Types Of Calendars Designs

interior wall decoration Types Of Calendars Designs

interior wall decoration Types Of Calendars Designs

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Types of calendars
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50 absolutely beautiful 2016 calendar designs hongkiat calendars designs
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Type of paper — the most commonly used paper type in calendar production is coated and offset paper, often times one-sided cardboard is used. For more exclusive ones, paperboard is used.

Defined product design calendar on a 2 mm thick cardboard base. Base design custom made for the product design. Large current month page, the next and previous pages — smaller. No spirals, the calendar is glued to the base.

Compact wall calendar. Calendar design adjusted to the product design. Large current month page, the next and previous pages — smaller. The calendar has 2 spirals. Folded in a plastic envelope.

Each page of this calendar design features a commissioned illustration

Colours — calendars with a full colour promotional base usually have pages in two colours — black or grey for weekdays, red for weekends and holidays.

Calendar sample creation — usually a time-consuming process due to having to mark public holidays, which don’t always happen to be on the same dates year-to-year. Moon phases, name days — all of it has to be marked in a calendar. The sample has to be given to a proofreader to assess its correctness. Companies that are producing calendars usually already have samples, and the client does not have to pay for one.

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These plant drawings by Derby-based illustrator and printmaker Pandora Johnson are easier to take care of than the real thing. They are screen printed by hand onto 200gsm Fabriano paper with eco-friendly black and copper inks. 

The 12 musketeers calendar project is a collaboration effort spearheaded by paperreka and is between 12 young, battle-trained designers who formed an alliance and joined forces in honor of defending the art of letterpress.

Month and day calendar that has each page promoting a different product. Altogether 36 product placements possible.

Since 2012, the team behind German design and typography magazine Slanted make it their job to find the”freshest, boldest, most successful and unusual” fonts to feature in their annual ‘Typodarium’ calendar. For 2017, they have brought together 365 fonts – one for every day – by 263 designers and foundries from 30 countries.

The Gregorian calendar is the most widely used calendar today for all civil purposes in which the average length of the year is 365,2425 days with a leap year every 4 years to keep the duration of the year aligned with the solar year. First introduced by Pope Gregory XIII on October 15, 1582 in an effort to reform the Julian Calendar, introduced in 53BC by Julius Caesar also introduced in order to reform the Roman Calendar in use at the time since 713BC. The Julian calendar introduced an error of 1 day every 128 years, which was corrected by the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar is still being used by some members of the Russian Orthodox Church, and is 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar.

Branching out into calendar design is a great way to bring in extra client work and earn more money, not to mention promoting your own portfolio or maybe the product you produce. In this showcase of great calendar design we’ve tried to provide a good cross-section of examples, that offer unique and innovative calendar design approaches to one of the most traditional of products.

February 30, 1712, came into existence in Sweden when the Julian calendar was restored and 2 leap days were added that year. Sweden’s final conversion to the Gregorian calendar occurred in 1753, when an 11-day correction was applied so that February 17 was succeeded by March 1 that year. Not everyone was pleased with the calendar reform. Some people believed it stole 11 days of their lives.

Tessa Galloway’s intricate drawings of cities including New York, Dubrovnik, Venice and London decorate each page of this calendar; maybe it will inspire you to take a trip. 

Every agency and designer in the world are busy to design a creative or awesome calendar 2017 for their clients. In the same way companies used to connect with designers for their calendars designs for 2017. Some companies wants creative type of calendars that is big challenge for the designers and creative people. Some are ask for simple and flat type of calendars that is very feasible and easy to develop for designers. There are different types of calendars, some are wall type calendars, which everybody used to hang on wall in their houses and offices, some are table calendars, which everybody put it on table or any showcase in their houses and offices.

This CMYK calendar is a daily inspiration for anyone that loves colour. Each day a colour stripe can be torn off, with new colour combinations then exposed. Printed on coated and uncoated paper, the stripes can be collected to create colour matching fans. The exact CMYK data is printed on every stripe.

Two piece wall calendar. Calendar design adjusted to the product design, promotional whole calendar base. Quick 3 month overview. No spiral, calendar layout glued to the base of the calendar. An empty space for taking notes. Attached pen for planning physical activities.

The official calendar in China is the Gregorian calendar, but the traditional Chinese calendar plays an important role there. The Chinese calendar is an example of a solilunar calendar with 12-year cycles, each related to a specific animal. It is used for traditional activities in China and overseas Chinese communities. It guides Chinese people in selecting the luckiest days for weddings, funerals, moving, or beginning a business. The Chinese New Year is the longest holiday in the Chinese calendar, and, according to legend, a beast called a Nian would emerge from its hiding place once a year to attack humans. Fortunately, this mythological creature is sensitive to explosions, fire and the colour red and so the traditional New Year celebrations are marked by fireworks, loud banging, and lots of red costumes.

Graphic design 10 amazing calendar designs for 2017 10 amazing calendar designs for 2017

A stunning, super eco-friendly black and white calendar. Twelve pages are hung on a specially hand-made wooden hanger which is crafted in the most eco-friendly way possible, using only biodegradable materials, with absolutely no metal or plastic.

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Calendar packing — the most common way of packaging is poly mailers, cardboard envelopes being used for exclusive calendars. It is possible to produce calendars that can be folded and put inside A4 or A3 format regular envelopes to be sent by post.

Calendars are designed in such a way that dates, days and many other information are use in calendar design. Mostly designers highlighted the weekends days and dates in calendars and specially occasions and national days are most importantly highlighted in calendar designs. The difference in class and behaviors of fonts, colors, days, dates, weekends, national days  and copy are also always keep in mind during design a calendar template. For example for year and months designers use big fonts and for dates small fonts are use to make design elegant and decent but weekends dates and day are highlighted in calendars designs in different ways. Sometime designers use different colors for weekends dates and day and sometime they use shapes to highlight the weekends dates and day.

Wall calendars and desk calendars, 16 design ideas included sprintlabadm

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Size — as an example, the size of a wall calendar ranges from A4 up to B1.

Non standard calendars — these are calendars, that differentiate from standard calendars by some additional highlighted feature — varnish, shape, foil print, relief print, flock print. Non standard calendars most commonly are produced in different shapes. The choice of materials for non standard calendars includes lined cardboard, plastic, wood, as well as paper of various texture and design.

Desk calendar that has divided pages — a promotional space for 12 products.

A name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe of celebrating a day based on an individual’s given name. The custom originated with the Catholic and Orthodox calendar of saints, where believers, named after a particular saint, would celebrate that saint’s name day. In many countries, however, there is no longer any explicit connection to Christianity. The celebration of name days differ greatly between countries. There are many countries that consider name days as significant as their birthdays, while there are some that still barely recognize the tradition. In some cultures, a name can appear more than once. In this situation, the individual celebrates the name day closest to his/her birthday.

A small wall calendar for the kitchen that attaches to metallic surfaces due to magnetic coating. The pages can easily be pulled off, base layers of various non standard shapes are available, the calendar can also be put on a wall.

30 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs 2017 Ideas For Graphic Designers Posted on September 25, 2016 by graphicgoogle in Blog with 1 Comment

The 7 main parameters that influence the price of a printed calendar

The term calendar itself is derived from calendae, the term for the first day of the month in the Roman calendar, related to the verb calare “to call out”, referring to the “calling” of the new moon when it was first seen. Latin calendarium meant “account book, register” (as accounts were settled and debts were collected on the calends of each month). The Latin term was adopted in Old French as calendier and from there in Middle English as calender by the 13th century (the spelling calendar is early modern English).

Calendar biding —usually a metallic or plastic spiral is used for biding, as well as glueing. Also, possible is biding by staples, rivets, even screws for exclusive calendars.

Economic or budget calendars — calendars, the structure of which permit simple binding, because adding a spiral or binding by similar means require handwork, and thus this part of the production requires comparatively more labour. Cheap economic calendars are of a standard size with a well-planned layout on the printing sheets to preserve the paper.

Standard or non standard shape — the production of calendars of a non standard shape takes up more material and labour, making them more expensive compared to standard calendars, plus non standard calendars are usually produced in higher quantity — no less than 500.

The most convenient quantity of corporate calendars — the optimal quantity of corporate calendars exceeds 200 pieces. The bigger the quantity, the lower the price, but post-production requires handwork, and the price difference for a big quantity, above 3000 pieces, production isn’t as noticeable as when printing between 500 and 1000 pieces.

A multifunctional calendar that has month pages as greeting cards, each one can be easily pulled off from the base and the perforated part of the calendar. A calendar that you can put on a desk as well as hang on a wall. Can be offered together with stamps and envelopes to make the postage easier. As for design, even your own photos can be used.

Horizontal desk calendar of a non standard shape that has promotional space for 12 products. Month pages of a non standard, eye-catching shape.

Creative calendars are designed in a very different and creative way. In this way the designers use many different kind of shapes and categories to design a creative calendars. Now a days flat, vintage, retro, contemporary and abstract types of calendars are designed by the designers and creative agencies. There are different sizes are use for the calendar designs. For wall calendar template design 12×18, 11×17 inches and 23×36 inches sizes are commonly use and table calendars are designed in 8.3×5.5 inches and 210mm x 99mm sizes.

Wall calendar on a 2 mm thick cardboard sheet with a windmill silhouette. Calendar design adjusted to the product design. Large current month page, the next and previous pages — smaller. The calendar has 1 spiral. Folded in a plastic or cardboard envelope.

Vertical desk calendar of a non standard shape that has promotional space for 12 products. Month pages of a non standard, eye-catching shape.

Vertical desk calendar — budget version, without a spiral, one promotional area.

30 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs 2017 Ideas For Graphic Designers1- Flat Calendar 2017 Designs Ideas

Exclusive, customised non standard corporate calendars for your company

Two piece or four piece wall calendar. Calendar design adjusted to the product design, promotional header and footer. Calendar header of a non standard shape. Quick 3 month overview. One spiral, possible to have three. Folded in a plastic envelope.

Two piece wall calendar. Calendar design adjusted to the product design, promotional header and footer. Calendar header of non standard shape. Quick 3 month overview. 1 spiral. Folded in half and put in a plastic or cardboard envelope.

Number of pages — usually for 12 month calendars 12 one-sided printed pages are used or 6 pages printed on both sides. Some calendars have pages with a 3 month layout.

Wall calendar on a 2mm thick lined cardboard sheet. Attached to a wall with a jute thread that fits the calendar design. Promotional space on each month page, altogether 12 promotional areas + header and footer.

Also by the Slanted team is this calendar for people who are into bikes and typography; each month displays some cool type on a bike frame. 

This wall calendar was designed by German company Populaere Produkte and comes complete with 100 post-it notes, each with a hole to mark and label single days throughout the year. The simple, crisp design gives a clean-cut feel, with the calendar printed on FSC-certified recycled paper – making it eco-friendly too!

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Designed by JP King, this calendar showcases Risograph printing through an exploration of overprinting, halftones, and fluorescent inks on craft paper. The geometric graphics were created with two goals in mind: imagined depth on a two dimensional surface and accentuate the inherently retro feel of risography.

Quantity — for corporate calendars the production quantity usually falls within the range of hundred to a couple thousand pieces, and, if the budget is limited, for a low quantity it is advised to choose calendars of a standard shape. If the quantity exceeds 500 pieces, the price for non standard calendars becomes quite reasonable.

7: Do It All Magnetic Wall Calendar 17-Month 2017 , Secret Garden

Desk calendar — organiser and notepad. 2 promotional areas — month pages and the notes.

This calendar design from Studio Armadillo features commissioned illustrations from a whole host of designers; you’ll get plenty of inspiration from every page.

About us: A team of professionals with extensive experience in calendar production, beginning with an idea, a choice of layout and the production of a sample. Our main focus is to provide fast service and high quality to all our clients, according to the production standards. Mail: sprintlab@sprintlab.eu

The calendar features 263 designers and foundries from 30 countries

Today i share with you the awesome collection of 30 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs 2017 Ideas  For Graphic Designers. Designers can get the best inspiration for their calendar design projects. Give your calendar designs templates a professional look by getting inspiration form these 30 Wall & Desk Calendar Designs 2017 Ideas.

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Calendar design — the design of a corporate calendar usually is done by a professional designer, later text and specified dates being checked by a proofreader. In the calendar design process the client supplies the visual materials to be used, or they are bought in picture banks. The brand advertisement is put on the calendar’s base or the main part, which will be seen regardless of the current page, with a product advertisement printed on each separate one. Sometimes the client wants a modest self-promotion on the month pages, so a neutral design approach is used for design elements, photographs, brand advertisement.

The 2 most popular calendar types are wall calendars and desk calendars. Popular are also calendars combined with organisers or diaries, with pocket calendars becoming less so. With the advent of digital calendars, printed calendars have become less favoured. Even though a digital calendar is a convenient tool for planning your work, it still cannot replace a real, tangible one, which, tastefully produced, can be used as a design element.

Two piece wall calendar. Calendar design adjusted to the product design, promotional header and footer. Calendar header of non standard shape. Quick 3 month overview. 1 spiral. Folded in half and put in a plastic envelope.

Types Of Calendars Designs