Forget Gallery Walls—This Trend Is About To Be Big Again Mydomaine Wall Art

interior wall decoration Forget Gallery Walls—This Trend Is About To Be Big Again Mydomaine Wall Art

interior wall decoration Forget Gallery Walls—This Trend Is About To Be Big Again Mydomaine Wall Art

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Forget gallery walls this trend is about to be big again
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Forget gallery walls this trend is about to be big again
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Take a glimpse inside the homes of HGTV fans who shared photos of their gallery wall designs on Instagram.

It turns out a single piece of high-impact art can be just as stylish as a perfectly curated gallery wall.

A living wall is an inventive eco-chic twist on the accent wall, as the Clerkenwell Cooperage proves. This wall brings the outdoors in and the entire dining room to life. Because a little bit of greenery goes a long way, and a lot of greenery goes even further.

A loft-style bedroom by designer Diego A. Rincon features a teal wall and mid-century modern furniture pieces.

Gray and white tones dominate this mid-century modern style living room for a clean, sophisticated look. Wooden accents, like the armchair and piece of art leaning against the wall, add warmth and texture.

Vera Wang describes her bedroom as a sanctuary space that sparks her creativity. She tells Fortune, “It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing—at least conceptually, if not literally.” Wang is onto something. If you marry chic design, cuddle-inducing coziness, and creativity, what do you get? A match made in heaven to call home. Aside from the artwork itself, mixing and matching frames of various style traditions will give your room a lot of personality and character. Treat the framing and hanging process as an art project! And the best part about abstract art is that you don’t have to break the bank. As Naím-Burt reminds us, “You can create your own abstract art that looks high-end.” Cha-ching.

15 Gallery Walls From HGTV Fans You’ll Want to Copy Immediately

Tile is definitely in style when it comes to kitchen designs, and when it comes to creating an accent wall for the heart of the home, it’s important to think beyond the backsplash. Extending the tile to the ceiling is a stunning way to give the entire wall texture. Pro tip: Keep the shelf décor minimal if possible to let the accent wall really shine. 

The black-and-white color palette lends a sense of simplicity to this zebra artwork, but its large size makes it impossible to look away.

Walls Republic Tropical Natural Green And White Leaves Wallpaper R4191 $236 $169

Since the foyer is the first area of your home your guests will see, make a good impression by hanging an abstract piece over a traditional console table. If you don’t have a grand entryway, a corner in the opening room would look just as nice. And don’t forget the importance of color. Use a vibrant side chair for an extra pop, or as Naím-Burt notes, “abstracts with large, solid-colored areas are beautiful backdrops for vignettes” for brighter hues and ornate shapes.

Green and white has become a go-to color combination for a fresh kitchen design, and this kitchen wall packs an especially bold tropical punch. Welcome to the jungle.

We can probably all agree that household necessities tend to be eyesores. While we can hide large cleaning appliances in storage and tuck away pesky cords when guests are over, we can’t temporarily move furnaces, air-conditioning units, and other built-in features. If you’ve found a way to do so, by all means, please share them with us! If not, dressing up the surrounding area with handsome furniture, pretty wallpaper, plants, and—you guessed it—a piece of modern abstract wall art will be the only thing you notice.

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Take a look back at our past posts, from entertaining and design trends to up-and-coming HGTV shows.  

Say goodbye to your gallery wall: Scroll for 12 fresh accent wall ideas that make a major style statement.

Luckily, my infatuation with gallery walls is actually starting to dwindle. Lately the rooms that catch my eye have one thing in common — and it’s not a cluster of coordinating frames. Instead, I’m starting to fall for the idea of letting one eye-catching piece of artwork do all the talking. There’s something undeniably cool about this style — just check out the 6 examples below — and I can’t wait to find the perfect piece to hang in my home.

Can you think of any other wall art styling hacks? Please share them with us in the comments! And if you’re looking for some stylish ways to top off the look, check out Framebridge for the most stylish online frames.

While we love the idea of a gallery wall of watercolor portraits and landscape paintings in the hall or a grandiose, large-scale photograph in the dining room, we’re real suckers for modern abstract wall art. If you need some guidance on how to do it yourself, this helpful roundup of expert tips from our hip friends over at Framebridge will do the trick. In fact, you may want to print it out, frame it, and hang it up with the rest of your collection, because “art.” Just kidding. Likewise, if you’ve been spotting a piece you love but want to ensure it’s worth the investment, scroll through our visual examples to see just how gorgeous a new piece can be.

Your Best Ideas: How to Display a Collection Without Looking Like a Hoarder

The lesson to be learned in this kitchen is clear: When life hands you lemons, make an accent wall. Conversational wallpaper patterns make for fun accent wall content, and only covering one wall means you can get away with patterns that have a little bit of quirk or smile factor.

Woven wall hangings are becoming increasingly more popular, and this brightly colored version perfectly accents the vibrant room in which it hangs.

Oversized doesn’t always equal loud, as this serene-yet-statement-making piece proves.

“Richard has an affinity for water,” homeowner Lynielle Long says. “And we both like being outside.” As a result, much of the artwork they gravitate toward has environmental themes, such as the giclée of a tranquil stream above the console. Lynielle replaced two small table lamps that obscured the artwork with one large floor lamp, which anchors the space.

Mar 31, 2017Forget Gallery Walls—This Trend Is About to Be Big Again

PinterestPhoto: Patrick Cline; DESIGN: danielle colding design, inc.

In this bedroom, the all-white palette is given contemporary crispness with accents of black and turquoise blue.

Heath Ceramics Made-to-Order 4×4” Classic Field Tile in Layered Glaze LM1 $39

The best statement piece in any home is, of course, the art you make yourself. In this modern, masculine living room, designer Leanne Ford and client Erik Lang were inspired by an art piece by Jonas Bergkvist to create a black-and-white accent wall design. Consider it the ultimate conversation starter for your living room.

Think about how accent walls can fit into your own design goals. Looking to de-clutter your décor with a less-is-more approach? Use an accent wall to replace the need for art or other hangings. Interested in adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space? Paint an accent wall in your favorite shade. Want to spice things up with a pattern without committing to an entire room? Pick an accent wall to paper. Regardless of your aesthetic, an accent wall is the perfect way to add personality and chic factor to a space with small square footage.

Art with a 3D element may seem like it could overpower your space, but it actually creates a stunning look, as long as it’s the singular statement piece in the room.

Get creative and inexpensive ways to transform old windows into chic and functional home decor.

Have a Big Space to Fill on Your Wall? 7 DIY Art Projects to Try

I’ve got a major wall crush on this mudroom. The soft gradient color wallpaper is a perfect way to adorn a front door with a spectrum of optimistic color to put you in a good mood as you head out for the day or as you come home for the night.

Don’t confuse a collection for clutter. When displayed the right way, the things you love can make an artful statement in your home.

So you went to your favorite gallery and found the piece of your dreams (personally, scoring a deal on eBay is more likely), but you’re not sure how to display your new modern abstract wall art. We can’t think of anything that goes better together than beautiful, innovative artwork and a well-decorated space—emphasis on the latter. The last thing you’d want is to undermine any art’s beauty by hanging it crookedly in a drab living room environment. That being said, the right piece can exponentially elevate a lackluster room. They’ve got the power, indeed.

To add interest to a bedroom, it’s hard to beat a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant color. Paired with sleek lighting and nightstand tables, the turquoise shade on this accent wall gives this bedroom a bold splash of color that doubles as a visual headboard. 

When someone mentions accent wall ideas, I can’t help but flash back to my early 20s (longer ago than I care to admit…). Those first and second apartments where I was desperate to make the space temporarily my own with a small budget and a paintbrush. But just like me, accent walls have come a long way over the years. In fact, there is a multitude of fresh, new accent wall ideas that are completely worthy of your weekly #wallcrush. Who doesn’t love a good accent?

While we like to avoid situations that turn the dining room table into screenplay material, there’s one kind of drama that it is suitable for: high-impact wall art. If you set the table with minimalistic pieces and classic staples, decorate the walls with abstract paintings. Consider playing with proportion, too. We tend to think the larger and bolder the piece, the more visually dramatic it will be. Framebridge’s Claudia Naím-Burt stresses two words to communicate the results of well-styled abstract art: “sophistication and visual interest.” Who wouldn’t want those attributes?

Struggling with how to spice up the design of a plain room? Atlanta designer Melanie Millner explains how art can show you how to take a blank canvas and turn it into your favorite space in your home.

I’m not one to be seduced by an accent, but this paneled mirror accent wall (and fireplace) is simply irresistible. This wall exemplifies how simple, minimal, and chic a room can be with a statement accent wall that does all the talking.

As you probably already know, we love bar carts for their ample styling benefits. But we didn’t know their style solutions extended beyond their surfaces. Put the finishing touches on your living room by hanging a colorful piece of art behind your drink station. This will create a vibe that’s both homey and well thought-out. If you don’t have a piece of abstract art lying around but want to bring and color and do have a kid somewhere in the house, Naím-Burt will let you in on a little secret: “Kids’ art styled the right way can feel like real abstract work; mixing abstract and figural pieces adds interest.” Or bring out the paints and spend an afternoon creating your own.

In large rooms, pay close attention to the shape, size and scale of any featured artwork. When small subjects are placed across a generously sized room, they lose their impact and appear more as visual clutter than a focal point. Here, in the multipurpose workspace located off the kitchen, an oversized fiberglass Trojan horse grounds the space and creates a focal point from across the great room.

Turn your figurine collection and high school instrument into works of art with these 3-D installation ideas.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve completely failed in my quest to craft my dream gallery wall. For months, I’ve left my collection of frames hidden under my bed, with no art to fill them, and no plans to actually hang them up any time soon. And to make matters worse, I haven’t even decided which room should play host to the gallery wall. 

Frustrated with a big, empty space on your wall? Try these easy and creative DIY art projects to take an empty wall from drab to fab.

>What sets this accent wall apart? First, the dramatic, romantic blooms paint an artistic tone. Second, the way the dark wallpaper meets the staircase creates instant contrast that cuts the room along a diagonal line. Third, did I mention the romantic blooms?

When it comes to pattern, you can’t go wrong with black and white, and you can’t go wrong with stripes. A striped accent wall makes a great backdrop for linens and throws that mix together patterns within a tight, focused color palette.

Pairing a large piece of artwork with a low bed is a stylish alternative to a higher headboard.

Get to know the talented writers and editors of HGTV’s show and design blog. 

This cool contemporary living room is perfect for lounging around, relaxing or even entertaining guests. The vibrant colors give it a lively feel no matter the occasion.

Jan 6, 2017This Is How Cool People Display Their Modern Abstract Wall Art

If you’re apprehensive about hanging such a big piece of art, simply leaning it against the wall is the perfect alternative. The look is equal parts low-key and high-impact.

Champagne. Geometric. Metallic. These are the colors, schemes, and finishes that dreams are made of, so why not combine them into the wall above your bed? This bedroom combination is a masterful take on modern glam. 

PinterestPhoto: Amy Bartlam; STYLING: Squarefoot Interior Design

Few stones make more of a statement than marble. In this entryway, the accent wall sets a chic tone for all who step inside; the marble wallpaper adds an element of smooth texture without taking away from the brightness of white walls.

Forget Gallery Walls—This Trend Is About To Be Big Again Mydomaine Wall Art