Unique Wall Covering

interior wall decoration Unique Wall Covering

interior wall decoration Unique Wall Covering

Unique wall covering ideas
Wall coverings of unique origins
Wall texture from old drawer fronts is a unique solution that may be diyed
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Unique wall coverings
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A unique wall covering made of rough cut wood pieces in differing lengths for a
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Most unusual wall coverings for every room in the house
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If we take fabric wall covers, this is mostly about felt panels, which double as soundproofers. They come in various sizes and shapes, and you can find a lot of colors, too. For more effective soundproofing you can also take wooden tiles covered with felt. Felt has a soft textural look and will definitely add a cozy and soft touch to any space.

Cork is another textural material that brings a cool look and warmth at the same time, it has a lot of colors to fit any space and different shapes of panels and coverings to create what you want. An important advantage of cork is that it’s absolutely affordable and you can create various wall art pieces yourself, while wood can cost you a pretty penny.

We’ve already told you of 3D wall panels as unique covers for any walls that catch an eye and look amazing. Today I’d like to continue the topic of making plain walls outstanding and super eye-catching but with various unique wall coverings from different materials that will definitely change your space and make it stunning.

use old book pages to create your unique wall covering easily

And without a doubt, the branches and candles help make this a very interesting dining room. But for me it’s the unique and arresting dining table that gets the prize. Dining table: Corsica, Joseph Jeup.

Culte by ElitisMadras Lino Mate’Lac wall covering by VitrealspecchiCabugao wall covering by ÉlitisFusion Iris Naural by InalcoStone Plan Wall Grigio – Impronta Ceramiche by Italgraniti GroupPuzzled wall covering by Dialma Brown

Regardless of what type of stone you prefer, it’s become quite easy to introduce it into the interior with modern wall coverings. From marble to onyx to old style masonry, any stone variety can amplify the design.

fabric wall covering in the shades of blue for a seaside interior

Inspiration for a timeless dark wood floor and brown floor dining room remodel in Chicago with beige walls

dimensional and textural wood pieces wall covering is classics for any modern or rustic interior

When choosing unusual wall coverings, be sure to learn everything you need to maintain them in a perfect condition. Some materials like real wood and marble do not like too much moisture, while things like vinyl might fade in the direct sun.

dimensional wood wall coverings with any patterns will add a luxury feel to the space

Unique wallpaper designs are emerging on the market every day. They become more and more imaginative than same old repeating patterns. But one of the best things about wallpaper is that it’s relatively easy to install and you can definitely do it yourself.

glowing ocher-colored porcelain tiles for unique wall statements

Unusual wall coverings aren’t just about the pattern or color combination. The material they’re made of can bring so much in terms of aesthetics, texture, and finish. Here are some wall coverings that are made of unusual materials or made to look like they were made of something else.

On the Wall – When it comes to decorating, designers spend a lot of time figuring out what to put on the walls of homes. According to the survey, the most popular thing to put on walls is paint (well, duh); 91 percent of respondents said they’re planning to cover their walls with paint, followed by 22 percent who said they will fill their space with art prints; 17 percent said they would use original art; another 17 percent said they’d use crown molding; and 16 percent will cover their walls with family photos.

Looking at Culte by Elitis, all we can see is patterned woven fabric that it was made to look like. Ultra modern and fun, it’s pleasant both to the eye and palm.

Living walls are on top! Choose air plants, succulents or moss to create a real living wall, it will be a constant eye-catcher but it requires enough maintenance. You can also cover a wall with dominoes or old book pages yourself, it’s a unique and cheap idea to realize. Get more eye-catching ideas to rock below!

wall texture from old drawer-fronts is a unique solution that may be DIYed

unique wooden honeycomb tiles that are functional and can be used for hanging and holding

Simtech Streets in Shade by Lea CeramicheWonderwall Color Ballet by Cotto D’EsteWallcovering by AMA DesignArtwork by OrnamentaWonderwall Sketch by Cotto D’Este

acoustic wood wool tiles can not only soundproof your home but also make a cool and stylish cover

If you don’t want to commit to the wooden wall covering, there is always an appropriate vinyl design that will help you get the look without all the hassle.

Wood is one of the favorite materials for making anything because it immediately adds luxury and chic at once, it’s naturally textural, which makes it eye-catching, and it brings warmth to the space, whatever color you choose. Various wooden shingles, tiles and panels can turn even the simplest interior into a cool one. You can make an eye-catchy wall yourself covering it with worn window shutters for a shabby chic interior or with reclaimed wood, which works for any interior.

Tiles can be among the most unusual wall coverings but they aren’t too widespread beyond bathroom and kitchen. Modern designs that can imitate anything from wood to textiles, however, must surely find a place in modern living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Tadelakt mural in shower made according to real Moroccan techniques

FLUVIUS by MyCollection.it3DOTS wallpaper by LagoBodywall wallpaper by GlamoraBalloon & Clouds G by MyCollection.itLine wallpaper by Creativespace

He adds, “I encourage my clients to use wall covering to add tremendous depth and visual interest to a room. I mainly recommend textural wall covering, such as grass cloths, linens or silks, since they remain timeless.

While wall coverings are more expensive than paint, they provide a huge impact and are worth the expense. And wall coverings used intermittently with paint create unexpected visual interest.”

Bedroom – contemporary master carpeted bedroom idea in Calgary with gray walls

Roche by Bacacier 3SLetwood wall panels by FantoniAcoustic Wood Wool Tiles by Baux4Akustik by FantoniDakar wall covering by BiopietraMatrespan Color by Migliorino

Large elegant medium tone wood floor hallway photo in Philadelphia with blue walls

The wall and blendings of bedding colors. I love the rustic look. – rachel_alex

fish scale ocher-colored cork wall tiles can be used for creating your wall art

Italgraniti Group’s white paste tiles could fool anyone into thinking they were somehow made of real embroidered fabric. Such is the state of tile production these days.

Wall panels require professional installation but they offer an entirely different look to your room. Roche from Bacacier 3S looks nothing like your typical wall coverings. Its massive size and unusual design are what makes it so attractive and modern.

chic bamboo tiles covering a part of the bathroom wall as a mural

Eclectic built-in desk medium tone wood floor home studio photo in Los Angeles with pink walls

living moss wall is a real touch of nature inside, and it’s a huge trend right now

Like old wood with faded painting for back side (stairs side) of family room half wall. – rpeterson680

Inspiration for a mid-sized eclectic galley concrete floor seated home bar remodel in London with white cabinets, mirror backsplash, open cabinets, marble countertops and no sink

pottery shining glaze with a 3D effect for a bathroom or kitchen

3D wallpaper designs may add a completely novel dimension to the interior as well, so don’t sleep on wallpaper when shopping for unusual wall coverings. You may get pleasantly surprised yet.

colorful cork puzzle coverings will highlight your walls and interiors and you can create anything of them

3D surfaces are popular as ever and never fail to attract attention. Use them in the office or home, bathroom or kitchen; they will bring a fresh touch to your interior. The designs are so diverse and intricate, you can really experiment with different shapes in different areas.

Wood_Mood by Ceramica FioraneseMoresco Mix Pack.3 by Danilo Ramazzotti Italian House FloorWall covering by Dialma BrownHypnotic Nero by Ceramiche BrenneroBaux Acoustic Tile PlankPetra wall covering by Caroti

There is something very noble about a stone. And the more realistic it looks, the more gravity that quality gets.

Nisa wall covering by A Cimenteira Do LouroIcon SCuba by La FabbricaTrust by Atlas ConcordeVenus by A Cimenteira Do LouroPurity of Marble by Ceramiche SupergresPolar by Valmori Ceramica Design

Cubbies for fabric storage with fabric wall in the center. All above builtin.

Ceramic aren’t the only tiles you can find on the market today. Most designs now come in porcelain and stone. Slate may not seem homely, but if you can appreciate the delightful heftiness of dark tones, it may be a good fit for your hallway, kitchen, or bath. If you are more adventurous, you could even create a feature slate wall in the living room or bedroom.

dimensional wall coverings will make even a simple interior stand out

Wall panels are not only convenient for soundproofing but are faster and easier to install than the more familiar tiles.

wooden pieces clad in a cool pattern bring a natural yet modern feel

If you’re tired seeing the same old marble everywhere, though, Ceramiche Supergres offers an interesting take on the classic stone with their 3D tiles.

metal wall coverings with patina imitated to give your space a slightly industrial look

reclaimed wood wall gives this space comfiness, warmth and looks textural

Metal is characterized by cool looks and durability – it will stand out for sure. You can find shiny panels and tiles to use in bathrooms and kitchens because there durability and water-resistance is essential. There are also industrial patina metal panels for industrial and rustic interiors, they will make your room super eye-catching. Of course, metal is expensive but that look is worth it!

The irreverent scene is complemented by a collection of vintage Playboy magazine covers, which have been arranged in a cross on the adjoining wall. Tractor seat bar stools – another of Ed’s market finds – complete the look.

‘Tim was very involved in the renovation and every piece has a story – we always encourage people to buy unique, vintage pieces that have added value,’ says Ed.

stunning silver metal wall cover for a bathroom instead of traditional tiles

Strong statement. Paint your butler’s pantry walls and cabinetry a strong color to bring contrast and drama. A unique wall covering adds unexpected style to this pantry’s ceiling. See how to warm your space with a wallpapered ceiling.

Wall coverings are more diverse and different still. Just look at the designs from Lea Ceramiche and Cotto D’Este! AMA Design offers a more romantic design that is still too unusual to ignore.

Another great perk of wallpaper as a wall covering is that it often comes as a whole image. Wallpaper murals are much less expensive and effort-heavy than the real ones.

Try a unique statement wall. Basements beg for a little extra fun, so if there is something you have been wanting to try but are afraid to commit to on the main floor, the basement is the perfect place to experiment.

3D wall covering Treccia by 3D Surface3D wall panels Magical 3 by Equipe CeramicasEmphasize wall covering from HarmonySone Art by Marazzi3D Tiles Space Concept Hexagon by Etruria DesignRIV-C2 Rivestimento Cubo – A&B Character by Antica Edilizia

dimensional dark cork wall coverings contrast with the whole ivory-colored space

Desktop in eclectic home office and workroom of textile and interior designer Annette Tatum. – jennyla

unique stainless steel puzzle wall covering instead of a kitchen backsplash

dimensional and colorful perforated wall coverings to accentuate the space

They often come in wood, felt, and ceramics, but you can easily find more affordable and simple materials, if necessary.

Wall coverings have more functions than just looking pretty, but it is hard to ignore how far they’ve come in terms of appearance. Offered in a multitude of materials they end up looking immensely creative, fresh, and completely unexpected. See the depth of the pool when it comes to unusual wall coverings in our post. There’s no telling what kinds of ideas you might come up with.

3D surfaces don’t have to be overly ornate to look intriguing. Here is a wooden wall covering that intermixes small squares that protrude from the wall surface with those that don’t and it looks just as designing.

travel maps wall coverings, you can even create your own ones showing your trips

Unique Wall Covering