Hanging Wall Decor Crate And Barrel

interior wall decoration Hanging Wall Decor Crate And Barrel

interior wall decoration Hanging Wall Decor Crate And Barrel

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Because the bedroom is one of the more private spaces in your home, you have more lenience to experiment with decorative themes, patterns and color schemes. Make a statement and hang one or two big, bold framed prints—placement options include over the bed, over the dresser or by the armchair in the reading nook, if your bedroom has one. You can also fill your wall shelving with special personal display items and mementos. Don’t shy away from absolutely filling your shelving with framed photos of family, friends and pets. Finish the space with a glamorous full-length floor mirror for a touch of luxury.

The things you hang on your walls tell the story of who you are. Leave your walls blank and you’ll feel like you’re living in a hotel. Bring in the right art, photos and wall décor and you’ll have a home with a wonderful sense of culture and personality. Here are some wall décor ideas to help you get started.

Mirrors are a must in any bathroom—if there isn’t room for a floor mirror or full-length mirror, consider hanging a couple of wall mirrors in different sizes and shapes to offer varied perspectives. Mirror wall art functions as both decoration and as a reflective surface for checking appearances. If you’re strapped for wall space but would still like a full-length style, consider an over-the-door mirror.

Unique wall art can transform a plain living room, giving it a cultured, cosmopolitan feel. Choose one or two statement prints or paintings to set the tone for the space, or instead create a cohesive gallery wall with a collection of smaller, subtler art. Giclée prints are high-quality continuous-tone digital recreations of original artistic work, and leave your walls looking luxe and polished. If prints don’t speak to your artistic taste, mix it up with singular sculptural pieces made with natural wood, rustic metals and lustrous glass.

How do you use wall decor in your home? Share your space with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyle.

Filling a large wall space can be intimidating, and one of the easiest wall decoration ideas is to rely on a single large piece to do the job. This can be an original painting or a large-scale fine art photograph–both can be expensive options, so take the time to visit galleries, meet artists and find a work you absolutely love. You could also find a wonderful art print or oversized mirror framed in reclaimed wood or metal. Large pieces like these not only make short work of large walls, they’re also excellent conversation starters and can even lend added drama to a room when they cast shadows at certain times of day. Another tip is to hang similar objects in pairs or triptychs. After all, three prints are better than one when it comes to large walls.

If you love the look of a gallery wall, but would also like to avoid the task of spacing and hanging everything just right, get a similar effect by using floating shelves and picture ledges. These unobtrusive shelves are easy to hang—try grouping two or three on a wall together. They’re great for displaying a mix of framed photos and art alongside interesting items like small plants, carefully curated antique knickknacks, table clocks and stoneware vases.

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Use these wall decorating ideas throughout your home to keep yourself visually engaged in your space every day and to take visitors on a compelling journey through your interests, loves and experiences.

For whatever reason, many people make the mistake of hanging art and décor too high. Gallery owners and museum curators, however, swear by the “60 inches on center” rule. This means that you measure up 60 inches from the ground to find the spot where the center of a piece of art should be on the wall. It works well in many situations, but there are some cases when you may want to alter the height: if you’re shorter than the average person, (try 57 inches on center), if the art work is an unusual size or shape that looks unnatural at that height. If you’re hanging art above a piece of furniture, leave between 3 and 8 inches of space above a sofa or table.

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Complete every room in your home and make the space your own with wall decor, mirror wall art, shelving and more accents.

Make sure to include at least one wall mirror in your entryway. Not only does it allow you and your household one last appearance check before heading out the door, a mirror is also convenient and considerate for guests entering and leaving your home. If you have a small foyer, wall mirrors can also help open the space up and give the illusion that it’s bigger than it truly is. If you don’t have room for a console table or sideboard, skip the entryway furniture and instead use floating shelves to display home accents and framed photos. Pepper in a couple of little botanicals to keep the area fresh.

Find a unique statement piece for your wall with hanging wall decor from Crate and Barrel. From handcrafted wood pieces to modern metal sculpture, you can find a variety of wall decor to suit your style.

Incorporate the softness of candlelight in your living or dining room with large wall candle holders that double as artistic accent pieces. Unique, vintage mirrors also can add beautiful texture and shine above a bed or in an entryway.

One of our favorite living room wall décor ideas is the gallery wall, which is a fun way to fill space while showing off an entire collection of your favorite things. To make a successful gallery wall, it’s important to consider how the different elements will play off one another. There are two ways to approach gallery walls. The first is to gather everything you want to hang and then create a map or plan for how you’ll arrange them before they go on the wall. The other way is to start with a central, dominant piece, hang it in the middle, and then add things around it organically and over time. Whichever method you choose, avoid a boring grid-like pattern by mixing in items of various shapes and textures. An oval mirror, a textile, a clock, historic artifacts, musical instruments—all are great for breaking up the straight lines of square and rectangular framed photos and art.

Hanging Wall Decor Crate And Barrel