Paint Swatch Wall Art

interior wall decoration Paint Swatch Wall Art

interior wall decoration Paint Swatch Wall Art

Celebrate your dorm room with paint swatches create a rainbow effect like liz apples rainbow wall of paint chips or use paint swatches to create waves
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Transform your wall into a colorful art work
Paint swatch wall art
Paint swatch wall decor this is actually pretty cool for an apartment you can
Paint swatch wall colorful paint swatch wall paint swatch wall art
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Paint swatch wall decor home decorating ideas
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Add a bit of color with paint swatches
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Paint swatch wall art
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Never buy paint again cover your wall in a creative art master piece using paint swatches

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You can combine paint swatches with wall shelves to make an interesting display for a certain room or space. The idea comes from younghouselove. The shelves would have to be custom-made. They’re shallow shelves designed to hold the paint swatches in place and they feature channels that help keep the swatches in the right position, beautifully lined up.

Blank fabric-wrapped canvas. Here we’ve used a 24″ x 24″ square canvas. (Available at most art and craft stores.)Paint swatches in a variety of colors. To create a consistent grid pattern, it’s best if they’re all the same brand with a uniform size and shape.

You may need to make a run to the paint or home improvement store for multiples of the same color.Glue dots or any kind of clear adhesive

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View in galleryOn the other hand, if you prefer something simpler and on a much smaller scale, check out this paint chip pennant banner. It’s a really lovely decoration and you can adapt it for a variety of occasions such as Valentine’s day, Halloween. Christmas, etc. You only need a few paint swatches for this project. {found on twigandtwirls}.

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3. Once you’re satisfied with how the paint swatches are laid out and the color distribution, apply a glue dot to each swatch and adhere to the canvas. If swatches are warped, you might need glue dots in each of the four corners to keep them lying flat on the canvas.

Over the years, it maybe a little too easy to collect a menagerie of paint samples leftover from home renovations and DIY projects passed. Instead of tossing that file folder of colorful goodness, why not put those swatches to work as graphic art? Colorful paint swatches when placed side-by-side make such the striking and playful statement.   Just three materials are all you’ll need to create a custom art piece for your home in under a 1/2 hour. I mean, what’s not to love?

2. Decide how you’d like to layout the colors: random, color gradation, row by row, etc. Then fill in the paint swatches in the rows and columns outlined in step 1. You’re striving for a consistent grid pattern, with uniform margins in between swatches. Here we’ve used a 1/8″ – 1/4″ margin between swatches.

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View in galleryThere’s also another really fun and creative way in which you can use paint chips. We’re talking about making a dry erase calendar that would look beautiful in your home office. You’ll need a few things such as a frame, some paint chips in different colors and a dry erase marker. You’ll need to calculate the exact number of paint chips needed as well as the size of the frame. Cut them to size and make your calendar look beautiful.{found on theaestheticwriter}.

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1. Lay out paint swatches on your canvas: one horizontal row along the top + one vertical column along the left edge, leaving am empty border along the edges of the canvas.

Wall art provides us with a great way to personalize our living space and to make it feel more like home. But what’s really nice is that wall art can be handcrafted and there are tons of fun, cute and interesting ways in which you can turn this idea into a DIY project. You’ll find below a bunch of beautiful ideas that involve paint swatches. The designs are colorful and unique.

4. Find a blank wall in your home that needs some love, and hang your completed art!

View in galleryBlank walls are boring and lack character and if you’re the type of person that likes bold colors then you’ll enjoy the project featured on paperyandcakery. Be advised that you’ll need a lot of paint chips in a lot of different colors so you can arrange them on canvases and create color-themed wall art. Arrange them in such a way to create an ombre effect, using bold bold and dull-colored chips in the same color.

You can actually do a lot of fun things with paint swatches, framed wall art being only one of the options. You can find a bunch of other suggestions on Brokeandhealthy. Check out the colorful display featured here and use this as inspiration for your own awesome DIY project. Display your creation in your home office, in the bedroom above the bed or wherever else you want.

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Every project starts with the gathering of the supplies. In this case the main concern is finding paint chips in a lot of fun and beautiful colors. You can customize the color palette however you want. In addition to the paint chips you’ll also need a frame. Once you have everything you need, start attaching the paint chips from the top right corner using double sided tape. You’ll be hiding their names with the next layer.{found on abeautifulmess}.

The idea of turning paint chips into wall art can suit a lot of different spaces, the nursery or the kids’ room being one of them. And since the project is actually pretty simple and quite fun, you can also get the kids involves and ask them to help out. They’ll surely love to and they can choose the colors you’ll be using. Find out more about this on apartmenttherapy.

View in galleryIf you want, you can take this idea to a whole new level. A fun option can be to transform an entire wall into a colorful display. This would surely brighten up the whole room. The only issue is you’ll need a ton of paint chips so make sure you have enough of them before you start the whole thing.

Paint Swatch Wall Art