Modern Wallpapers For Walls

interior wall decoration Modern Wallpapers For Walls

interior wall decoration Modern Wallpapers For Walls

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Translated as in feather strain this beautiful mural creates modern art with the pure simplicity of white feathers on a taupe background. The delicate feathers are magnified and perfectly placed to create a starburst shape bringing a contemporary sophistication to any space.

Wallpaper Roll Width: 20.5”Square Footage per Roll: 30.75square feetOverall Product Weight: 2.5lb.

Modern wallpaper options have evolved drastically over the last few decades, rendering irrelevant the old days of limited motifs and arduous wallpaper application and removal methods. Today’s designer wallpaper options comprise such a great variety of materials, textures, motifs—as well as far easier application processes—that electing to include contemporary wallpaper in your interior design projects is no longer something to be dreaded, but, rather, eagerly anticipated.

With so many choices available in the modern wallpaper category, though, it’s particularly important to think carefully about what you expect your wallpaper to accomplish—in other words, whether you expect it to be the focal point in a room, or one element in a harmonious visual statement. To this end, some basic parameters may help you in your quest to select modern wallpaper designs that inject personality and dimension without overwhelming a room’s other equally important components.

Enjoy the beauty of a chic reclaimed wood wall with this stunning peel and stick wallpaper design that lets you enjoy the look of wallpaper without the time and commitment. Simply peel and stick and watch as your room takes on a new form! Printed on a high performance substrate that won’t damage walls, have fun decorating with this trendy decor option.

Wallpaper Roll Width: 20.5”Square Footage per Roll: 56.4square feetOverall Product Weight: 1.86lb.

Create your own rustic haven with this chic peel and stick wallpaper! Giving walls the look of weathered wood with hints of soft pale color, this authentic looking design is not only beautiful but so easy to install. Printed on a premium peel and stick material that is totally removable and will not damage walls, this perfect solution for refreshing your home saves you both the time and hassle of ordinary wallpaper.

If you’re keen on experimenting with contemporary wallpaper, but still find yourself unable to commit to a specific pattern, consider temporary wallpaper. Every bit as beautiful as traditional wallpaper designs, temporary wallpapers are amongst the cool wallpaper options that don’t necessitate committing to a design that you love, but which you might fear growing tired of in a couple of years.

Materials: Non-woven wallpaper.Heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top-layer and non-woven backing.

Coated in a golden sheen, this abstract wall mural plays with texture beautifully. A string of poppies that flourish from top to bottom turn dreams into reality.

Self-adhesive, and easy to remove, reposition, or replace, temporary modern wallpaper designs can be installed yourself in a matter of hours, providing instant gratification for a fraction of the effort. An extensive range of motifs—floral designs, geometrics, children’s illustrations—make temporary wallpapers perfect for any room, and offer the huge advantage of allowing you to experiment with smaller areas before deciding on a larger wallpaper project.

A particularly bold or colorful designer wallpaper motif might be an ideal choice for a room, but covering just a single wall may create the impact you’re searching for, while swathing an entire a room may be overwhelming. Contemporary interior designers have made the accent wall an interesting visual device, illustrating that a well composed room doesn’t have to involve treating every wall in the identical manner.

The proportion of wallpaper to the other elements in the room should inform in your modern wallpaper selection (and application) in the same way that selecting modern furniture and accessories does.

The threedwall, branches wall panels bring affordable elegance into any room. Made of natural plant fibers, these panels can be used to build visually striking feature walls and wainscots, cover damaged walls or enhance the look of your ceilings. Panels are very easy to trim and paint. Combination of design and color will add a new dimension to any traditional, contemporary or transitional rooms.

Materials: Clay-coated paper.100% of the mill’s short paper fiber is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry for nutrient rich compost or animal bedding.

This wood wallpaper is the perfect way to create the ultimate, stunning feature wall. The palettes create a balanced, intricate and fresh style.

Today’s designer wallpaper options are so innovative and original, they no longer qualify simply as wallpaper, but as large-scale artistic statements. Designs that are hand screened, for instance, make each wallpaper roll wholly unique, so take full advantage of that fact. While you always have the choice of using wallpaper in a subtle way, modern wallpapers also provide the opportunity to make unique and compelling creative statements, blurring the line between design and art.

There’s no doubt that today’s modern wallpaper motifs include designs so striking and beautiful that you may feel compelled to include them in a room. But remember that impact has everything to do with understanding when enough is enough. Using good judgment when deciding how many walls of a room to cover is vital.

Materials: Flavor Paper prints on range of recycled, PVC-FREE, and recycled grounds using environmentally friendly water-based inks.Our made-to-order approach saves energy, facilitates customization, and eliminates excess paper waste.

In additional, all of wallpapers are Class A fire rated per ASTM- E84.

Square Footage per Roll: 32square feetOverall Product Weight: 11.5lb.

Merci Set of 25 Samples Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper (TIN 01 – TIN 08) $26.00

Temporary wallpapers take the fear out of long-term commitments.

More isn’t always better with contemporary wallpaper designs.

Materials: Water activated paste, water strippable for easy removal, Eco-friendly (PVC-free, FSC certified, 10% recycled content, mold and mildew resistant) ultra smooth 54″ wide wallpaper.Printed with water-based, odorless, Greenguard certified latex inks.

Modern Wallpapers For Walls