Purephoto Original Fine Art Photography Framed Art Prints Wall Art

interior wall decoration Purephoto Original Fine Art Photography Framed Art Prints Wall Art

interior wall decoration Purephoto Original Fine Art Photography Framed Art Prints Wall Art

Kate schermerhorn alpine 1 · wall décorart photographyartistic photographyfine art photography
Framed art print featuring kali by patricia vargas
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Online art · pure photo beautiful high quality photographs that can be printed really huge
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Original wall art small abstract painting abstract painting modern oil art home
Mountain scape minimal by iris lehnhardt artfully walls
In the studio find this pin and more on art photography
Slide view 2 indigo landscape wall art
Maria v cano pier
Soft lavender coastal abstract original painting by lindadonohue pretty artnorthern californiaoriginal paintingslavendercoastalart
Buy waiting for the wave fine art photograph from purephoto on dering hall
Staredown wall art prints by amy carroll minted
Ask us for help to find the perfect fine art photo for your residential commercial · framed art printsinterior
Nice beach image by robertevans available on purephoto com nice beachbeach imagesrobert evansrestart photographyartistic photographyfine
Browse art purephoto
Steven n meyers eucalyptus leaves negative framed art print 34 x
French architectural detail in sepia collection paris apartmentsframed artworkwall decorart photographyart
Browse art purephoto
Browse art purephoto

Our store is curated to ensure that you are buying valuable works of art that should increase in value over time. While there is no guarantee of that, our art is selected by an Art Advisory Board made of leading Industry professionals who help the odds of that happening.

Easy: just buy your first piece! Collecting doesn’t have to be something unobtainable. With access to thousands of great pieces of art you can find something you love. That is what art is by definition: art1 | art | noun 1 the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination,  typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Which means you should buy a piece first and foremost because you love it, no matter what anyone says. That is the true joy of collecting. Once you get the collecting bug you will know what we mean. You may even take it a step further, which we fully support, and start collecting for its investment value.

Regardless, be passionate about your purchases and you can’t lose.

This label helps everybody understand who is on PurePhoto and helps you discover others with similar interests. We also have special news, featured artists and discounts that are delivered to specific groups.

Tags are used behind the scenes to help label your work for search features. Be descriptive, add as many as you like, the more the better, however, make sure they are relevant! Names of people, places, items in the image, single words that describe the image are all great.

Think about search words that people might use to find this type of image and those are your best bet.

Bonesteel Trout Hall • Jamie Bush & Co. • Nate Berkus • Windsor Smith Home DISC Interiors • ASH NYC • Consort Design • Max Humphrey • S.B. Long Interiors • Maria Brito NYC Studio Life/Style • Lucas Studio • Helen Green Design London

Below the same page you click on “Submit Proofs”. I will receive an email with the pictures selected. I would contact you as soon as possible to define your special order. 

I hope that you enjoy this Wall Art Fine art Photography Prints project. Don’t hesitate to share it with you friends on social medias !

Aluminum dibond, or Alu-Dibond, is a material composed of two layers of aluminum and one of polyethylene, which gives it stability and longevity. Many images for exhibitions are printed on aluminum dibond, and it is a material much appreciated by photographers.

Upon receipt of your print, if unframed/unmounted, it’s best to take it to your framer immediately. Take extreme care in handling your new artwork. Memory curls can occur if the artwork is left rolled for too long.

Fingerprints, creasing and wrinkling of the paper are the result of improper handling. Artwork not being framed immediately should lay flat. If you choose to frame with a third party (non-PurePhoto framer) we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the print in the framing and/or mounting process.

1 Selling

The “Proof” tool on the site (small star on each picture) allows to send me a selection of the photos you want to buy or receive information. For this just click on each photo that would that retain you attention. 

Of course, we want you to interact with the community so you have a meaningful experience here. Writing about yourself helps others know who you are. If you are an artist, you should include awards, exhibits and other important info that reinforces the value of your work.

Press the follow button on an artists profile to follow them. Do the same to un-follow. Following them will post their activity to your feed so you can easily keep track of any updates from them like when they post new work.

Lastly, you can pay with your credit cart. The purchase is realized with Stripe, entirely secured platform. Enter your adress. You will receive your photo in the next 7 days. 

PurePhoto is a fine art photography gallery representing an expertly curated groupof established and emerging fine art photographers from around the world. Art is the first thing people notice when they enter a roomand we view an empty wall as an opportunity to make a statement.

Travelling the world for the last 20 years, I accumulated more than 80.000 photos in my media collection. You will find here fine art landscape photography, portraits and street photos. Most of them are pictures from Colombia with some 20.000 from Caribbean, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Andes, Amazon region and the rest of the country. I also have pictures from Maroc, Greece, Mauritius, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Brazil, Senegal, Tunisia, Croatia and many other places. All photos aren’t on the site but if you wish to see more, I can upload a private gallery with more photos. 

Optimum image reproduction quality Can hang with the “floating” effect Does not need additional frame Light and stable, in true aluminum The favorite support for professional photographers Supporting Local Artists : Why to purchase a photo here ?

To find ideas of modern wall art for your home decor, your office, a gallery or hotel is very easy : you can pick up any of the picture on my site and get a high quality fine art photography print. The Wall arts are handled on an individual basis. I offer prints on high quality paper mounted on Dibond which is a fantastic medium for fine art prints. Just hammer a nail in your wall and hang it up ! The pricing are made for this medium but also other medium can be realized according to your preferences (canvas wall art, framed prints, wood wall art, etc…). Some of my pictures have a special crop, therefore the measurement can differ a bit and the price can vary slightly. 

All sales are final – no refunds. Artwork in its original condition may be returned within 5 days of purchase against store credit only, valid for one year. No returns of custom framed artwork, special orders, dedicated or commissioned items.

Allow 4-6 weeks for custom framing. All rights belonging to the holder of the copyright, including the production rights, shall remain with the Artist.

Upon sale your artist payout will be a commission percentage of the price of the art that you entered. Please contact us for details. If your work is priced below a certain point we will automatically add print production costs to the price of the art to cover the cost of fine art printing, in addition to any framing charges, shipping charges and taxes billed to the customer.

In these cases your artist net payout will remain a commission percentage of the artwork price you entered. These details can be viewed by navigating to the “Edit Image” page for any of your works.

We have an international art advisory board made of gallery owners, artist reps, art market analysts, curators, editors and some of the top photographers in the world. They base the value of the work on a myriad of different criteria and help choose works that fit in with the collection over all.

Remember though, we have art that ranges in price from $100 to $20,000 and beyond so your work might fit in anywhere along the way.

If you want to receive some news about my last work and workshops, you can suscribe to my newsletter, follow my photography page on facebook or instagram account: tristan29photography. 

  Get informed of my last photos and publication on social media 

In the unlikely event that we have not answered every single question you could possibly think of, please contact our world-class customer service at .

What do the Pending, Published, and Archived image statuses mean?

We love art and are experts in photography. We are all hardcore photographers, collectors, analysts, tech geeks and curators who have a passion for it. We know you do, too, and wanted to share the love. Buying & Collecting

Why am I forced to pick a theme and can I pick more than one?

Images marked pending are in the process of review by our advisory board. They are not displayed in search results or on your profile page, they are only displayed to you when you are logged in. Published work is visible throughout the site in search results and on your profile page.

Our advisory board will usually select a portion of your work to publish that matches what our buyers are looking for. Maintaining this level of quality in the search results helps us provide the best experience for our buyers! Archived work is not displayed in search results or on your profile page, it is only displayed to you when you are logged in.

We maintain archived images as a resource to draw on when needed to complete a project, as we often work closely with buyers to meet their specific needs.

All prints are made by PurePhoto’s select partners, which are the top professional labs around the globe. Prints are typically c-type on archival papers using strict guidelines.

Fine art photography print prices [supsystic-price-table id=30] Detail [TABS_R id=7698] Printing Quality

On each image there is a little heart button. Click it to express your love of someone’s work. (Note, you cannot like your own image.) Next to each image, you’ll also see well- known icons for Facebook, Twitter and other sharing options.

We encourage you to share the work you love with others!

PurePhoto is a fully curated site for buying the best photographic prints from established and emerging fine art photographers from around the globe. The top Interior designers, architecture firms and hotels in the world use PurePhoto to source work for projects. We are also open to the general public and individual collectors to find unique pieces for their home or collection.

Absolutely not! Every artist has their humble beginnings and we have created a place for you to explore exciting new works from the next generation of artists. It is true, we have some very well-known artists and you can buy the work but you can also start collecting new things.

What makes an artist famous is the acceptance of the art community, the public as well as the meaning, controversy, etc. The more people buy a work and the more they pay for it makes it more valuable, you are taking part in that by purchasing work from emerging artists.

You could be buying the next great artist!

After clicking the picture will appear in full size on the screen. There you can select the size of impression, then click on Checkout. If you want to keep on shopping, then click on “Update the cart”, you can navigate to other pages a find other photos. 

Buying online gives you access to thousands of great artists from across the globe. It enables you to see work you may never have had exposure to unless you have the time and resources to travel the globe and visit galleries.

It is quick and easy and buying from a reputable store like PurePhoto ensures that you will be getting authentic original artwork.

To buy a fine art Print in the galleries is very easy. First you can visit my Portfolio or my galleries. If you like any of them you can click on the shopping cart visible when you hoover each photo. 

You do not need to login to buy prints, but creating a free account allows you to easily organize selections for projects. Looking for a new print for your living room? Have 3 clients who want to see some options for their home or offices? Creating an account allows you to organize possible options in collections, share those choices with others for their feedback, and easily make purchases.

Please look carefully through the store, the editor’s picks and your specific genre before submitting. People are typically buying art for their home or office, so things like wedding and stylized children’s portraits, will not be chosen for sale.

We are also not a stock site. If it isn’t something that would look like a showcase piece on someone’s wall, it won’t go for sale on PurePhoto. When tagging choose only 1 or 2 relevant colors and precise genres.

Work on PurePhoto start at $100 so use that as a starting point and price up from there.

Yes, Yes and Yes! It’s good for everyone. Tags help people search for work, Google likes them very much and since every page on PurePhoto is optimized for SEO and crawled your work will be seen more! DO NOT ADD tags that don’t belong.

You will muddy the viewing experience for all users.

Simply go to the log in page and press the “forgot my password” button. You’ll receive a link to reset it sent to the email assigned to your account. Completing Your Profile

You get paid via PayPal within 15 days of the close of each calendar month.

First and foremost, you are supporting artists. We share the profits evenly with the artist so you are giving someone an opportunity to spend their life creating wonderful work to be shared with the world.

Original art means you have a unique piece that you won’t find at your neighbor’s house. You have a story about the artist, where it was created, and why it was created. It makes life more interesting.

We do not sell reproductions, which are mass-produced. We only sell professionally produced fine art prints.

Why should I choose a profile type? (Photographer, Collector, etc.)

Nowadays giant industry of photography is every day expanding. Stock photography sites are flourishing everyday imposing a tough price law for photographers. Meanwhile gear’s price is always rising, making photographer’s life harder. Making a living of photography is almost impossible today, but in contradiction the need of photography on the web is stronger than ever. So purchasing a photo here is help to a contributing to the dream of photographers to be independent, to keep update our gears and pay our travels to bring back incredible images. 

It’s simple: use the Join button at the top right of every page and create an account in just a few steps.

How to buy a wall art Fine Art photography prints on the site ?  Pick up a photo in the galeries : 

Click the Browse button in the top navigation from any screen to search by keyword, color, theme, or price. We have also included some featured work by preferred partners.

Just click on the “Edit Profile” button, pick a new snazzy picture of you, and hit submit. Please upload a square image of at least 250×250 pixels.

The dibond aluminum photos can be suspended with a “floating” effect, since the hooks can be placed directly on the back, which saves money.

To order your photo, click on “Pay with card”,  There you will access to this screen. 

Everyone needs friends but since you are new and don’t have any yet, we are your friends. We completely understand if you don’t want us. Remove us, socialize, make new friends… we’ll be ok.. with some therapy, red wine, and a large vat of chocolate.

Creating a Gallery

The more important for me is to deliver a final product that last in time. All picture are printed with a high quality “Prestige Fine Art” paper.mounted on Dibond Support. All the photos are printed with professional laboratories leader on the market. 

Specials orders can be made if you prefer to buy a large wall art print in a customized format or mediums like Canvas or Acrylic, or even if you would like to print yourself the photos. I invite you to send me an email an ask for a photography price quote so as you can give me more information about your wishes.

Prints take 5-7 business days to produce. Once your order is ready it will be shipped using your chosen shipping method.

If you like it, it’s great. You don’t need someone telling you it’s great to love something. If you are buying it as an investment, read the ‘Why do you curate?’ Q&A above. We always recommend first and foremost having a love for what you’re buying.

As you start collecting and reading our posts from industry leaders, you will gain a better understanding of what appreciates and why. Regardless, just enjoy it!

You must pick a genre so we know what section to put your lovely art in so the world can discover it. No, you can only choose one. Themes appear in search, so please think hard and make sure you put it in the right spot.

If someone searches for food but finds your war-torn photojournalist image, that’s not a good fit. Be thoughtful. Viewing images

The highest resolution JPEG you have please. We print directly from the file and don’t want to have to track you down when a sale is made.

They use your credentials from each network to create an account. Also when you return to PurePhoto, you can log in again without having to remember your password.

Purephoto Original Fine Art Photography Framed Art Prints Wall Art