Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Decals And Wallpaper Wall Art

interior wall decoration Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Decals And Wallpaper Wall Art

interior wall decoration Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Decals And Wallpaper Wall Art

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Well that is a loaded question. First in order to answer this, we need to know what you call “textured”.

Simple Shapes Wall Decals are NOT reusable. As with any vinyl decal product, although you can remove it safely from your wall, most likely it will stretch and tear making it unusable once it’s completely off the wall. If you have managed to get an entire piece of vinyl off the wall in a perfect upstretched condition, please contact us because we want to hire YOU! Simple Shapes Peel and Stick Wallpaper and Wall Stickers on the other hand are reusable to a certain extent. The adhesive is more forgiving so you can peel the sheet off the wall to re-align it during installation. However, please keep in mind that just like any sticker (insert childhood memory here), the more you play around with it, the less “sticky” it will get as it picks up dust from the wall.

All our wall stickers are made from the highest quality vinyl media, with a non-glare ‘matt’ finish.

It means that if you are not happy with our decals we will make sure you are refunded! It means the world to us that you like what we do, so if there are any problems with your purchase just send us an email and we’ll fix it.

Any tips on how I should prepare my wall before installing your Wall Decal, Wall Sticker or Wallpaper?

Absolutely, as long as you pick the Satin Semigloss Decals! The decals can be applied to mirrors, glass surfaces and tiles. Just remember that our decals need to be applied on dry surfaces, therefore do not shower at least 3 hours before applying the decals. Once applied wait at least 3 hours before taking a shower or having an awesome foam party. Avoid using very hot water on the decals as that will make the adhesive soft.

Of course. Everything bought from our shop is eligible for returns within 14 days after you received your package, if you are not happy with your purchase. Contact us and we’ll sort it out in no-time.

You can, but we recommend not to. There is always a risk that the wallpaper will peel off when removing the decal. It is always hard to guess how well the wall paper is attached to the wall in the first place.

Do you include application instructions with your wall stickers?

Use a warm, damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface or window and allow it to completely dry before applying your sticker or decal. Also make sure all previous cleaning solutions are completely gone.

We actually use a mix of different materials. We are specially proud of our Eco Matte Decals that are made of a super thick and high quality self-adhesive wallpaper that we print and cut in shape.

The matt finish helps prevent any shine or glare when the sun is on the wall, which results in a more professional, higher-quality finish (and again, helps give that ‘mural’ effect).

I live in a rented apartment, will your wall decals leave residue when removed?

Once you install our wall decals and/or wallpaper, they will stay on your wall until you are ready to take them down. The adhesive is a removable adhesive that the manufacturer states will be removable for up to 3 years. This means that after three years, the adhesive may be a little harder to remove from the wall without peeling off some paint. Of course by then your wall will probably need a fresh coat of paint to clean up the everyday nicks and chips it has gotten.

During the application process, you can use the transfer film provided to make sure the positioning of your stickers is just right. On regular walls, some repositioning during application should be absolutely fine (try not to press your stickers down firmly on the wall until you’re happy with the positioning to make this process as easy as possible).

It’s a fairly easy process. You just need to prepare and give yourself a little time. See our Wall Decal Installation video here.

Technically not. Our wall decals allow a residue-free removal for up to 2 years. However, be aware that if applied to very old walls or furniture, the paint may peel off upon removal if the paint was already flaky or in poor condition. Always take care to make sure that your wall is suited for decals before installation.

Our stickers are generally provided in what we refer to as ‘kit form’. This means that you would typically apply the sticker in various sections, rather than all in one go. We provide stickers in this way as there are a couple of key advantages: a) since some of our wall stickers are very large, it is much easier to apply them in smaller sections than it would be as one complete image; and b) it allows you to enjoy some flexibility in exactly how you apply them (so, if you have plug points / light switches / items of furniture you need to position the stickers around, it is much easier to do this). Full instructions are always included.

Will your products stick to my Low-Voc or No-Voc Painted walls?

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We proudly make all our products in-house, so we are always very happy to chat about bespoke requests. If you’d like your stickers to be a different size to the options shown on our website (or if you’d like to adjust colours, or even add a personalised element) then please get in touch by emailing us via the contact us page.

Do your wall stickers stick to any surface?What are your stickers made from?Are your wall stickers made in the UK?Can you accommodate a specific design size?How long does delivery take?Are your stickers washable?Are your stickers waterproof?Are your stickers removable?Can your stickers be re-positioned?Can I apply my stickers near heat sources?Can I apply your wall stickers to a newly painted room?Are your wall stickers easy to apply?Do you include application instructions with your wall stickers?Can I get a sample?I need a colour to match an existing scheme exactly, how can I be sure of this?What do you mean when you say that stickers are provided in ‘kit form’?I have a voucher code, how do I redeem it?Do your wall stickers stick to any surface?

Not answered your question? Please visit our contact us page to drop us an e-mail, or call us in the office on 01256 242822 where one of our team will be happy to assist you.

Of course, that would be the best thing ever. Just contact us!

How do I install my Peel and Stick Wallpaper or Oversize Wall Art? Should I hire a wallpaper installer?

The stickers are designed to stay looking good for as long as you’d like in the place you apply them. They are not designed to be removed and repositioned over time, although they are cleanly removable from normal painted walls.

How long should I wait before installing my wall decal or wallpaper?

Easy peasy, just watch this great short video we made on how to install a door decal: watch the door decal video over at the blog.

Please note that some of the new new VOC 0 eggshell paints might contain small amounts of silicone and thus not work very well with anything sticky. You can always test your wall with a simple piece of masking tape, if it sticks then our decals will too.

Here you have everything you ever wanted to know about our lovely wall stickers and decals. If your question isn’t here, drop us a line and we will be super happy to help.

Customer service Reviews Wall Decal Materials Wall Decal FAQ Global Shipping Return Policy

Our decals are perfect for cleansing you home of bad moods and sad vibes. By using a door friend on at least one door of your home, you are guaranteed to experience brief sensations of happiness every time you move from one room to another. We have also had reports of very impressed and happy friends and quests as a result of installing wall decals.

Ah, VOC… no one likes Volatile Organic Compounds which is why these days it may be harder to find VOC paints than low or no VOC paints. When VOC paints first came out there were horror stories of wall decals not sticking to the wall even though it was smooth. However these days, we’ve noticed that our products stick to any wall just as long as it is not painted with a specialty “non-staining” , “stain resistant”, or “stain blocking” paint. If your paints’ selling point is its stain resistance, then that means that stains, stickers, decals and almost everything you can images WILL NOT stick to it. Now that being said, we still get a few (but rare) customers where our decals do not stick well to their walls. In those cases we’ve found that it is a mixture of the wall texture along with the specific paint finish/model/color. We still have ways around this to make our decals work but if you are still not sure then please do ask for a free test decal by clicking here. Please note, we are unable to issue refunds as a result of incompatible paint.

Yes all Simple Shapes Wall Decals, Wall Stickers and Peel and Stick Wallpaper are removable. Our products only use removable self-adhesive, however because all walls are not created (or painted) equally, special care must be taken to prevent paint from being pulled off the wall during removal. For Wall Decals, we suggest that you heat up the decal with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive before pulling it off the wall. Heat as you go. Also, always pull in parallel to the wall (down and away NOT out and away). For Peel and Stick Wallpaper, you can pull the sheets down and off the wall slowly. Take your time for the best results.

If you find your stickers are being stubborn to remove, gently heat up the sticker (with a hair dryer for instance) to soften the adhesive and ease removal.

We typically recommend waiting at least 2 weeks for your newly painted wall to dry. If you live in a very humid area you may need to wait a little more.

Simple Shapes, who are you? What is a Wall Decal? What is Peel and Stick Wallpaper? Can you help me choose the colors for my wall decal or wallpaper?Are your products Removable? Are your products Reusable? Will your products stick to my textured walls? Will your products stick to my Low-Voc or No-Voc Painted walls? I haven’t painted my walls yet, what is the best paint to use? How long should I wait before installing my wall decal or wallpaper? How I should prepare my wall before installing your Wall Decal, Wall Sticker or Wallpaper? How do I install my Wall Decal? How do I install my Peel & Stick Wallpaper or Oversize Wall Art? Do I need a wallpaper installer? What is the lifespan of your wall decals and wallpaper? Can I use your products in my bathroom? Can I use your products as a Kitchen Backsplash? How do I clean your wallpaper? Can I Customize my order? I have a photo or image, can you make this into a Wall Size Art? How much would it cost? I have questions about my order.

 l have questions about shipping.  What is your Exchange and Return Policy?

Any active discount will now be reflected in your order total below. If you receive an error message when entering a coupon code that you believe to be active please contact our customer service team via the contact us page.

Our wall stickers are designed to be stuck to any clean, dry and flat surface e.g. glass, tiles, furniture, mirrors, doors – and of course walls!

Our stickers are splash proof, and perfectly suitable for use in bathrooms. We would not recommend placing them in locations where they will become very wet / fully immersed in water.

We want you to know that we care! When you are unhappy, we are unhappy. That being said, please understand that we work tirelessly to make sure the product we make is of the highest quality. All of our products are Made to Order so we actually make it just for YOU! If you would like to return or exchange any part of your order, please see our Return and Exchange Policy.

I have a photo or image, can you make this into a Wall Size Art? How much would it cost?

If your wall or surface is painted, dry and ready, there are just a few more steps you can take to make for an optimal installation experience. First, take a damp lint free cloth and clean your wall if your paint is old. This will remove any dust. Next wait for it to dry again, maybe an hour or so. In the meantime put your hand on the wall. Is the wall room temperature or is it cold? Wall decals and Wall Stickers do not like cold walls. Wallpaper will be okay, but if you are installing wall decals or stickers, turn up the heat and wait until the walls are not cold to the touch. Finally, wash and dry your hands. Clean and dry hands are the most importing tools you need!

We recommend you leave at least 2-3 weeks prior to applying our wall stickers to a freshly painted wall. Whilst paint may be touch dry within a few hours, the paint requires a lot longer to fully dry-out. Applying our wall stickers during this period may impact their adhesion to the wall.

If you need a custom size or design, send us an email with your request or use our custom orders form here and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. Most of the time we are able to make small adjustments to our current designs to fit our customer’s needs.

The stickers are intentionally very thin, to give the most effective ‘mural’ finish – making the stickers look more like a painted design on the wall than a sticker. Being thin also makes the stickers much harder for curious little fingers to pick at (and they’ve been thoroughly tested by the most determined of little pickers!).

Sure, just allow at least 30 days on newly painted surfaces. It should be completely super dry or bubbles can occur if the paint is still out-gassing. Also make sure all drywall painted or repainted surfaces have been primed in order to avoid unwanted adhesive remains and paint peeling upon removal.

If you’d feel happier seeing a sample of our products before placing an order, then we’ll be happy to send one out. Just send us an email via the contact us page, with details of your name, address, and which product you are interested in.

Come and visit our flagship store and studio at Kirstinkatu 11, Helsinki.Shop opening times: Mon-Fri: 11-18 Sat: Closed Sun: Closed

We do endeavour to show colours as accurately as possible on our website, but unfortunately due to monitors all having slightly different settings, colours may occasionally look slightly different between computers. If the exact shade of colour is important to you (e.g. if you need a product to match something exactly), then we’d suggest that you order a sample (see above). Let us know exactly what you’re thinking of ordering / which colours you particularly want to see, so that we can ensure your sample will help you make your decision 🙂

Our story We are a design studio from Finland that focuses on creative wall graphics for homes and commercial spaces. In our studio in Helsinki we also run a lovely gift shop with inspirational products from small designers and producers around the world.

Yes. Be aware that the use of Made of Sundays wall decals may cause happiness overdose and uncontrollable urge to hug your wall. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate assistance.

Our Satin Semigloss Decals are made of a PVC-free polyester film with a smooth satin coating. These stickers are fully recyclable and safe for indoor use. Besides indoors you can also use them outdoors on smooth surfaces like windows.

If you intend on sealing the wallpaper with a clear coat, by all means backsplash that kitchen! If not, then please understand that our wallpaper is a fabric textured wallpaper. If you rub and clean your backsplash often, you will eventually rub away and wear down the fabric texture. You will eventually see print wear where you wipe. Just like a painted wall, you can only rub it down so much before you see discoloration.

Yes! We’re really proud of being a British business, and manufacturing all our own products here in the UK. It allows us to ensure that product quality always meets the highest of standards, and enables us to be really flexible in terms of helping customers with bespoke and personalised requests. It also means that if you want to discuss anything, you can call our UK offices (01256 242822) and you’ll speak directly to a member of our small team, who will be more than happy to help with any query. Our office is staffed between 8am-5.30pm on weekdays, but we will often respond to emails outside these times as well. We care about our customers and their experience with us, and we hope this comes across in all our dealings with you.

Finally, all of our stickers are exactly die-cut around the design, with no white borders. This makes them totally suitable for any colour wall.

Yes! All our sticker designs come with a general application guide, and for designs where we believe it would be helpful, we also include a design specific application guide. You can also find our general application guide online here.

Absolutely! We know picking colors is not an easy task, so if you are unsure, feel free to email us a photo of your wall and room. One of our design team members will then send you a recommended color scheme. You can also order a color chart to see the actual colored vinyl or order wallpaper swatches to see the actual wallpaper print. If you need a custom colored wallpaper, you can order a wallpaper custom color chart as well.

Installing our Peel and Stick Wallpaper is super easy! You can hire an installer, but we highly recommend you try it. You will gain a sense of accomplishment knowing that you just wallpapered your wall! See our installation video here for tips.

If you are not sure of whether the decal will work in your wall or not, let us know! We will be more than happy to send you a small sample of the material for you to try out. You can also test out your wall with a simple small piece of masking or washi tape. The masking tape has a very low-tack adhesive, and usually works as a good indicator if the decals will stick or not!

I need a colour to match an existing scheme exactly, how can I be sure of this?

I haven’t painted my walls yet, what is the best paint to use?

Our Wall Decals work on all brands of paints. If you asked for a recommendation, we would go with a Benjamin Moore paint in a flat or matte sheen. Just because we almost never have issues with Benjamin Moore Flat and Matte paints.

Wall decals are a quick and easy way to decorate your home without damaging your walls with hooks or paint. Asides from walls, they can be placed to any smooth, not-porous surface; including windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, laptops, etc. It’s the perfect temporary decoration that won’t break your bank account.

Wall decals are a beautiful way to transform your walls into picturesque scenery that complements any room. Wall Decals are made from a thin self-adhesive vinyl that are transferred on to your wall using a transfer paper. Once they are on your wall, they look like a perfectly painted design. Simple Shapes offers self-adhering vinyl wall decals that are thin, durable and easy to apply. You don’t have to be a pro to apply our wall decals but your walls will look like you hired one to redecorate your room! 

Yes! We supply all our wall stickers with a transfer paper which makes it very easy to apply the stickers in your desired position. Please refer to our general application guide for additional information and a video application guide. And if you want to chat any of it through, we’ll always happy to help – just give us a call on 01256 242822.

Please note: if you have Duration paint by Sherwin Williams, you will need to use additional adhesive. Please contact us for more information before purchase.

Our wall decals are meant to be easily removable, so their adhesive is not that strong – thus we do recommend you make sure that the intended surface is even and smooth. We do not recommend to apply them on bumpy, rough or textured walls such as stucco or eggshell painted surfaces. Bumpy walls will create pockets of air in between the sticker and the wall, thus interfere with the sticker adhering. They are also not recommended for brick or non-painted cement surfaces. Made of Sundays is not responsible if graphics applied to a bumpy texture do not stick.

We like to call our Wallpaper, “Easy Wallpaper”. Have you tried installing traditional wallpaper? If you have, it’s probably not easy to forget. Messy and difficult. Did we mention Messy? With the introduction of Simple Shapes Wallpaper, you can forget about those old memories. Our Peel and Stick Wallpaper is EASY. Just Peel and Stick! If you know how to use contact paper, you most likely can handle installing our wallpaper. Simple Shapes Peel and Stick wallpaper is made from a fine polyester weave fabric with an adhesive backing. Compare it to other wallpaper, and you will see how its textured heavyweight material gives off a high end lavish feeling.

Can you help me choose the colors for my wall decal or wallpaper?

We do not recommend you apply your stickers near any sources of heat e.g. directly above a radiator. This is because the heat can affect the adhesion qualities of our stickers.

Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.

Our wall decals and wallpaper can be used in a bathroom but NOT in areas where there will be direct water contact (unless you plan to seal it with a clear coat). While humid conditions are okay, it’s always a good idea to keep a room well ventilated by opening up a window or turning on the fan.

In order to redeem a voucher code you will need to enter your code before going to the checkout. This is done via your basket, which you can access by clicking ‘basket’ in the top right corner when in the shop or by clicking the link here. Once here, scroll down below the items in your basket and enter the code in to the box labelled ‘Coupon code’. Press apply coupon to activate your coupon.

We handle many types of customized orders. In order best address your specific needs, please email us with your request or use our custom orders form here.

What do you mean when you say that stickers are provided in ‘kit form’? 

Frequently asked questions about wall decals Who makes your wall decals and where? I’m so happy you asked! We do 🙂 We print and cut all wall decals in our small studio here in lovely Helsinki, Finland.

You are welcome to visit us any time you like, we would love to see you here. Why would I want to use a wall decal in the first place?

Our wall stickers can be wiped clean with a baby wipe or lightly damp cloth. We however do not recommend aggressive rubbing or use of cleaning chemicals as this may affect the sticker image.

p>All of our Door Friend decals are cut out of a high quality matte PVC-Free Belgian eco-film. 

For light duty wiping and spot cleaning, we recommend using a dry wallpaper cleaning sponge. If you need to buy one, please use the contact us page here. Otherwise for some prints it is okay to use a soft clean cloth with water and LIGHTLY wipe where you need to spot clean. As with cleaning anything around the house, it is always a good idea to spot clean in an inconspicuous area first to see how the print reacts to the cleaning.

Please see the ‘Delivery and Payment’ page for standard delivery details. If you need something delivered more quickly – please let us know, and we’ll advise you on options!

When applying stickers to walls, please note that they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some glossy / silk paints, or ‘special effect’ paints (e.g. light reflecting paints) can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties. If you would like to test our stickers on your wall prior to purchase please drop us an e-mail via the contact us page to request a sample to apply.

Probably No. Something in between? Probably? In all honesty, the fact is that our wall decals, stickers and wallpaper need some surface area to stick to. If there are more pointy bumps and hard ridges than flat areas, then wall decal, stickers or wallpaper may not be the solution for you. One test we like to mention to our prospective customers is to try the masking tape test. Cut out a large piece of masking tape (the beige/tan colored one made out of paper. NOT painters tape) Stick it to your wall. Use your hand to flatten it out. It should look like it is sticking well. Then come back in a day or two and see if it is still stuck to your wall or if the edges are all lifting up. Still not sure? Then go on over to our contact us page and request a free test decal.

Under normal conditions, our wall stickers are cleanly removable from regular painted walls, leaving no residue behind. They have been tested on a variety of walls for cleanly removability as we recognise that this can be a really important consideration when selecting your wall stickers. There are however a number of factors that can affect removability mainly in relation to the existing quality of the paint on the wall) and therefore we recommend that if you are concerned about clean removability, you test a small sample on the application area prior to applying your full design to ensure removability. Again, we are more than happy to supply you with a small sample to enable you to do this.

Our Eco Matte Decals are for indoor use only, but the Satin Semigloss Decals can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Simple Shapes is one of the top Wall Decal, Wall Sticker and Peel and Stick Wallpaper sellers online.  Our team of talented designers and production artists create the most extraordinary designs for homes, offices and retail spaces worldwide.  We design and manufacture all of our products here in Ramsey, New Jersey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Decals And Wallpaper Wall Art