Unique Shaped Business Cards

interior wall decoration Unique Shaped Business Cards

interior wall decoration Unique Shaped Business Cards

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Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/dm/steven_whiteley_business_card?size=_original 4.  Use photos: Nowadays, many businesses and entrepreneurs add photos in their cards. It could be an image of themselves, company building or products. By incorporating photos, recipients can easily associate and remember your face or associate them with your product. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd your design with images – your contact details must still stand out.Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designsSource: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designsSource: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designsSource: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs_part_2 Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/dm/franco_caligiuri_financial_investment_representative_chart_business_cardSource: creativebits.org/inspiration/cool_business_card_designs_part_45.  Newsletter: One great way to add design to your cards is adding newsletter information. You can provide information on how to sign up for your newsletters. It is a great way to encourage customer communication.Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: creativebits.org/inspiration/cool_business_card_designs_part_3 Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/urban_waves_business_card?size=_original Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs_part_2 Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/dm/bkk_grill_grill_me_business_card?size=_originalSource: thestephblog.com/?cat=10 Source: creativebalorina.com/tag/personal/The design possibilities out there are infinite. All you need to do is let your imagination flow.

Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: andymorriscreative.com/portfolio/?page_id=45 2.  Witty designs: Images and characters are one of the most important elements in business card designs. Whatever artwork you use, keep in mind that it should reflect you and your brand. Be witty. Try to think like a client. What will it take to peak your interest? Below are some design inspirations to give you an idea.Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: gapingvoid.com/2007/06/04/blue-monster-bizcards-2/ Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designsSource: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/ Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/national_encyclopedia_business?size=_originalSource: businesscardbranding.com/ Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/dm/memac_ogilvy_recession_business_cards?size=_original 3.  Use gimmicks: You can use gimmicks; just make sure they still make you look classy and professional. An example would be putting QR codes into your cards. Use the code to offer customers discounts for future purchases. It can also serve as a gateway to your website. Source: bestbusinesscard.net/20-most-unique-business-cards-of-2010Source: bestbusinesscard.net/20-most-unique-business-cards-of-2010 Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: graphicfetish.com/the-ultimate-compilation-74-unique-business-card-designs/Source: adsoftheworld.com/media/dm/sweet_thrills_candy_store_and_dr_kenneth_montague_dentist_dualsided_business_card?size=_original

Name cards or business cards are encountered often in everyday life. It has become an important part of business people or anyone who lives in an office environment. Various methods involved in creating attractive and alluring impression through creative business card designs.

It not only serves as information, but through design or creative and unique shapes, business cards can be the image of a person or a company.In this article, I have collected a variety of business card design with a unique shape, and maybe you can apply to your own cards as well.

A Compilation Of 35 Uniquely Shaped Business Cards 1. Tregonning Tennis Coaching Business Card designed by Craig SuttonA business card and identity design for Tregonning Tennis Coaching. The design features an open gate fold, die cut the the tennis court lines acting as a communication tool, The C on the front for Craig (the business card recipient), the interior featuring a T for Tregonning.

2. 3D Tetrahedron Product Design Business Cards designed by Sumaya Mahadevana cool business card with unique shape.3. Wearhouse Business Card designed by Sue WhitlamA sewing kit style business cards, letter-pressed on a natural board, each card was then hand-wound with spools of thread in colors representative of Dandenong’s multicultural community.

4. Custom Camera Shaped Stainless Steel Business Card designed by MyMetalBusinessCard.comA business card designed for Madi Marie (A fashion photographer based in Southern California). It’s a fun custom shaped business card!5.

Elevate Business Card designed by Paul Mason-BarneyThe business card is printed on Ebony board with white foil which is then die cut to the hexagon shape. 6. My Business Card designed by Lauren-Ashley BarnesBusiness card with unique shape and using negative space as a memorable accent.

7. Drew Murray Roofing Business Card designed by Arron Isaaca bi fold cards that are the shape of a house. 8. Green Builder’s Depot Business Card designed by Steven Palmera custom die-cut business cards in the shape of a leaf.

9. Steve Koo Photography Business Card designed by Curious & Co. CreativeA simple yet fun shape custom die-cut business card.10. The Little Prince Business Card designed by Thomas CreativeThe die cut card interlocks in the shape of dense foliage and to open, the leaves are separated, as if pushing your way into a clearing to see the contact details.

11. Red Bull X-Fighters Business Card designed by René AndritschDesign of a personalized gift box containing business cards and a small magazine in the shape of a passport.12. Sabrina Business card designed by MattysSabrina is a lovely professional working within the fashion business- from that the idea of working with a diamond’s shape.

13. The Hive Business Cards designed by Katie LapiCute cassette tape-shaped business cards for The Hive Creative Labs recording studio.14. LIS Business Card designed by Spiros KlironomosThe three section logo shaped the business card that was a three fold design.

15. Into The Rabbit Hole Business Card designed by The Hungry WorkshopA promotional giveaway along with business cards design, printed in fluorescent green and a double hit of silver on beer Matt board.

Several shapes are die cut out and can be put together to create a stylized rabbit.16. Apartment Therapy Business Card designed by Brenda Rotheiser BergenApartment Therapy’s mission is to help people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy.

The pill shaped business card is a nod to their witty sense of humor and the concept of therapy for your apartment. 17. Personal Business Cards designed by Dustin Friesenwhat better way than a hexagonal shaped card as a way to create an inviting business card and also highlights the logo?18.

Diego’s Business Cards designed by Diego LopesBusiness Cards using an LED light and dye cut in a Canon T3i camera shape.19. iT Homes designed by CALEB MICHAEL IRWINa circle shaped business card for a realty company.

20. Playful Business Card designed by Cherrycanelitaa very attractive business card design.21. Konu Business Card designed by Berk OlçumBusiness card is designed as a part of the corporate identity of Konu Staircases.

Konu Logo gives its shape to front face of the card. On the back, a QR Code which contains information written on the bottom of the card digitally and a link to the website. 22. Sophisticated Custom Shape Black Metal Business Card designed by MyMetalBusinessCard.

comBlack Metal Business Card utilizing a custom shaped card and silver etching to set them off from the rest.23. Personal Business Cards designed by Sabrina YedigarianPersonal business cards made for the Art & Design Senior Show, the shape of the card was inspired by the designer’s photo captions used in her final book project.

It was hand-cutted on an assortment of French Paper Speckle tone papers. 24. Business Cards for a D.J. designed by Brad Plogstedbusiness card in the shape of a record with a hole in the middle.25. Business Card designed by Benjamin jonesThe designer wanted a business card that stood out and would be used by his customer regularly so he designed this card, laminated then laser cut to shape.

26. Guitar Pick Business Cards designed by Michael GurtekGuitar shaped business cards with gold foil.27. French Bull Dog Inspired Metal Business Card designed by MyMetalBusinessCard.comGuitar shaped business cards with gold foil features laser surface etching, mesh cut through pattern, and blue sport coloring.

28. Black Metal Card With Buildings designed by MyMetalBusinessCard.comBlack Metal Card for King Of Condo’s.29. Laure Massal Business Card designed by Laure Massalyet another cool business card in geometric shapes, a red square which represents designer’s passion for her job and reliability.

30. Self Promotion by Jessica WeliksonA business card buried in the jar full of jelly bean which represent as medicine to encourage creativity.31. Self Promotion by Olesya Adamskaa memorable business card in shape of a tag.

32. Aquarius Club business cards designed by Ivan DilberovicBusiness cards inside of the perforated, ticket shaped wrapper for Aquarius club, one of the major nightclubs in Croatia. Each business card has a QR code with meCard information of the person, and when it’s scanned, the contact is put directly into the Address Book of your phone.

33. Black Diamond Business Card designed by Federico LandiniBusiness card in shape of a black diamond.34. Pop Grub designed by Hype & SlippersIdentity for New York based start-up ‘Pop Grub’. 35. Caroline Boisvert Business Card designed by Chez ValoisA playful and interactive business card design.

We love to promote modern, innovative designs for print, supporting cutting edge marketing techniques to maximise your business reach.  We recently had the pleasure of working with The Crema Caravan to print bespoke custom shaped business cards that compliment and display their branding perfectly. Appropriately sized and presented to clients in glass preserve jars, the unique touch enhances that first impression and makes it even more memorable.

In the eclectic and diverse world of the arts, styles and trends change quickly. Media and branding creation needs to reflect your craft and be inviting to your audience. Shaping a future in the artistic industry with a custom business card can set you out from the rest. With careful consideration it can be both intriguing and timeless. This bold example for the Ukrainian artist Elena Mirosedina, demonstrates a balance between statement and style, delivered with precise use of shape which directly reflects her branding.  From independent artists to stylists and interior designers,  the integration of unique custom design is essential to any marketing strategy.

Another shining example of a business sector where shaped business cards have become popular is the baking industry. From cupcakes to slices of bread, from the more quirky to the elegant artistic statement, the use of shaped business cards is perfect for foodies everywhere. With so much inspiration to be had, this simplistic use of the nibbled corner displays you don’t always have to go to the extreme. Sometimes less is more in the design and print industry.

One thing you cannot fail to notice when sifting through your collection is change. Business Cards have evolved beautifully from the early standard white with a small amount of text and simplistic images, with the introduction of vibrant colour and more complex, clever designs over the years.

People use business cards to introduce, communicate, and create favorable first impressions. They remain to be the most and effective marketing materials for this purpose. Business cards reflect you, your brand and your company. Without them, high profile businesses and entrepreneurs will not likely take you seriously. Every businessman knows that business cards are responsible for creating that first important impression. Having one for your business is not an option, it is a necessity. They contain key information like brand name, logo and your business’ contact details.

The photography industry welcomes variations in business card design. An ideal platform to creatively showcase their craft, is with business card design and print.  The ‘Stand out from the crowd’ marketing strategy ideas become reality with the use of some awesome design concepts and the increasingly popular shaped business card.

Disclaimer: Images on this page are not owned by UPrinting and are used solely as design examples. Please click on the images to see their original sources.

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Who said business cards need to just be square! As technology moves through time, we are seeing some new and exciting developments in the world of bespoke print and design.

Whether rebranding or starting out, be adventurous! Open your mind to the possibilities and make your mark. Your business card is the invisible ‘pleased to meet you’  handshake,  so make it a firm one. It’s the unspoken ‘hello,’ make it inviting and confident. Unleash your creative side, showcase your craft and be proud to be different.

We are no doubt all very familiar with the standard style business cards. Many of us have formed a vast collection over time,  filling spaces in numerous wallets and purses. Gradually they find their way to the back of cupboards and drawers until we have that long overdue sort- out.

When planning fresh and original ways to make your first impressions count, consider shaping your future with custom shaped design business cards. Dare to do something different, add some curves to your edges, or go all out and explore every possibility.

This beautiful example was created for the Reverend Harry Louis Williams, CEO of Soul Shaker Publishing, music and film works by Tamara Dever of TLC Graphics Austin, Texas.  The design aspect demonstrates the use of shape beautifully, with clear and concise branding for this inspired creation. Partially sticking with the traditional card shape, seamlessly blended with the clever presentation of the vinyl. A most excellent double sided print design where the attention to detail is well balanced with descriptive content. This type of design is sure to become a popular hit on the DJ and club scene, with adaptations possible to branch out to the karaoke and entertainment sector.

When creating a business card keep in mind the nature of your business. They must complement your brand personality. A unique business card will help you stand out and create a good memorable impression for your company.

1. Change the shape: The most common and standard business cards are in rectangular or square shapes. A creative way of printing business cards is using die-cuts. Die-cuts allow you to create business cards in various shapes of your choice. You can have them in leaf shape (ideal for spas or organic restaurants), ovals, circle, rounded corners and more. Die-cuts can turn dull cards into something trendy and fresh.

This eye-catching bespoke displays a balanced use of both shape and colour down to the finest detail. It’s unmistakably a pear, despite the additional quirky bearded look. This is complimented further by the added artistic appearance when stacked for presentation.

Unique Shaped Business Cards