Wall Mural Designs

interior wall decoration Wall Mural Designs

interior wall decoration Wall Mural Designs

30 of the most incredible wall murals designs you have ever seen 32
30 of the most incredible wall murals you have ever seen 19
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Wall murals are an easy way to add color, depth and texture to any room.

Pop art-style wallpaper brings a bold, colorful element into rooms with neutral furnishings.

Create your own tropical paradise in any room by adding a mural.

Wall murals is one method of transcending that limit we have wrongfully placed between our personality, the way we express ourselves through a room’s design and the actual carcass of the room which are the walls. Whether the mural expresses  certain scene or is composed of simple floral motifs, it can definitely set the design line and create en entire world around it. Elegant and classic or serene and magical, wall murals should definitely be a part of your home. A wall mural may require the help of a professional but don’t panic. You can also use mural-style wallpaper to create the same effect. Enchanted forests and blue deep oceans can welcome you in your home every time and make you feel like in paradise. You could try to make your very own wall mural if you feel adventurous and creative but be careful to follow the right steps to get it right.

Using a single object for a mural puts a modern twist on an accent wall.

Think outside the box, use a close up of a natural element, like an agate, for an unexpected twist.

Trendy ideas like Shibori can be incorporated quickly into home decor.

Use images of trees to pull the view from your windows into your room.

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Want an accent wall that really stands out? Use a wall mural instead of plain paint.

Murals don’t have to be squares or rectangles, they work on oddly shaped walls too.

Rocksand Geometric Black and White Wall Mural from $3.25/ft2

Faux wood and brick wallpaper murals are an easy DIY project with big impact.

So what do you think? Do you happen to have a mural in your home or do you find the idea appealing? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Do it yourself projects, like murals, can transform your kitchen in one day.

40 Of The Most Incredible Wall Murals Designs You Have Ever Seen

Adding this cloud mural to a slanted ceiling is a great way to make a small room feel bigger.

Here are a few of our favorite looks, filled with unique installations and trendy styles. The best thing about using a mural is it allows you to create a space that celebrates you and all your interests. Whatever your passion, Murals Your Way can help your personality shine throughout your home.

Trendy woodland forests and animals are a great way to decorate a nursery.

Wall murals give the look, but are easier to install than real re-purposed wood.

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Get the trendy look of brick without the cost and commitment.

Birch tree mural wallpaper adds depth and texture to make rooms seem larger.

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Change the scale of floral patterns to suit your room perfectly.

Use watercolor images on a grand scale to take a room from dull to dramatic.

Ceilings are a great place to add murals, especially if you have an inset panel.

Still seeking inspiration? Check out our murals by room for even more ideas!

Tree scenes are a great way to bring the outdoors in. And it’s a simple DIY project!

Use images of your child’s favorite interests for their bedroom, like this solar system mural.

Bring the walls of your home to life with one of our incredible design wallpaper murals. Browse through our collection and you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice. From vintage birds and stags to symmetrical shapes and prints, we have wall murals that cover all bases. There are design wall murals in our collection to suit all tastes, styles and interior design themes. If you prefer more modern creations, we have dozens of geometric prints featuring bright and vibrant colors that will bounce off your walls and bring life to your home. If you know you’re more of an understated and subtle decorator, you might opt for one of our ombre wall murals that brings gentle splashes of color to any room or a polka dot design for a retro throwback. If you haven’t quite got your heart set on the perfect design wallpaper mural for you, never fear. Browse our image database to find thousands more high-quality images that you can select from, or you can even upload your own! That way you’ll have a wonderful work of art that’s unique to you and your home.

You don’t have to have bright colors to make a big statement on your walls.

Our walls are like blank canvases waiting to be filled. They are a part of the atmosphere of a room and their design should concern you in the entire design scheme and not be neglected. Once upon a time castles used to have incredible wall murals designs created during long periods of time and patience. Our white walls of today have lost their way and do nothing for the room’s atmosphere, being a separate entity or just a support for our art. Their role must be restored and then they will play the right part in our homes.

A gorgeous Tuscan landscape adds charm and interest to an otherwise plain dining room.

Wall Mural Designs