Modern Wall Decor Yliving

interior wall decoration Modern Wall Decor Yliving

interior wall decoration Modern Wall Decor Yliving

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and definitely should have some modern, personal touches to highlight its vital role in our lives. Begin with a wonderful clock and then fill with decorative candles, vases, centerpieces, eye-catching baskets, engaging artwork and finally a practical yet elegantly designed soap dispenser.

Make your home warm and inviting by adding personality and flare with modern and mid-century modern home accessories. Whether purely decorative, functional or both, modern accents give your interior spaces a unique identity that is only yours. Curated to complement your lifestyle, YLiving offers a selection of modern home decor and accent pieces from high-end décor designers like Alessi, Tom Dixon, Menu, Bosa, and Vitra. Modern, stylish and uncommon, these modern and contemporary decor pieces will enhance your room design and allow you the freedom to create and explore. For any questions about our modern home accents and décor, we have a team of design experts that are ready and waiting to help at (800) 660-4243.

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The living room offers tons of opportunities to incorporate modern décor accessories. Luxurious throw pillows and blankets are a wonderful way to add a pop of color, texture, and warmth by adding them to couches and lounge chairs. Bookshelves, media cabinets, and tables are excellent locations for adding decorative objects, elegantly framed family photos, candles, vases and even flowerpots like the popular Case Study Planter. Finally, round out your modern living room décor by adding a light reflecting mirror, clock, and artwork for the walls.

No longer stuffy and uninviting, the modern office easily comes to life with a just a few key accessories. Simply add a clock, desk organizer, a paperweight, bookends, charging station and a trashcan and you have everything you need for a productive day of work and some thought-provoking visual interest. Kitchen Décor

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Creating A Room That Reflects Your Personality With Modern Décor

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The finishing touch to any interior design, modern décor brings life and personality into a room. Selected to complement the furniture and style of the intended room, modern home accents can be added to walls, shelves, tables, and even sofas and chairs. From soft textiles to elegant sculptures, contemporary decor should reflect your personality, interests, and be something you find visually pleasing.

Cozy, personal and private, the bedroom is the perfect place for decorative pillows and textured throw blankets. The bed offers a large palette and plenty of space for these modern accessories to shine. A practical piece for the nightstand, alarm clocks don’t have to be completely utilitarian. Today, alarm clocks offer sleek and engaging designs. Finally, dressers provide the perfect spot for candle holders, decorative containers, and jewelry boxes or stands.

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Modern home accents are versatile pieces that can be placed in any room. Some accessories, like an alarm clock, may be more suited to a particular room; but that doesn’t mean they are confined to any one space. The most common placements for particular accessories are as follows:

Modern Wall Decor Yliving