Large Wall Canvas Prints

interior wall decoration Large Wall Canvas Prints

interior wall decoration Large Wall Canvas Prints

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Ordering art from Great BIG Canvas is a cinch. All you have to do is select your desired piece(s) of art, add it to your cart, and check out. We’ll take care of everything from there. We offer hundreds of thousands of pieces, so narrowing down your selection may seem a bit overwhelming. No worries! Our team of art consultants and customer service specialists are more than happy to help you select the perfect large wall art for your space.

Dust covers add an elegant finishing touch to your wall art, and are not visible when the canvas is on your wall. Though they’re not required to make your large wall art look amazing, dust covers can increase the longevity of your canvas by eliminating dust buildup in the back frame. Great BIG Canvas offers the option of adding premium dust covers to your canvas.

Custom matting will make your framed prints truly unique. Every piece we offer is available as a framed print. Framed prints look amazing alongside your favorite big canvas art or they make wonderful large wall art on their own. We offer six versatile matting color options, including gold, champagne, and classic black.

Decorative Typography (2) Digital Art (12) Drawings & Illustrations (3) Fine Art (57) Contemporary Fine Art (30) Expressionism (4) Impressionism (8) Modernism (7) Pop Art (3) Renaissance (3) Surrealism (3) Pop Surrealism (2)

Horizontal (69) Vertical (44) Square (5) Panoramic Horizontal (18) Panoramic Vertical (2)

Small | 8″-18″ (118) Medium | 24″-37″ (137) Large | 40″-60″ (135) Oversized | 72″-90″ (20)

Kids Art (23) Kids Animal Art (13) Kids Art Boys (12) Kids Art Girls (12) Kids Astronomy & Space Art (1) Kids Floral & Botanical Art (1) Kids Map Art (3) Kids Nautical & Ocean Life Art (1) Kids Sport Art (1) Kids TV & Movies Art (1)

Industrial Décor (9) Modern Décor (21) Mid-Century Décor (3)

Television (6) Action & Adventure TV (4) Cartoons & Animation TV (4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1)

Celebrities (7) Actors & Actresses (2) Audrey Hepburn (1) Marilyn Monroe (1)

a classic black frame stately gold frame a lovely antique frame a sturdy walnut frame

Great BIG Canvas offers more than 700,000 pieces of large wall art, all custom-made when you order. Our stylish and expansive catalog offers something for every style, room, or space. We’ve outfitted homes, hotels, waiting rooms, corporate spaces, and more with large wall art canvases and framed prints.  

Motivational (18) Beauty (1) Calm (2) Creativity (1) Exploration (1) Faith (1) Family & Parenting (1) Friendship (2) Happiness (1) Hope (1) Inspirational (4) Love (3) Travel (1) Uniqueness (1) Wisdom (2)

Abstract (24) Abstract Expressionism (1) Abstract Floral & Botanical (1) Abstract Graphic Design & Digital (3) Abstract Landscapes (3) Abstract Watercolors (2) Geometric Abstract (4) Abstract Shapes & Patterns (4) Circular Abstract (1)

Sky (9) Night Sky (2) Sunrises & Sunsets (6) Beach Sunsets (1) City Sunsets (1) Cloudy Sunsets (1) Lake & Ocean Sunsets (4)


Great BIG Canvas is the leader in creating big canvas art prints and framed prints for your space.Whether you’re decorating your home or office, we have everything you need to create a stylish space you’ll be proud to show off to guests. Find everything from beloved classic art prints to vibrant modern paintings and photography, all available as large wall art that’s certain to make a bold impression.  

Movie & Television Characters (2) Cookie Monster (1) Holly Golightly (1)

Still Life (4) Television & Movies (6) Movies (4) Action & Adventure Movies (4) Animated Movies (1) Comedy Movies (1) Kids Movies (1)

 Decorating with oversized canvas art and decor may seem like a daunting task. But hanging large wall art canvases, posters, and framed prints may be easier than you think. Each of our framed prints and canvas prints arrive with hanging hardware attached. Hanging hardware may vary based on the type of wall art you order, but each type we offer makes it simple to install your beautiful new wall art.

Ponds (2) Rivers, Creeks & Streams (1) Seasons (20) Autumn (1) Spring (8) Summer (12) Winter (1)

Country (5) Countrysides (1) Villages & Towns (2) Vineyards (2)

People (40) Angels (2) By Profession (4) Artists (1) Custodians & Cleaners (1) Entertainers (1) Musician (1)

Nature (34) Fields, Grasslands & Meadows (3) Forests (3) Gardens & Floral Landscapes (4) Lakes (2) Mist & Fog (1) Nature Close-Ups (8) Floral Close-Ups (4) Mineral & Stone Close-Ups (2) Tree Close-Ups (2)

Education (5) Fantasy & Sci-Fi (4) Dreamscapes (1) Horror (1) Skulls (1)

Pop Culture (9) Prints & Publications (1) Religion & Spirituality (3) Christianity (2)

Groups (1) Portraits (12) Child Portraits (2) Female Portraits (7) Male Portraits (3)

Food & Drink (10) Cafes (1) Drinks (5) Champagne (1) Coffee (1) Liquor (3) Wine (4)

“Our canvas picture came in quickly and was exactly what we expected. The colors are bright and the canvas is the perfect picture for our wall. We’ll be ordering more canvases from the Great Big Canvas in the future.” -kepfeifer via ResellerRatings

Scenic & Landscapes (50) Coastal (5) Beaches (4) Rocky Beaches (1) Sandy Beaches (3)

Multi-panel gallery wrap canvases split your selected piece of art between multiple panels for a stunning oversized canvas art display. Among our most popular options is the triptych, a single piece of art divided into thirds for printing.   

Art Nouveau (3) Decorative (82) Alternative Décor (4) Beach Décor (7) Bohemian Décor (1) Contemporary Décor (43) Country Décor (2) Global Décor (13) American Décor (2) Asian Décor (2) European Décor (9)

Street Art (30) Typography (2) Vintage & Retro (17) Watercolor (21)

Our framing options allow you to make your new large wall art canvas match your existing decor without sacrificing quality. Each frame is handmade when you order so that it can be carefully attached to your large wall art before it is shipped to your home or office.

Poster prints and wall peels offer an affordable alternative to big canvas art, and are perfect for temporary use during events, such as holiday parties. Prints and wall peels are wonderful for smaller spaces, such as dorm rooms and classrooms.  

Banksy New York Collection (6) Coffee Lovers (1) Color Pop Collection (1) iCanvas Exclusives (6) Modern Art Collection (2) Quintessential Americana (2) US Maps (1)

“Great Big Canvas delivered on time, and the product is fantastic, especially considering the cost. I appreciate the poster quality which fit perfectly into the frame I had prepared. If I’m in the market for more wall art, I won’t forget about Great Big Canvas!” -adamjamesrain via ResellerRatings

Bar (4) Bathroom (12) Bedroom (66) Dining Room (6) Dorm Room (4) Entryway & Foyer (15) Gym (2) Hallway (17) Home Theater (1) Kids Room (24) Older Kids Room (2) Teen Room (1) Tween Room (1)

From huge fortress walls to dramatic space scenes the Photowall collection of large canvas prints will add a little drama into your home interior. Whether you want to channel stunningRead more Star Wars scenes or breath-taking skylines from iconic cities around the world, the Photowall prints are designed to create eclectic influence in your home. Bring areas of your room to life and create a wow factor throughout every room. With a maximum size of 500 x 140cm for unframed, and up to 150 x 140cm for framed prints in either landscape or portrait formats these large canvas prints are perfect to create that bold statement you’re looking for. Add the large canvas prints and wall art to your walls and help corners of your home appear brighter or create the focal point in your interior. The incredible Photowall collection of large and extra large canvas prints will make an unforgettable first impression on anyone stepping into your home.

Big Prints & Large Artwork Popular Large Art Categories Trending Types of Oversized Artwork Popular Large Art Categories Best Sellers Street Art Abstract Photography Colorful Accents Vintage Art Fine Art Scenic Floral & Botanical Animals Maps Pop Art Trending Types of Oversized Artwork Triptychs (3-Piece Art) Panoramic Art Sets Custom Art

Colorization options allow every piece of large wall art and photography available from Great BIG Canvas to be printed in its original color, black and white, or sepia. Our colorization opportunities are available at no additional charge and make it easier than ever for you to put together cohesive big canvas art displays. Select a piece of art and preview it in color, black and white or sepia to decide which options will work best.  

Posters and wall peels will not arrive with hanging hardware. Posters can be framed and hung, or can be stuck to the wall using your choice of wall-safe adhesive. Wall peels are the art you love printed on a reusable vinyl with a proprietary adhesive that will stick to your wall without damaging it.  

“I ordered 2 large pieces. They were packaged well, easy to hang (everything you need included) and the quality is wonderful. I couldn’t be happier with them.” webbku via ResellerRatings

Fashion (5) Accessories (4) Eyewear (1) Gloves (1) Hats (1) Umbrellas (2)

Nautical (4) Ocean (11) Seascapes (1) Underwater (1) Waves (3)

North America (3) United States of America (3) New York (2) Utah (1)

We’re available via phone, chat, email, and social media to help you in any way possible. We also offer commercial services for customers with large scale projects. The team at Great BIG Canvas is dedicated to helping you create the perfect space in which to live, work, or play. Contact us with any questions you have regarding your canvas order!  

Floral & Botanical (21) Flowers (12) Daisies (3) Lilies (1) Poppies (4) Sunflowers (1)

“The picture is amazing. It is gorgeous. The quality is excellent. The framing is very professional. Of course the sale price sealed the deal. It looks gorgeous on my wall. Thank you.” -blaze0430 via ResellerRatings

Dogs (11) Boston Terriers (1) Chihuahuas (1) Golden Retrievers (1) Labrador Retrievers (3) Pit Bulls (6) American Pit Bull Terriers (2) Staffordshire Bull Terriers (5)

Custom framing options provide the perfect finishing touch for your art or photography. Choose from one of four framing options:  

Couples (5) Families (1) Fictional Characters (5) Animated & Comic Strip Characters (1) Comic Book Characters (3) Superheroes (3) Batman (2) Superman (1)

Finger Painting (5) Oil Painting (47) Photography (13) Black & White Photography (5) Color Pop Photography (1) Figurative Photography (1) Macro Photography (1) Panoramic Photography (2) Scenic Photography (7)

Architecture (8) Buildings (2) Sculptures & Statues (1) Windows (4)

Bulls (1) Deer (1) Foxes (2) Primates (1) Wild Cats (1) Lions (1)


Urban (9) City Parks (1) Cityscapes (7) Industrial (2) Rivers, Lakes & Waterfronts (1) Skylines (1) Streets (4)

“I love my painting. It’s beautiful, and the quality is excellent! Fast service, too.” -sanderox via ResellerRatings

5by5collective (2) Adam Lister (1) Ali Gulec (1) Anderson Design Group (1) Avery Tillmon (1) Banksy (26) Brian Rubenacker (1) CH Studios (1) Claude Monet (6) Color Bakery (1) Dan Craig (1) Dan Monteavaro (1) Daphne Brissonnet (1) Dean Russo (7) Design Turnpike (1) Diego Tirigall (5) Edward Hopper (1) Elisabeth Fredriksson (1) Franklin Riley (1) Georges Seurat (1) Gregoire “Leon” Guillemin (2) Guido Borelli (1) Gustav Klimt (2) Henri Matisse (1) Hieronymus Bosch (1) Hillary White (2) iCanvas (1) Ines Kouidis (2) Iris Scott (5) J.

D. McFarlan (1) Julian Spencer (3) Katsushika Hokusai (2) Kent Youngstrom (1) Lamai McCartan (1) Leonardo da Vinci (1) Leonetto Cappiello (1) Magda Indigo (1) Marc Allante (8) Megan Duncanson (1) Michael Mullan (1) Michael Tompsett (4) Michelangelo (1) Moises Levy (1) Muhammad Ali Enterprises (1) NASA (1) Nicholas Bell Photography (1) Norman Rockwell (1) Olivia Joy StClaire (1) Pablo Picasso (1) Panoramic Images (3) Piet Mondrian (1) Rembrandt van Rijn (1) Scott Naismith (1) Silvia Vassileva (7) Steve Henderson (2) Sylvie Demers (2) Symposium Design (1) Terry Fan (2) Vincent van Gogh (3) Vinn Wong (1) Wassily Kandinsky (2) Wellington Studio (1)

Decorative Elements (8) Books (1) Clocks (1) Patterns (6) Geometric Patterns (5) Global Patterns (1) Tribal (1)

Hobbies & Lifestyles (1) Home & Hearth (2) Humor (28) Animal Humor (8) Crude Humor (1) Satirical Humor (5) Witty Humor (3)

Nautical Décor (1) Rustic Décor (11) Shabby Chic Décor (9) Southwest Décor (2) Traditional Décor (11)

Large Wall Canvas Prints