Modern Art Prints West Elm Wall Art

interior wall decoration Modern Art Prints West Elm Wall Art

interior wall decoration Modern Art Prints West Elm Wall Art

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Sarah campbell wall art oversized abstract waves
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The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 15 $249

Laura Berman Framed Print – Reconstruction 13 Local $128 – $575

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Strokes 13 $279

Laura Berman Framed Print – Reconstruction 11 Local $128 – $575

Putting art on your walls is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your living space unique and comfortable. Art that reflects your interests, style and aesthetic priorities helps make the bare four walls of your place feel personal, giving you more enjoyment and satisfaction during downtime at home. If you have a modern sensibility and a desire to collect stylish art pieces without breaking the bank in swanky galleries, west elm’s selection of modern art prints is the perfect choice for you. We offer a wide range of framed prints, allowing you to select the themes, shapes, colors and textures that best suit your preferences.

Ultimately, your own unique sensibilities should guide which modern art prints you choose. You can opt to display one print on its own for a restrained approach to decor, or you can group many different prints together for an impressive and engaging gallery wall. Our modern art prints mix well with a variety of other art types, including canvas art, wall sculptures and photography, so don’t hesitate to create a gallery wall that incorporates several different types of art for maximum aesthetic diversity. To make your gallery wall look its best, though, you may want to focus on picking art that matches in some way. Additionally, picking several different sizes and shapes for your gallery wall can help it look more balanced and organized without being too uniform.

Our collection of modern art prints includes a variety of different styles of art made by artists from all over the world. We offer collaborations with creator marketplaces such as Minted in order to bring amazing creations to a wider audience. This translates into greater access to a higher caliber and greater variety of art for you. There are plenty of options to consider, so start looking and see where your art instinct takes you.

PATCH NYC Welcome Embroidered Wall Art Handcrafted $69 Sale  $49.99

The Arts Capsule Framed Print – Ferns 2 – Midnight Blue $329

Ashley Mary Art Limited-Edition Painting – Multi-Colored Handcrafted Local $750

For even more of a representational focus, our typographic modern art prints use words, phrases or letters to provide embellishment. The options in this category range from sweet inspirational slogans to bold, stylized maps. You can enhance and anchor the tone of your room by selecting the prints that work best for your decor style. For a relaxed, inviting bedroom, our lovely handwritten typographic prints can match with some illustrated prints. If you want to create a sleek, modern atmosphere in your living room, you can opt for our angular typography art options and pair those with some geometric abstract prints.

Ashley Mary Art Limited-Edition Painting – Peach Handcrafted Local $500

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Strokes 10 $279

With each brushstroke, artist Laura Gunn plays with color to create a statement-making balance of contrast and harmony. The abstract colorblocking of this piece adds a soft wash of color to rooms or gallery walls. 42″w x 32″h. Printed on canvas. White floater frame. Made in the USA.

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 19 $249

Because our art collection focuses on up-to-date, imaginative works, our selection of modern art prints naturally includes plenty of abstract and non-figurative pieces. From bold colorblocking to expressive, gestural compositions, our abstract art prints cover the spectrum of possibility, allowing you to find a piece or collection of pieces that have the look and feel you want. Whether you prefer clean lines or a bit of messy whimsy, we have prints that can fit the bill. Many of our modern art prints, abstract or otherwise, are available as collections that offer multiple variations on a theme. You can pick your favorite from the collection or bring all of the individual pieces home to create an impressive, cohesive display.

What size of artwork is correct for different kinds of furniture? That’s totally up to your design vision. As a general guideline, however, many interior decorators recommend shooting for art that occupies about two-thirds to three-quarters the size of your furniture. Large art tends to get noticed more than smaller pieces. What if you have a long sofa or sectional and can’t find any art that’s big enough? One idea is to create an art grouping. Two or three similarly-sized photographs feel like a single unit. When it comes to height, it’s customary to hang art at eye-level. That’s usually between 5 and 6 feet from the floor, although you can feel free to place it lower if it feels more natural for the space. That’s often the case in dining rooms.

Where can you position art and photography in a room? Almost anywhere is ideal. One thing to consider is what you want that particular piece to accomplish. Is it a showstopper, your favorite masterpiece? Then, you probably want it somewhere it gets noticed immediately, such as in the center of an accent wall. Above a fireplace is another spot where people tend to look right away when they walk into a room. Other artwork is complementary in nature. Each painting works together to create a harmonious arrangement in the whole room. These vignettes look beautiful on top of console tables, on bookshelves or hanging above furniture.

Scientists aren’t exactly sure why people are so attached to art and music. It doesn’t seem necessary for survival but, at the same time, it’s an inseparable part of life. A single photograph has the power to transport you to another time and place. The colors and textures of a beautiful piece of art touch emotions. It’s no surprise then that, when you want to make a big impact in interior design, artwork is hard to beat. At west elm, we offer stunning photographs and prints that are easy to adore. At the same time, we want to keep the focus on you and your sense of individuality. After all, art and photography are all about expressing yourself creatively. A wide variety of different pieces gives you endlessly customizable decor possibilities.

Siri Knutson Limited-Edition Gold Foil – Composition II Handcrafted Local $450

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 18 $279

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Strokes 9 $249

If you prefer art that is more representational or quirky, the illustrations available in our collection of modern art prints may contain plenty of appealing options for you. From sweet botanical watercolors to pen-and-ink drawings rendered with the careful hand of an expert draftsman, our illustrated modern art prints can look great in any room in your house. You may even find some charming options for a sophisticated kid’s room or nursery that eschews generic pastel cuteness but still retains the fun of childhood.

Pieces is a home design product line created by Brooklyn-based creative agency, An Aesthetic Pursuit. Playing with colors, shapes + materials they create a product that is completely customizable. Crafted and assembled by hand, the Frame Coffee Table is available in smoked glass, terrazzo, marble + granite and always with …

Janelle Gramling Eclipse Wall Hanging New Handcrafted Local $220

Since discovering her passion for stained glass, Janel Foo has been hard at work, creating a collection of pieces that beautifully showcases the craft. The Janel Foo Glassworks Mountain Range Wall Art is inspired by the dreamy mountainscapes of California + features a soft, neutral color palette. Hand-cut and wrapped …

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 14 $249

Laura Berman Framed Print – Reconstruction 14 Local $128 – $575

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 11 $249

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 21 $249

The Arts Capsule Framed Print – Diamond 1 – Burnt Cocoa $329

Large, open areas are a terrific opportunity to add a gallery wall to a room. What’s that? It’s a grouping of art or photographs that contains many different pieces. There are tons of different configurations so that you can improvise a lot. It’s usually easier to start by placing the center photo and then work out from there. Arrangements vary from square to horizontal and everything in-between with as many pieces as you want. They can feature different sizes, colors, frames and styles. You decide what element ties them all together.

Eclectic decor takes this idea of personal expression to its maximum potential. It’s bright, bold and unafraid of making a statement. If that describes your personality pretty well, then this might be the style for you. What kind of photographs and prints fall into the realm of the eclectic? There are virtually no limits. Photographs with slogans, wild color combinations and even things not usually considered artistic are all fair game. The idea is to give people a good idea of who you are and what you stand for. If you’re into fashion, for example, some possibilities might be close-ups of eyes and eye shadow, clothing sketches and abstract art with mirrored and metallic surfaces.

The Arts Capsule Framed Canvas Print – Black + White Stroke 12 $279

Inspired by the physical process of painting, artist Bob Hunt works to highlight the elusive relationship between the medium and the subject. In this piece, he creates an abstract interpretation of a vibrant vista. Printed on watercolor paper (Small) or canvas (Large). Black frame. Made in the USA.

Made of hand-poured metal with brass plating, our Floating Brass Shapes Wall Art is inspired by the graceful, fluid movements of dance. 39″w x 1″d x 45″h. Metal with Brass plating. Hangs vertically or horizontally. Mounting hardware included. Made in India. Your purchase of handcrafted items helps preserve craft traditions …

First and foremost, always follow your instincts. Art is a very personal thing, and everyone experiences it a little differently. What you consider to be energetic or inspiring might be relaxing to someone else – and both of you are right. If you’re passionate about a piece, go for it. That excitement has a big effect when decorating because your enthusiasm shows through in the way you highlight those room accents. This also means that any suggestion that you read about or notice is always open to negotiation, including the ones we offer here. Feel free to put your spin on any style or idea.

Siri Knutson Limited-Edition Gold Foil – Composition IV Handcrafted Local $450

Minted for west elm – And The Color Of My Eyes Has Gone Back Into The Sea $299

With natural, soft touches of pink and prickly textures, this print comes to us from Shannon Kirsten, an artist and photographer from our collaboration with Minted, a community of independent designers and artists. Created in collaboration with Learn more. 26″w x 38″h. Printed on photograph paper. White frame. Made …

Modern Art Prints West Elm Wall Art