Glass Wall Art Glass Artists Gallery

interior wall decoration Glass Wall Art Glass Artists Gallery

interior wall decoration Glass Wall Art Glass Artists Gallery

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The mysterious transformation of raw materials into glass takes place around 2400°F, glass-blowing, which it’s origins date back to 50 BC, is a glass-forming technique that involves inflating the molten glass into a bubble, or parison, with the aid of the blowpipe, or blow tube.

A process known since the Egyptian period of history, Glass casting is the process in which “cast glass” objects, are produced by allowing molten glass to solidify in a mold.

    The finest collection of functional and architectural glass.

Bring a brilliant new dimension to your room by incorporating hand crafted glass art. With pieces that are masterfully crafted by our talented community of artisans, Glass Artists Gallery’s selection of glass sculptures ranges in size and production technique – from glass blowing and glass casting, to kiln-fired slumping and fusing. A collection of our sculptural art glass will instantly create a dramatic focal point in your interior. If you are looking for something more specific, call our Customer Service Team to discuss a custom glass project at 1-877-320-0800.

Functional, versatile, and beautiful glass table accessories have become a designer accessory choice for many homeowners. Our collection of hand crafted tumblers, stemware, glass bowls, platters, candle holders, pitchers, and vases are a stunning focal point of the luxury dining room. Unique glass colors and designs that range from elegant and sophisticated, to fun and energetic are favorites among our happy customers. Pay tribute to your excellent taste in fine dining by displaying works of functional art on your table. Read More >>

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With Glass Artists Gallery lighting fashion fuses with function in our hand-blown glass chandeliers, sconces, shades, free standing lighting, pendants and outdoor lighting. Chandeliers have made a huge comeback, and not just over the dining room table-designers are even incorporating them into canopy beds. Handcrafted glass lighting is now recognized as key accessories, equally important to staging the tone in a room as wall art. Glass Artists Gallery is particularly careful about representing glass designers who understand how to work creatively with advanced lighting technologies while also engineering their pieces to meet UL requirements.

   Wall Art Sculptural Glass Wall Art literally brings a brilliant new dimension to your room. Create a dramatic focal point in your interior with one of the beautiful sculptures shown in our gallery, or allow one of our talented artisans to create a piece in a size and color palette specifically designed for your space.


When the San Francisco Four Seasons Hotel wanted to elicit a sense of wonder and, at the same time, visceral familiarity, they employed an architectural glass sculpture to welcome their guests. The piece, called Sense of Residence, is a stunning array of innovative lighting and glass sculpting based on algorithms naturally occurring in nature. Glass Artists Gallery offers you architectural glass solutions that can become the foundation for your interior design’s lasting impression.

Aquatic Blue Green Lustre Blown Glass Platters Wall Sculpture

“It has been a pleasure dealing with Glass Artists Gallery. The two pieces we acquired are magnificent and are receiving nothing but “WOWs” from everyone who enters our home. It was very easy getting the type of glass art chandelier and sculpture we needed and working with you on colors and size helped us reach decisions that worked perfectly.”

Glass Wall Art Glass Artists Gallery