young or old, children love spending time on making something special rather than just picking a gift from a store. There are dozens of easy and simply ideas on Pinterest from making your own card to making your own frame for a photo.

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Making something can be a cheaper option especially if you have scrap paper and fabric lying around but doesn’t lack impact or emotion.

I’m completely sympathetic towards the bride and groom, planning a wedding is extremely stressful, but I’m getting to an age where everyone’s getting married and I have weddings booked in all through the summer. It’s like doing a Tough Mudder… buying gifts, hen parties, WHAT TO WEAR!? Never mind, the question of ‘to hat or not to hat’.

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One of my favourite ideas is this DIY Giant Paper Rose, it is supposed to be used as a wedding bouquet but looks fabulous and would make a gorgeous centre piece for mum’s breakfast table or on a smaller scale in a basket full of little gifts or used to make a 3D card.

4. Personalised Transparent Photo Frame – From £18https://www.oakdenedesigns.com/products/personalised-transparent-photo-frames

Interiors are not the only products benefiting from this revival. Wedding décor, fashion and even cocktails are jumping on the spring bandwagon.

A beautiful way to display those special moment with this personalised photo canvas. Available in a number of sizes and with the added option of your own text on the front or back of it.

Ever wanted to add something extra special into your home interior, well here’s your chance. Have your own photo printed directly onto the marble itself with accompanying text. This has literally just been put live on the site, so be sure to go and check it out!

Older children or adults might prefer this option, rather than trying to find something for someone that seems like they have everything, you can take them on an adventure. Spending quality time can often be more what Mothering Sunday is about than buying flowers.

Colour is constantly a talking point in creating an ambiance in a room and many a psychologist has studied the extent we are affected by the colours we surround ourselves with.

Blue really is the new black and it’s on everything in every shade.

You will see a number of our new products available in these shades to add a pop of colour or an oasis of calm to a contemporary, country or neutral décor. Including a few to inspire your wedding, party or event.  

Innovation strikes us all and every single member of staff has input into our product design process and inspirations. I’m loving this year’s trends already and can’t help but get excited for the warmer weather to come.

Always a winner and can be tied in with every other option. Let mum start the day out relaxed with breakfast in bed or if she’s an early riser a special decadent breakfast she wouldn’t normally make for herself. Carved strawberry roses are a fabulous idea and so easy to make! The look good as part of the breakfast or just a cute garnish on the side.

See more options and where to buy here… Wedding Guest Outfit Inspiration or Stylish Wedding Guest Looks.

“Want a new way to display your photos and memories with your family and friends? Then check out our top five personalised photo products”

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I wanted to have a look at some of the most talked about ways of giving back to Mum this year other than the generic bouquet of flowers from the supermarket. Most fall in to one of two categories, ‘personalised’ and ‘DIY’, pretty self-explanatory right? You either buy something someone else has personalised for you or personalise something yourself.

Something we, at Oakdene Designs know A LOT about. Adding a name, date, special place or special song just adds something just a little bit extra to a gift. The art we have in our home is meant to be an expression of our lives and personality and there is nothing more personal than a gift personalised just for you! It makes Mummy’s surprise and pleasure that much better.

Each year, the lovely team at Not On The High Street HQ hosts ‘The Make Awards’ in which the best creative small businesses are celebrated and prizes are awarded in eleven categories.

‘Meet the small businesses making millions from online marketplaces’ by Suzanne Bearne

This is one of our most popular photo products and you can see why as this makes any window sill stand out from the crowd with your photo printed on perspex. Available in four size (5″x5″, 6″x4″, 8″x8″, 9″x6″) and two colours (Black & White)

1. Personalised Solid Marble Photo Block – £24https://www.oakdenedesigns.com/products/personalised-solid-marble-photo-block

Many interior designers and bloggers have started to explore darker paint colours instead of the usually more popular white and cream with dramatic results. Even in small rooms, dark blues add a cosy modern feel and it’s an easy and cheap update for a room especially when overlaid with a picture wall to brighten it. Picture walls are a big trend this year and a marvellous way to display family photos and artworks you love. The more contrast there is, the better it all looks.

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Here in the studio we’ve just launched a series of large framed canvas prints which ooze swag. Each print features a block text phrase, pop-culture reference or chic quote, printed in black on plain white canvas. The minimalist style creates BIG impact on a wall, feature two or three prints together for a feature wall with attitude.

It’s Getting Hot In Here: Spring/Summer 2015 Colour Inspiration

Personalised gifts and photos printed on canvas are a maximum impact with minimum fuss kind of gift. The meaning and thought is not lost but when time is a commodity or you left it to the last minute they can prove to be the perfect option, if a little more pricey.

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However, you can have too much sugar and these sweet shades are no different. As accent colours they look perfect when balanced with neutral greys or contrasted with bright blues and muted greens.

If you have time and are creative or have young children, DIY can be an excellent and particularly heart-warming style of gift.

Wall Stickers Quotes Oakdenedesigns Wall Art