Original Art La Artistino Peta Hewitt Wall Art

interior wall decoration Original Art La Artistino Peta Hewitt Wall Art

interior wall decoration Original Art La Artistino Peta Hewitt Wall Art

The magical city little moreton hall plus bonus hobbit holes la artistino
The magical city
The magical city
Enchanted forest stages in colouring the day forest la artistino
The magical city
The magical city
The magical city
La artistino peta hewitt
The magical city
The magical city la artistino peta hewitt
Kerbys style meets petas style la artistino peta hewitt
The magical city
The magical city
The magical city
Lost ocean crabs second page finished yesterday
The magical city little moreton hall plus bonus hobbit holes
Enchanted forest new pictures and a tutorial la artistino peta hewitt
Creative cats coloured pictures and a video review la artistino peta hewitt
Animorphia brahma bull with budget priced pencils la artistino peta hewitt

Hello and welcome!  I am Peta, an Aussie girl who likes to mess about with things starting with the letter ‘P’… namely pencils, pens, paints and paper!  I’ve been drawing stuff since I was a toddler basically back before electricity…Read more

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Since posting  My tutorial on how to add a pastel background to your picture I have received a number of questions asking if certain other media, such as watercolour pencils and markers are suitable to use over the fixative.  I…Read more

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Another two page spread from The Magical City.  This one made me think hard about how I was going to fill all those large blank areas to give it texture and interest.  The mountains were done using a number of different shades of green with small circular motions to give the impression of foliage.  the Great Wall itself is made up of millions of bricks and I wanted them to be shown in the picture.  So, using a greay coloured pencil I drew in all those bricks pressing fairly firmly so that the water wash would not dissolve them completely.  I added browns, oranges and yellows in places to give the wall more interest and variety.  For the distant walls I added smaller bricks with a sharper point so the lines would be smaller, and I added them in patches only to give the impression of detail being lost in the distance.  I’m happy how this turned out.

Hi everyone.  Hope you all are well and getting into the holiday spirit.  I will not be adding to this blog for a couple of weeks and i won’t be available to answer questions for that time BUT there are…Read more

Also the third and last installment for the Jelly Fish colour along has now been filmed and is being edited.  Next tutorial will be a picture in Magical Jungle.  I hope you will enjoy it.

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I recently posted a video of one of my art journals on YouTube.  I thought I’d follow up with a couple of still shots from that journal for your entertainment.  This is a journal that I worked in last year…Read more

La Artistino – Peta Hewitt > Magical Jungle > The Parrots from Magical Jungle

La Artistino – Peta Hewitt > The Magical City > The Great Wall of China

In other news the gallery for the colouring contest is almost complete.  I can’t wait to share with you all of the incredibly beautiful art work that was sent to me.

My first completed picture from Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle.  I wanted to go all out with bright splashy colours so I pulled out my Prismacolors to work alongside my Polychromos as Prismacolors are that much more saturated.  I was originally going to colour the border area a flat black or dark green.  Then I got the idea of adding an old stone wall, such as in an ancient abandoned ruin in a South American jungle.  It took a bit more work but I’m happy with the result.  I’m currently working on the first double page spread in this book… pictures to follow soon.

There’s a reason why there has been a bit of a break between posts.  My husband and I went away for a little getaway last week.  With the hectic nature of our house, what with my night shifts, our kids,…Read more

I have been admiring artists who create beautiful detailed work using nothing other than cheap ball point pens from office supply stores.  It got me thinking… ball point pens come in a nice, if somewhat limited range of very bright…Read more

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The Night Visitor is a piece I created late last year as an experiment with creating a night time scene, particularly a night sky, with copic markers.  The girl is my daughter.  I don’t know where the balloon came from…Read more

Adding a few pieces of art to populate my page so you peeps have something pretty to look at.  This is an older piece created as a gift for another character artist who went by the name of Enerjak.  This…Read more

Also I’m particularly happy with the Autumn leaves on the branch.  And the panda!  cute little guy. 🙂

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Every so often (like every five minutes or so) I get the itch to do something original.  With my restricted time and dedication to giving you all great colouring content, I can’t afford to do something big and time consuming….Read more

Are you curious to see what else I do besides colouring?  I am posting a series of videos to show case some of my other arty adventures starting with this first one.  I walk you through my A5 art Journal…Read more

Original Art La Artistino Peta Hewitt Wall Art