Red Bedroom For Boys

interior wall decoration Red Bedroom For Boys

interior wall decoration Red Bedroom For Boys

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Once the paint was dry, Mino’s contractor installed the new ceiling pendant, a polished nickel, art deco-era fixture with three light bulbs that give off diffused light.

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“Although the room was intended for playing as much as it was for sleeping, I was afraid red-covered walls could become overly energetic, so much that it might keep Mino from being able to fall asleep,” says Stacy. “And if my 6-year-old doesn’t sleep, I don’t sleep.”

Daring and bold, this color commands attention. Learn how to use shades of red in your design.

With the flooring complete, Stacy’s new understanding of keeping red balanced came into play. “I instantly started to see what the designer was talking about,” says Stacy. “Using a really light color like white in a room would balance red’s intensity.”

Love and warmth are also associated with red, making it a favorite tone for dining rooms or eat-in kitchens. In traditional homes, it’s common to see dining room walls covered in red paint. When using red in other areas of the house, it’s best to use it in small doses, using red as an accent instead of a dominant color.

Although Mino’s desk chair needed to be comfortable, sturdy and stylish, incorporating one into the room for under $200 was even more important. A $59 parsons chair from a big box retailer filled the bill after it was professionally upholstered with two yards of $7.99 gingham fabric and adorned with polished nickel nailheads. Mino now has custom seating without the custom price tag.

Inspired by his favorite superheroes — Spider-Man, Captain America and Superman — Mino Kon had his bedroom remodeled into a multipurpose activity and sleeping space packed with his favorite color, red. Use red as an accent color, because it can become overpowering. In Mino’s room, red was used sparingly, allowing the room to be balanced yet still energetic.

With one glance, one reacts to the red. The color is associated with energy, movement and speed, as well as its ability to elicit excitement. Keeping these traits in mind, it’s important to know where, when and how to use this intimidating color successfully in interior design.

As far as how Stacy feels about red, she says its characteristics go hand in hand with her son. “The red room is exactly like Mino. During the day, it’s packed with energy and activity, then at night, it’s warm and cuddly.”

Red is a stimulant, so it was the perfect color for Mino’s homework and craft station. Ready-made cabinets in a glossy red lacquer finish from a big box retailer made a spot for Mino to work on school assignments or get creative with crafts. The workstation was integrated architecturally below the room’s 8-foot window.

Mino’s room is only 8 feet by 9 feet, so it was important to stick with furniture that wouldn’t make it feel cramped or closed in. To integrate steps into his loft bed architecturally and allow the abundant natural light to stream inside the lounge space below, seven capsule shapes were cut out for Mino’s tiny feet and spaced close together. This not only allows for him to climb swiftly and safely, but it also acts as a room divider between the lounge space and the homework area.

To create a functional homework station and craft area, Stacy’s contractor installed lacquered fire-engine red cabinetry to the wall, finished with a laminate top. “My desk area is awesome!” Mino says. “It’s red just like all my superheroes, and all my books and supplies are kept inside. It’s not a mess like it was before.”

With a better understanding of how to use the color most effectively, Stacy decided to kick Mino’s activity and sleeping space project into high gear. “My designer friend explained red tends to always steal the show, and to be certain to use it sparingly.” Stacy says.

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Next up was paint and wallpaper, design elements that go hand in hand. Two shades of blue inspired by the wallpaper pattern were painted on the ceiling and trim. While the ceiling was painted a light shade of blue-gray, the baseboards and door casings were painted dark navy blue.

After Mino had a chance to test out his homework station and learn how to use the Roman shade, the contractor began installation of the custom loft bed. To maximize space in the room, a bed was constructed from paint-grade plywood, sanded, spackled, caulked, then sprayed with glossy ultra-white paint. To keep the loft bed sturdy, its side rails were fastened directly into the wall studs on two perpendicular walls with extra-long wood screws.

Inspired by his favorite superheroes, Mino Kon’s bedroom is transformed into a multipurpose activity and sleeping space packed with his favorite color, red.

In addition to symbolizing energy, activity, warmth and emotion, red is also associated with life. A succulent housed in a red porcelain pot adds life to the homework station’s work surface.

From warm and fuzzy stuffed animals to Legos and books, the cabinets of Mino’s homework and craft station keep all his favorite things neatly organized and out of sight.

Stacy and Danny learned something new about wood floors during the process. Wood flooring needs to acclimate to a home prior to being installed, otherwise it could buckle or swell, causing planks to come loose or become warped. To ensure proper acclimation, the contractor dropped off the floors four days before installation, keeping them in the hallway just outside of Mino’s room.

Mino Kon is one energetic six-year old boy who loves the color red – the color of his two favorite super heroes. Seen here, Mino takes a brief time-out in a fire-engine red bouncy swivel chair located just under his bed loft space in his bedroom.

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When Stacy Kon decided to remodel a small bedroom of her Los Angeles home into a multipurpose activity and sleeping space for her son, Mino, she wanted to use bold red without the color becoming loud, intense, jarring or dramatic.

In order to add a burst of red to the exterior wall of Mino’s room, a custom Roman shade was made from fire engine-red canvas and lined with blackout liner. The liner aids in temperature control, keeping the space cooler in the afternoon when the sun’s rays are strongest.

A designer introduced Stacy to the dos and don’ts of using red effectively in interior design. The color enthusiast and mother of two adds, “I’m always up for a challenge, and since Mino loves red so much, the color of his favorite superheroes, I figured, ‘Why not?'”

Before construction could begin, Mino’s room needed to be cleared out, a task that proved to be harder than anticipated. “I wanted to clear it out myself, but there were things I couldn’t reach, so I just helped,” Mino says. “While my mom and Dad took things apart and got them out, I made sure my dog, Berkeley, stayed out of the way. He really likes my room, so it wasn’t as easy to do as it sounds.”

Prior to the room remodel, there was no space for Mino to lounge around with friends, mostly due to his old loft bed, which created wasted space above and below it. Thanks to his new loft bed, there’s plenty of space below to play or sit and visit with friends. The fire engine-red boucle upholstery of his swivel chairs instantly made the sculptural seating the star of the show.

The loft bed’s clean white finish allowed another chance to pop red into the space, both with bedding and pillows above, as well as classic midcentury modern swivel swan chairs below.

After a full day of clearing out the room, white tongue-and-groove bamboo hardwoods, as well as the new 1×4 MDF baseboards and door casings, were installed.

Known for its ability to radiate warmth, red was the color of choice for bedding in the sleeping area of Mino’s new loft bed. Mino says: “You don’t even know it’s red until you get up here. From the floor it all looks blue and white. It’s like a secret hiding spot; you only see the red if I invite you up.”

Keeping this in mind, it’s best to consider using red in spaces where physical activity and social interaction are encouraged, such as playrooms, activity spaces, dining rooms, multipurpose rooms and lounges. “Mino’s new room fits four out of those five categories,” Stacy says. “That was all I needed to hear to give the project the green light.”

Whether it’s dancing, playing games or twirling around, Mino’s room is the place to be.

Prior to the room’s remodel, there was a lack of lighting. By replacing the ceiling fan with a polished-nickel art deco pendant, the cabinet hardware finish is carried throughout the room.

Kids’ rooms should include a touch of whimsy. Instead of basic hardware for the cabinet doors of Mino’s homework station, 8-inch polished nickel towel rings were installed. This unexpected choice also serves double duty: Mino’s socks and hand towels can be laid out on the rings before soccer games or T-ball, keeping them organized and within arm’s reach.

Once Mino’s room was done, Stacy and Danny had learned how to use red successfully and they had a better understanding of remodeling in general. “Now when someone mentions things like MDF or HVLP, I’ll know what they’re talking about,” says Stacy. “MDF is medium density fiberboard and takes paint better than wood, and high-volume, low-pressure sprayers give furniture those showroom-like finishes.”

“I didn’t even know about the floors,” says Mino. “But when I walked in the room after school, I knew something was different, so I ran and showed my sister, Zoe. The white wood is so cool!”

A custom desk chair with red and white gingham upholstery and polished nickel nailheads, and a Roman shade made of cherry red canvas completed the color scheme.

First and foremost, you need to understand the physical reactions people can have to red. Studies have shown that when surrounded by red, a person’s heartbeat will increase. In some situations, red stimulates the appetite, as well. Depending on the intensity of red and how it’s used, people may also experience shortness of breath or anxiety when surrounded by the color.

Although Mino’s red-packed room is meant for activity, safety is Stacy’s first area of concern. To ensure the integrated steps of the loft bed are safe, they are lined with strips of nonslip tape.

Similar to how red was used solely in accent pieces throughout Mino’s new room, his updated closet is mostly white with four red baskets for a jolt of the high-energy hue.

With the background of the room set, it was time to start layering in the red.

Since red encourages activity, and active children are prone to spills, scratches and smudges, it was important the desktop surface of Mino’s homework station be durable. Instead of wood or lacquered MDF, laminate with a brushed aluminum effect was used. This allows the sleek, modern look of aluminum to be part of the room’s design. It has enough durability to withstand sticky fingers and edges of jagged toys.

White bamboo hardwoods were installed in Mino’s room for two reasons: to balance the intensity of the room’s red accents and to reflect the abundant natural light, making the room appear slightly larger.

“I have the best bed in the whole universe,” Mino says. “It’s high so that I can have a Mino-size living room underneath. My little room is not even little anymore!”

In addition to the flooring, Stacy put together a to-do list to accomplish in one week with a budget of $5,000. Replace baseboards and casing with 1×4 MDF trim Install graphic wallpaper, update the ceiling and new trim with blue paint Replace the existing ceiling fan with a pendant light fixture Add black-out lined Roman shades to the window to help control harsh afternoon sunlight Update the closet with cubbies and hanging rods Create a custom homework station Add a custom loft bed Incorporate lounge seating

One of the difficult things about using red in residential spaces is its tendency to be overpowering. It instantly draws attention to itself more than any other color. When you see signage associated with danger, you’re certain to find red type font or graphics.

Luckily for Mino, active spaces for children are a perfect fit for red. Since Mino’s new room is geared toward playing with big sister Zoe, climbing around on a new loft bed, and being creative at a new homework and craft area, Stacy was certain red was the perfect fit. “As long as the space ended up being fun, warm and full of life, I’d be one happy mom,” Stacy says.

With everything out of the room, Stacy and husband Danny were able to take a mental inventory of what to keep versus what to donate. Since the room in its initial state was packed with clutter, they were determined to ensure that once redesigned, Mino’s room would stay neat and organized.

Red Bedroom For Boys