Nature Bedroom Wallpaper

interior wall decoration Nature Bedroom Wallpaper

interior wall decoration Nature Bedroom Wallpaper

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Bedroom wallpaper
Nature bedroom wallpaper
Nature wallpaper
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Wallpaper that is inspired by the majesty of nature has the ability to raise a room to new heights. A lovingly produced wall mural can go even further, by depicting a specific naturalRead more scene which is either full of excitement and vibrant colours or calmer tones, creating a more tranquil mood. Many of our wall mural designs can captivate in an eye-catching way, just like a breath-taking scene created by Mother Nature. At other times, more contemplative natural scenes are in order, making them ideal, perhaps, for a bedroom or another sanctuary in the home.

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Our wall murals are designed for different types of room, such as kitchens, halls and kids rooms.

Calm Zen Lake and Bonsai Trees in Tokyo GardenPrice:  €33/m2

Create a unique wall mural with your own image or illustration as the motif.

Natural Selections Wall décor that takes its cue from the wide world of nature means that it is highly varied. If you are considering a natural wall mural as a part of your interior design plans, then it is probably best to start thinking about the scene you think will suit your room the best.

First of all, let’s consider water as a natural theme. Of course, you might immediately think of fast-flowing water with breaking waves or cascades being ideal choices for a bathroom. But this is not the only way in which naturally depicted water can look great in a dwelling.

Reflective lake panoramas and still sea scenes create just the right sort of calming mood which means they’ll suit places of relaxation. There again, if you want some of the energy that rushing water can bring, perhaps for a feature wall in a home gym, then dynamic waterfalls and flowing rivers may be more suitable.

When it comes to water, of course, its shimmering brilliance always reflects what else is around, so consider this aspect when working in a colour scheme. Water and neutrally coloured stones suit most places, but the vibrant hues of ferns and trees close to water engender more purposeful approaches to colour.

Seasonal Considerations The wonderful thing about nature is that it is ever-changing. To reflect the true nature of the natural world, it is advisable to think about the changing seasons. Wintry scenes, full of white snow and crystal clear blue skies, make for extremely attractive wall murals in a variety of home and office settings.

On the other hand, the rich reds, yellows and golds of autumnal forests and avenues create softer tones which will integrate perfectly with soft furnishings as part of an interior design. For something that is bright and creates a no-nonsense look-at-me image, think of summer.

Vibrant Van Gogh sunflower yellows and the greens of summer meadows make real statements which last the entire year. Lastly, the softer appearance of early spring images present something that speaks more of renewal, whether it is from blooms of bluebell fields, new growth from budding shoots or the rich yellow of daffodils trumpeting the arrival of springtime.

Scintillating Skylines If you think that skylines only mean cityscapes, then think again! The sky is an ideal natural subject matter for feature wallpaper because it creates such a superb sense of depth in a room, the perfect thing if you want it to look bigger than it actually is.

Pure sky images, perhaps with a few fluffy clouds passing dreamily by, create a stunning sense of space and of mental freedom. However, skylines which feature a horizon, connecting the earth with the sky, are ideal for extending the depth of a room with a clever natural illusion.

Anyone who wallpapers their room with a sky image that has a horizon is making the illusion of an extra window, one that looks out onto the world beyond. What’s great is that you can choose the scene this window looks out on – anything from early morning haze cast over a mountain range to the mystical greens of the Northern Lights glowing over a Nordic forest.

As well as the natural look of sky blue, sunsets and sunrises both afford many more colour schemes. From your choice of wall murals and other coordinating wallpapers, yellows, burnt oranges and deep reds are all perfectly sensible options.

And if you don’t think that works, then how about a night sky scene, with dazzling white stars twinkling over a deep inky blue velvet? Nature – The True Designer When contemplating the sorts of wallpapers that have been made over the years, there can be little surprise that natural elements have often been central to their designs.

Consider the patterns made by leaf formations or shells, for example, both of which often repeat and tessellate in a myriad of ways. Wall murals can take advantage of these features to create stunning geometric patterns, but on a much larger scale.

Look at the near mathematical elegance of a nautilus shell, for instance. Still not convinced? Then consider the fractal-like qualities of the humble maple leaf, another ideal choice for wall murals in many different sorts of rooms.

The same sort of effect can be found in many forest scenes, too. The beautiful bare branches of neighbouring deciduous trees in winter, for example, are particularly effective in this regard.

Here you will find our complete range of canvas prints divided into categories Children canvas prints, Cities, Forest, Landscapes, Nature, Sports etc.

Our canvas prints are sorted by the type of room, such as kitchens, halls and kids rooms.

Take inspiration from the colour and beauty of nature. From tranquil and contemplative scenes through to vibrant and powerful images, set your mind free and marvel at Mother Nature at her very best.

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Here you will find our complete range of wall murals divided into categories Children’s Wallpaper, Cities, Forest, Landscapes, Nature, Sports etc.

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Bring your walls to life with our nature wall murals. Our carefully curated collection of nature mural images and wallpapers allows you to bring in the comfort and majesty of the natural world into your home. Bamboo, Beach, Landscape, Water and Trees are some of our top categories for nature wall murals. Do not just decorate your walls, create a new atmosphere with nature wall murals!

Sometimes it takes a little digging to know just which interior wall design ideas are the right fit and will last for more than just one season’s fad. To help you find the best interior wall ideas, we’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite interior decorating ideas for walls.

All our wall murals are made from non-woven material and are ordered to measure to fit your wall. Available in standard and premium.

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Most consider the bedroom as their home’s oasis or at least want them to be. However, to create this a special escape from the daily grind takes a bit of cleverness. Gratefully, to give the bedroom a unique look doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking into how to design your bedroom wall, here’s a jumping off point to get you started.

A photo wall is a perfect addition to a common living area, or an extra room like a playroom or loft area. It immediately tells your guests something the minute they walk into the room. Whether its sharing a special family photo or favorite place to visit, a guest can learn a lot about your family, your home, and what you value from a personalized photo wall.

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A waterfall nestled in the tall canyon walls of the Columbia River Gorge Wall Mural

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Here you will find unique and creative canvas prints listed by designer.

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Here you can order a separate do-it-yourself frame for canvas prints.

Here you will find unique and creative wall murals listed by designer.

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If you are puzzled as to how to design a feature wall for your home or office, you’re not alone. With some imagination and willingness to try different techniques, you too can have any room make a memorable impression on family and visitors alike. Whether it is the boardroom, the living room, or your home office, a feature wall doesn’t have to be complicated. Any room can be as individual as people are, just read ahead for some clever ideas.

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Our wall murals are sorted by category, designer, colour and room.

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Nature Bedroom Wallpaper