Decorative Painting Modern Masters Cafe Blog Wall Art

interior wall decoration Decorative Painting Modern Masters Cafe Blog Wall Art

interior wall decoration Decorative Painting Modern Masters Cafe Blog Wall Art

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Lustre and shimmer with modern masters metallic plaster step by step how to wall finish
Patina pattern on letters tutorial how to by ali kay featured on the
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Modern masters iron reactive paint being added to a folding screen rust patina finish how
Metal panel bird art with modern masters metal effects patinas
Agate design on wall with modern masters venetian plaster project by caroline lizarraga inspired
Iridescent wall paint professional decorative metallic pertaining to blue for walls idea 3

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We both agreed that it is this: Do not be afraid to experiment! When you see a finish, or a pattern, or a color that either you or your client likes, dissect it in your mind and figure out how to replicate it. Use unconventional methods  and applications, and most of the time you will end up surprising yourself. We did this once on a project where a designer for a restaurant wanted molding to be painted to exactly match the counters and tabletops that were a solid surface. It took several tries, but we eventually got it perfect, and the client was delighted.

We would absolutely stop in our tracks when seeing the patina on this large fish tank with our Metal Effects. Stunning result!

Roll on the Copper Metallic Paint (or your desired Metallic Paint color). Be sure to leave open spaces, in order to get a two-tone effect. Blot any excess paint areas with the cloth, if necessary. Let dry.

Two: Practice, practice practice. You can only improve by doing. For the first years, I researched and painted every single day, constantly trying to improve my skills. You can’t always do it right the first time.

And making a mistake is a good lesson if you learn from it.

You can also mix and match several Metallic Paint colors! Here, Sage, Rose, and Lilac Metallic Paint were blended into one another with the Rabat Letter Stencil. Super pretty!

I was planning to do 2 or even 3 coats of the Silver Metallic Paint, but, magically, one coat was perfect. Let dry hard. I left it overnight.

What was your most memorable, challenging, and/or rewarding project?

• Copper Matte Metallic (or your chosen Matte Metallic color)

We think a little girl is happy! Carmen Benoit of Carmen Illustrates created this spectacular Pucci-scarf inspired pattern for a budding teen fashionista. Gold and Silver Metallic Paint swirl playfully along with pinks, whites and fuschias to create a beautiful explosion of color and pattern!


Architectural drawings are painted over a custom plum Venetian Plaster on bath walls.

  Neutral and still so Wow! This elegant feature wall by artist Caroline Lizarraga incorporates our metallic paints for this striae effect, giving the look of luxurious silk. It looks a bit like a waterfall, doesn’t it? “Watery” effects in interior design will be BIG in 2014 so this is one finish to watch. Be sure not to miss more of Caroline’s incredible decorative painting projects.

large stencil brush, painters tape, paper towels, containers and a palette

But, around here, we just might have a kitty curl up in this pretty tray, and call it home.

Stencil patterns can easily create DIY art and our Metallic Paints can add so much interest to your creations. On canvas board (available from any craft store), Pale Gold Metallic Paint was used to stencil in both the Script Alphabet Letters and Deer Head Stencil

Roll or brush on two coats of the Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint, according to dry times on the container.

These kitchen cabinets were transformed with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint and topcoated for durability. Kelly did the laundry room with the same cabinet finish!

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I was introduced to Modern Masters fifteen years ago when a fellow faux finisher (say that 5 times fast) asked me to help him with a large job faux finishing an entire 15,000 square foot home. We glazed a two and half story great room with the Tintable Scumble Glaze and I was hooked. The drying time was longer than any other glaze that I tried and there were absolutely no overlapping lines. I now use it on all my faux projects from large rooms to small accent pieces of furniture. Plus clients love that I custom tint, giving them a one-of-a kind project!

Molding and trim are areas that add style and architectural interest to a home. They are an important detail! Picking the right color or decorative finish for a wall and ceiling can be fun – and now there’s the perfect chance to frame your choices beautifully with the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters. We thought we’d share a few exciting project ideas with you!

Cynthia Weber used a mix of our Matte Metallics in Warm Silver, Champagne, and a touch of Brass for the finish on large, curved crown molding in a traditional home. Makes a wonderful difference!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the incredible work of artist Jeff Monsein and his team! Make sure you follow Splat Paint on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their latest projects. Many thanks to Jeff Monsein for taking the time to chat with us and share his incredible projects. Stay inspired, friends!

The trim in this modern master bath was painted with Steel Gray Metallic Paint and other custom tinted Metallic Paints.

• Painters Tape, small flat paint brush, rags, 220-grit sandpaper

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This DIY Starry Vases project is easy and especially fun to do with kids. It looks great in the daytime and as the night falls, artist Debbie Hayes even repurposed her Christmas lights to keep the holiday shimmer bright.

The only glitch was our copper finish looked so real that the designer asked if I would create a postcard to place on counter that said “This is NOT real copper”! No one believed it was paint!

One: it’s only paint. Don’t be afraid to try something. If it doesn’t work, you can always repaint it.

Recently, I have added many new modern samples to my portfolio. Many use my favorite Modern Masters products such as the Venetian Plaster. With the help of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster, I am able to go beyond the characteristic old world look and manipulate the plaster into more modern, cutting edge samples. Recently, I have created samples resembling the look and feel of a charcoal colored elephant ivory texture, one that mimics the look and feel of grasscloth, and one that will make your wall pop with embossed pattern. The Modern Master range and depth of color that can be easily achieved has had me loyal to this product for a good 15 years.

Modern Masters recently introduced Metal Effects Kits in Rust, Green and Blue Patinas, available online at I’m willing to bet you have been drooling over projects you have seen using the Metal Effects products, and now the ability to purchase a kit with everything you need at your fingertips makes jumping into a project super simple and easy.

Dying to give it a try? Here’s how I achieved the look, including painting a green base coat over the white wall. You can skip this step if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.

Modern Masters products can be found via local retailers across the US and the Modern Masters online shopping site.

Sylvia says, “Chinoiserie is making a comeback in the decorative arts due to its classic and timeless beauty. It is an European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions and it first began appearing in Europe in the 17th century. Now, it is traditionally hand painted wallpaper, which can be cost prohibitive. On this project, there is great depth and a soft glow in this particular space without being too overpowering. Moreover, the cost was less than half per square yard versus wallpaper. The handpainted design ensures a permanent lifespan of the mural that can be easily touched up and maintained, which can be difficult with wallpaper.”

A sampling of the decorative paint finishes during the construction and renovation of a modern castle project in California.

Sometimes, I sleep on a project after it is completed, and decide to do just “one more thing.” So I am guessing you have done it before too, right? So I got out the Silver Metallic Paint, and a small, stiff artist brush and very quickly dry-brushed some paint on all of the raised leaves, flowers and stems. No kidding, this took about 15 minutes.

The key to this project was timing. The Primer has an overnight drying time and the other products all require two coats, with re-coat times to pay attention to.

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Basically, it is fairly easy, and quite stunning, don’t you think?

Next, a plain dresser was completely transformed! Using a tan base, three colors of Metallic Paints, Snowflake, Tequila Gold, Lilac, and Rose, were blended into each other to create a faux fantasy wood grain finish. We suggest adding our Extender for Rolling to give more open time for easy blending. Once you have the look you desire, let dry. The hardware was taken off and finished in the same manner for a seamless look when complete.

Pretty ornamental vines climb up the walls and shimmer enticingly with our Metallic Paints.

Put some Metallic Plaster in the roller pan. Use the sponge roller to roll on the plaster. This is completely different than rolling paint. The goal is to create random texture that is not flat or 100% filled in. Use short strokes about 8″ long, turning the roller with every stroke. Aim for about 90% coverage of the surface. Roll about 1 1/2 square feet at a time.

From modern to traditional and everything in between, she tackles various design styles easily and with panache! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the incredible artistry of Chris Vaught Studios and we thank her for sharing her Modern Masters projects with us. Please be sure to follow her studio on Facebook and Instagram as she continues to share her many beautiful projects.

Earlier this year I posted about using Modern Masters Metallic Paints on outdoor garden accents, and on a tone-on-tone finish on a focus wall in our hall bathroom. I admit that I am now addicted to these creamy, full-bodied water-based paints that come in an amazing array of to-die-for colors.

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I love working with the Metallic Plasters and the Metallic Paint Collection. Statuary Bronze is one of my favorite colors, which I have in my own home. I use rollers for texture along with wall paper brushes, cut trowels, and many other fun tools. Adding foils and the Glass Bead Gel, which I often add glitter into, can turn any room into a show stopping space to experience.

“Meeting the people I have met along the way is one of the best parts of my career”, she continues. “I can’t describe the joy I get out of doing my job well, but also creating my business around developing relationships with my clients. Many are actually sorry to see us go when a project is completed, as we are to leave! The people that are working for me are part of my joy and laughter is a big part of our days. My life is enriched by my job. I consider that an extreme blessing.” Her love for her art shows through and through – as you’ll see in her projects!

A hand-painted linen finish was created on a focal wall with Pale Gold Metallic Paint, creating a textured look that is very chic and modern. The artistry is by Ariana Hoffman.

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First, I lightly sanded the sheen on the tray with 220-grit sandpaper, then painted 2 coats of Florence Chalk Paint®, which needs no priming. After it was dry, I taped off the edges of the flat bottom area. Then I cut in the Copper Matte Metallic Paint around the edges. This color is a bit sheer, so I let the edges dry and cut in once more to build up the color.

Artistic drawings look amazing over several colored layers of Venetian Plaster.

What do you think? How do you like my new crusty masterpiece hung on top of our silver leaf wall? Stay tuned as in February I will be posting my wall finish project using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Then I will reveal the final look in our master bedroom.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Metallic Paints, Architectural Textures, Theme Paints, Blacklight Paints, Glazes, Varnishes, Crackles

This is an absolutely lovely stenciled wall inset to compliment a neutral and timeless dining room design. Staten Island, NY decorative artist Christina Adiutoric of Brush Strokes created this finish with the Classic Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio and our Metallic Paints. So pretty! Instagram: @brushstrokess

Most of our client projects have been dream projects. Any time a new client hires us and allows us to create beautiful and unique decorative finishes just for them is a dream project! It’s what keeps us motivated for the next one!

Artists Timothy Innamorator and Jair Medina working on the design. The scaffolding reaches 35′ in height!

Debbie shares, “I love how Fifi, Mark, and Elyse captured our BOHO home style and decorating personalities. Our home and décor evolves almost daily due to the wonderful products by Modern Masters. They offer so many choices of texture, colors, metallics and more, that get all of the looks I need on all types of surfaces, large, small, indoors, outdoors.” Thank you, Debbie – and congratulations for the well-deserved feature! Our appreciation also goes out to Fifi O’Neill, Mark Lohman, and BOHO Style for the use of their images.

Patricia’s client wanted a contemporary look that was coupled with her love of a warm, rustic kitchen. Patricia used our Metallic Paint Collection in bronze and copper colors to highlight the gorgeous kitchen cabinetry and range hood details. What a transformation! The beautiful images are by Mary Powell Photography.

Any public space. My tag line is “Follow me paint the town. Literally!” and I love working in public spaces like restaurants, schools, hospitals and anyplace where art can be appreciated by those who might not be able to have my painting in their own homes. I feel everyone should be exposed to art. I’m always eager to volunteer my talents for charity events and fundraisers. My dream would be a part of a whole house makeover for a deserving family or child.

If you’d like to accent a small area of a feature wall, stenciling is the perfect way to go!  This lovely laundry room was stenciled by My Sister & I with both our Champagne and Warm Silver metallic paints! We think the scale and pattern are perfect for the space!

The Metallic Paint Collection is the best that I have worked with. The colors are amazing and the product is so easy to use. I’m either using it full strength, blending the colors together to create a new color, adding it into glazes.

We first featured the work of Arizona-based Carmen Benoit while doing a feature on children’s rooms and have avidly followed her creative work since then. We’re very excited to feature her artistry in our Modern Mastery series for you to enjoy.

Before (top) and After (bottom) This dining room features a French Rococo style pastoral scene mural. It adds an incredible amount of interest, as you can see by the before pic. There is a strié effect on the wainscoting and the crown molding using Oyster Metallic Paint.

“We love the fact that the metallics show the brush strokes, and often we use that to our advantage, as with this effect,” THEY BOTH share. The pearly metallic blends perfectly with the silk draperies and elevates the space.

As to the mural? “We protect our murals with Dead Flat Varnish.”

I used a wall-size stencil, so to get started, I positioned the center of the stencil at the center of the top panel, then let the design go from there. Since I had not sealed the rust finish, I did need to change the tape often, because the rust stuck to the tape a bit.

Make your Independence Day one for the stars with the help of our Fourth of July DIY projects! Using key colors from our Metallic Paint Collection, artists Mary Childs and Debbie Hayes share two projects that’ll help sparkle both your day and evening events!

I was first drawn to the Modern Masters line through the rich colors offered in the Metallic Paint Collection and then slowly started incorporating their other products. Their Venetian Plaster is a staple product that I go to often for the traditional finish.

. .its thick body works great for dimensional stencil effects and when thinned with about 15 – 20% water and brushed on furniture, it creates a really nice chalky refined finish. I also love using the Venetian Plaster as a base for mural work or fine painting as the acrylic pigment soaks so beautifully into the plaster as opposed to sitting on the surface giving it a nice authentic feel to the artwork.

The other product I find using on a regular basis is their Wall Glazing Cream. It has a wonderful consistency and is not sticky at all which I have experienced with other glaze mediums and has a nice open time.

I use it on walls finishes, for thinning my metallic colors, furniture, or anything I just want to build with nice, thin layers.

We love how every new client is her ‘dream project’ – what a great appreciation for each of her commissions! Kelly has over 30 years of construction experience and a general contractor’s license in the state of California, as well as an experienced full service Interior Designer on staff at Layers of Color. Her expertise shows in her unique and beautiful finishes with our products. Be sure to visit her Facebook page and Instagram account as she shares many of her current projects frequently. Don’t forget to pin and share these lovely Modern Masters projects, too!

Before (top) and After (bottom) The pics showcase the Before & After of a Theater Room entry. “Our studio fabricated and installed everything, including the lighted sign. All of the moldings as well as the ceiling are layered with Tequila Gold and Pale Gold Metallic Paints.

The harlequin panels are glazed in Pale Gold as well. The theater sign is painted with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint as well as having accents of the two golds.”

The best way to update a mirror and elevate its look is by using metallics. Edith & Evelyn Vintage painted their Pier Mirror thrift find with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint. Beautiful!

Drop cloth, sea sponge, wet rag, painters tape, color shaper tool, paint brushes, scissors

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Now, at this point, for most projects, you will definitely want to seal using the Permacoat Xtreme topcoat, made specificically for the Rust Patina Finish. Since this screen is not going to be handled at all, I decided to leave it as is.

Elan shares, “I began this journey in the theatre. As an aspiring actress, I started painting scenery for extra cash, and soon found that I was making a lot more money painting than acting. I also came to enjoy people phoning me, asking if I was available, instead of continually knocking on doors, hoping and hoping for an opportunity to practice my craft. While in New York, I found my way into interior decorative painting, and never looked back.

I worked on my studio table top covered with a heavy drop cloth with no kitties (or little ones) around. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each label that include info like having proper ventilation. Be aware that the spray mist can travel and may stain, so cover anything precious.

Artist Ali Kay shared a Pattern and Patina Letters How-to with Metal Effects and the results make for a Home Sweet Home.

We discovered the lovely work of decorative painter Kelly Peterson on Facebook. She was sharing several of her Modern Masters projects during a viral one-week showcase by decorative artists and we contacted her immediately to learn more. We’re happy to present her varied works with our products and talk about her studio, Layers of Color.

Bella Tucker needed a glam powder bath update and created a jewel box of a room! Using our Matte Metallics, they stenciled a rose inspired allover wall pattern with pearl and gold tones on the walls for a beautiful wallpaper look without the price tag.

Artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint used the rich and dark English Brown Metallic Paint to paint and enhance the window casings, doors, and door casings of Mirasol in Tampa, FL. What a difference from plain white!

ShimmerStone was troweled on the wall for a lush lustre and the armoire and chinoiserie artwork on the panels were handpainted with various colors from the Metallic Paint Collection.

I hope you’ll give Metallic Plaster a try. If you are new to plaster, it can give your home a classy new look that you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest and in magazines. Plus you can brag that you did it yourself!

A beautifully designed nursery by Amie features loose and soft metallic stripes on the ceiling and a subtle glaze on the dresser and changing table.

OK, put on your sweatshirt, woolen hat and mittens and trek to the attic or basement to unearth something to practice on. To get a more dramatic effect, choose something with pattern and depth like this metal wall art. Mine is like a section from a century old tin store ceiling and I’m betting you have something similar. Give it a good cleaning with soap and water and wipe dry.

A luxe, white crocodile finish is created by Caroline with our Venetian Plaster.

What stunning artistry! The mural has an elegant drama to it and creates incredible interest, all while connecting the dining room and adjacent stairwell. Sylvia concludes, “It was a pleasure to work with the designer and owner to capture the imagery, color, and overall feel of what was important to them. Modern Masters are “go-to” top quality products for me that helped produce the texture, feel, and depth that I desired in the mural.” Be sure to follow Sylvia’s artistic projects over on Instagram and if you’d like to read more on this project, head over to her blog. Thank you so much, Sylvia, for sharing your incredible project with us. If you’d like to find your local Modern Masters retailer, head to our Where To Buy page to find the products that will inspire your next project!

A hand-applied and finished metallic STRATA Wallcovering for an entry ceiling compliments the light fixture and artworks perfectly. The incredible interior design is by Candace Barnes and the photography is by Christopher Stark Photo.

She soon started hiring employees as she found that a team made it much more fun to do all the work! She learned quite a bit running a crew and team recommendations became invaluable whenever they hit a snag in a project. She explains, “Most of this information is still used by us almost every day. I teach my team everything we have learned along the way, from the basics of a work station, the importance of prep work, and application to tear down, clean up and pack up. We have been called a very efficient group, like wheels in the cog. Only thing is our cog comes with fluff!”.

Beautiful and contemporary STRATA Wallcovering from Elan’s studio was used for a stunning hallway. Photography by Margot Hartford.

So back up to the attic to forage for more forgotten treasure. Voila! This very heavy, very boring, very dusty, large tray.

Did you enjoy these outdoor design and decor ideas? With the warm weather in full swing, it’s the best time to enjoy an outdoor that you helped create yourself with the help of Modern Masters. Enjoy!

Cutting Edge Stencils updated a painted modern black dresser and gave it Art Decor flair with their Lexington Craft Stencil and our Pale Gold Metallic Paint. Be sure to check out our recent painted and stenciled nursery collaboration.

A stylish and upscale swirled ceiling finish was created by Elan for a refined wine cellar with Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. The interior design is by Jane Richardson Mack.

As always, we are still on the lookout for projects to incorporate into our fresh exterior décor. I spied this boring and bland empty planter just screaming, “paint me.” Since I have worked with Modern Masters for quite some time now, ideas quickly come to mind, and a fast look-see in my studio turned up the oh-so-versatile Texture Effects, Metal Effects, Metallic Paint, and a large stencil.

This alligator hide wall finish has a raised pattern glazed with Silver Metallic Paint

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 8 painted furniture projects and are inspired by them. If you’d like to see more painted furniture pieces with our products, head over to our Furniture board on Pinterest. Find our products in your local shops by searching our Retailer Locator. Don’t forget to share your projects with us by tagging us on your favorite social site!

Both our Metal Effects Rust Finish as well as Olympic Gold and Copper Metallic Paint add interest to a painted bench. The finish by Gray Gardens Design looks stunning against the bohemian pillows made with pieces from a Turkish kilim rug.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at the talented works of Heather Jozak and her studio. She has such a versatile range of talent and artistry on applied surfaces! Please take a look at her website, Heather Jozak Studios, to see more of her projects and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, too. Many thanks to Heather for sharing her artistry with us. Have an inspired week!

I skipped some areas just to see what would happen. Here it is when dry.

I took two separate week-long Modern Masters training workshops, which really helped to spiral my business to new heights. There is always more to learn and I keep myself involved with continuing education in this art field.

Bathrooms are a wonderful space to play with color and design. Here, the Decorative and Faux Finishes studio used a mix of Champagne and Warm Silver Metallic Paint to achieve the perfect shade for the crown molding and trim.

• Optional: Florence Chalk Paint®, or any water-based paint color

We hope you’ve enjoyed the bold and beautiful decorative wall finishes by Tracy Wade Design using several of our Modern Masters product lines. It’s a pleasure to see her work using the glitz of our Glass Bead Gel, the shimmer of the Metallic Paint Collection, and the versatility of our ShimmerStone and both our Metallic and Venetian Plaster. Keep a look out for our next entry in our Modern Mastery series as we share more extraordinary decorative painting artists and projects with you!

When I discovered this extremely heavy wooden folding screen at a shop that was closing, I could just visualize potential. At the time, I had no earthly idea what I would conjure up.

Warm Silver Metallic Paint helped update a chair with a shimmery, glam makeover.

Caroline’s clients wanted a beautiful way to preserve memories of their travels and important moments. She embedded drawings, postcards and other designs within a buttery, textured Venetian Plaster finish.

Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti. Photographed by Andrew Miller Photography of Wicklow, Ireland.

Creating faux finishes over our Metallic Paints also creates a stunning look. Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations used a cissing process over our Metallic Paints for an elegantly aged look on a nightstand. It’s a classic and oh-so-modern finish.

Since the stencil has an allover pattern, you can continue to add and expand your DIY mural. Here, it was doubled up to create a beautiful scene for behind the crib.

Artist Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky has created many beautiful DIY projects for us at Modern Masters and we are so pleased to see her home featured in the Summer 2018 issue of BOHO Style by Country Sampler!

Metallic Paint and Metallic Plasters were combined to create a unique wall finish and focal point in a master bedroom.

Chinoiserie is a gorgeous art that always seems to be on trend. We recently spied master artist Sylvia Thompson, of Sylvia T. Designs, sharing an intriguing Chinoiserie mural commission on her Instagram and we followed its progress faithfully. We’ve previously featured Sylvia on our Modern Mastery series and jumped at the opportunity to feature another one of her gorgeous projects created with the help of several Modern Masters products.

We discovered the amazing projects of Atlanta-based decorative artist Patricia Presto on Facebook and have been following her projects ever since! She has a beautiful eye for color and pairs gorgeous treatments with the right surface – and has the happy clients to prove it! We were thrilled when she agreed to be on our Modern Mastery series and are so happy to share some of her Modern Masters projects with you!

One of the small pleasures of the warm weather seasons is enjoying the outdoors and our gardens. We also enjoy seeing creative Modern Masters projects that are made to enhance our outdoor time and that can be made easily. Read on for a few quick and beautiful garden decor DIY projects!

• Copper Metallic Paint (or your chosen corresponding Metallic Paint color)

Tungsten and Shimmered Moon Metallic Plaster create a contemporary concrete look for a 27′ tall fireplace.

Who wouldn’t love going up into this beautifully finished walls and ceiling? The treatment was created with the help of Texture Effects.

The Modern Masters products I use most frequently are the Metallic Paint Collection and the Dead Flat Varnish. I find the Metallic Paints to have great adhesion and shine, and all the colors mix beautifully together to get custom colors. I use them on everything from wall finishes to furniture, and frames, often glazing over with a tinted varnish to add depth. The Dead Flat Varnish is my tried and true for ceilings, where a glare can obscure the design, and on my murals, when I am seeking a super matte finish. The Dead Flat Varnish is especially useful over dark colors and doesn’t diminish the surface’s color or detail.

We still are both totally enamored with your Metallic Paint Collection. We have, of course, come up with recipes to achieve looks we like. For example, to achieve to look of aged gold leaf that has worn over time, we start with a base of dark brown, then add a coat of Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint, then a layer of Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. On top of this, we do a sheer layer of Tequila Gold and Iridescent Gold with a 1:1 ratio. We finally gently dry-brush any raised details with a warm black. It truly does give the effect of a time-worn patina.

The wall finish has a lovely Plum Metallic Plaster base and the stenciling is done with our Pale Gold Metallic Paint. The pattern is the Fabric Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio enjoys a dedicated following as a designer and artist. She shares her signature blend of patterns and colors with both commercial and residential clients. Her line of decorative hardware is carried by True Value and her original line of home accessories has sold in retail stores nationwide including Nordstroms. Her works have been featured on HGTV and in national magazines and she is also a contributing design editor for her local newspaper. Be sure to keep up with her as she shares more on her Facebook fan page. Many thanks to Amie for spending some time with us and sharing her incredible Modern Masters projects!

For the past 18 years, Jeff Monsein has owned and operated Splat Paint, a successful, full-service, arts company. Custom, artistic finishes and murals are what Splat Paint is all about. Their specialties range from high quality murals, painted and textured faux finishes to decorative metallic work and painted and distressed furniture. His work has been purchased for private collections and has been auctioned at fund raisers for philanthropic organizations. In addition to appearances in numerous publications, Mr. Monsein was the on-air DIY Arts correspondent for DayTime TV (seen in 120 markets across the USA)  from 2009 to 2011 and was the DIY Faux Finishing speaker at the Tampa Bay Times Home Show from 2009 – 2015.  Mr. Monsein and his talented team of artists have cultivated an impressive following and a distinctive portfolio of paintings, murals, sculptures, ornate plastering, decorative metalwork, mosaics and more for private, business and non-profit clients in Florida, Maryland, California, North Carolina and Mexico (Cabo San Lucas.)

Concrete blocks can go from plain to extraordinary with a little tape, your preferred pattern, and our Metallic Paint Collection! The modern Geometric Concrete Block DIY is by Mary Childs of Focal Points.

My favorite products other than the Tintable Scumble Glaze is the Metallic Paint Collection. My all time favorite color is the Champagne Metallic Paint. It works with whites, creams, silvers and gold. Its a warm metallic that screams richness. I love horizontal stripes in the metallics. I roll it on with a 6-inch roller and then use a course brush to create so many effects. The way both artificial and natural lights interfere and create interest is amazing.

Champagne Metallic Paint always seems to be just the right color. Not too cool, not too warm. It’s sophisticated and never garish.

Metallic Paints are perfect for DIY wedding invites! This invitation used our Metallic Paints in a few ways. The box lids were easily painted with a mixture of Brass, Gold Rush, and Champagne Metallic Paint over their solid color. The feather tips were brushed with the Metallic Paints and dipped in glitter. The beautiful project is by Love Paper Paint.

An Italian Mural by Amie is created with the help of our Tintable Scumble Glaze.

It’s hard to believe that I got this amazing look using only a few products. But I did take ten minutes to watch the related Modern Masters Metal Effects videos, Metal Effects Patina Finishes and Metal Effects Rust Finishes, before I began my project. I created my finish a bit differently, so use my directions for this project.

HERE’S WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE RUST PATINA KIT, to cover about 18 square feet:

You can use the chip brush in the kit to add iron paint in recessed areas. You need two coats, so after the first one dries, add some more in approximately the same areas. Let dry well.

Glass Bead Gel and Statuary Bronze from the Metallic Paint Collection enhance both the walls and ceiling of a lavish powder room.

It all starts with a sketch. Sylvia shares, “We were commissioned to do decorative finish work as part of a renovation of an 18th century residence in the French Quarter of New Orleans. One aspect of our work was to design and paint a Chinoiserie mural along the walls of the dining room. This challenging mural encompasses the room and then winds up the stair finishing in the 2nd floor stair hall.”

At this point, I added two layers of plastic under my piece and decided that I would brush on the Metal Effects Rust Activator, instead of spray it, since I was working in our kitchen.

I decided to create rust with Modern Masters Iron Paint and Rust Activator, then stencil an overall pattern with Platinum Metallic Paint.

Want to see more? The Summer 2018 issue of BOHO Style is available at your local craft stores and also at your favorite news stands. Be sure to pick one up to enjoy this inspiring feature and many others. Enjoy!

Nature, history, and the heart are my inspiration. I love rural landscapes and rustic things with all the colors of the ocean, mountains and imperfectly perfect color combinations.There are feelings that go along with these places that I have lived or experienced and it is expressed through my work. I want the project to be treasured for reasons beyond technical expertise.I have had people write to me about how my furniture pieces “gave honor to my grandmother’s memory” or “you created an heirloom from a give away” or “you made our house a home”…..Inspiration to me is a constant awareness between knowledge of how to “produce it” and how to make it “come alive” with my paints, brush strokes, and putting my heart into it.

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A project that I did with Kim Harvey Creamer Interiors to create an interactive and sensory rich garden-themed bedroom quarters for a mentally and physically disabled special needs adult. The wheelchair access and durability of the walls were paramount.

Every square inch was painted and had to have a purpose to either educate or to stimulate.

Bailey Li Interiors is a fan of our Metallic Paint Collection and frequently uses them to create unique and innovative wall treatments. Recently, Apartment Therapy visited her artist loft and featured her in their house tour. She used both the Metallic Paints and paints by Rust-Oleum to help create many of the surface finishes around her incredible space. Be sure to click in to the Apartment Therapy feature to be wowed by the design in the restored firehouse. The beautiful photo is by Brian Winston Fraser Photography.

Have you noticed the patina artwork over the bed? I created it for Modern Masters last month using their Metal Effects products – so addictive!

We created a number of finishes for an amazing castle project in the Los Altos Hills Community of California. It was a 8000 square foot renovation from the original castle built in 1924. It took several years to complete the project. The new owner was dedicated to restore as much of the original character as possible. We even got to stencil an entire carport concrete floor with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Modello Designs vinyl stencils! It was so much fun to work on until the day several of the other contractors told us the castle was haunted…We weren’t scared… We created finishes using the Metallic Plasters, Metallic Paints and Venetian Plaster.

We absolutely love all the surfaces that Patricia and her team can transform and are honored she uses our Metal Effects and Metallic Paint Collection lines to help create their masterpieces. Be sure to visit Patricia’s website, On the Surface, as well as become a fan of her Facebook fan page. She also shares her commissions frequently on her Instagram account. Are you feeling inspired? We hope so! Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your time and your projects with us!

Decorative & Faux Finishes used their considerable talents to transform a bathroom in collaboration with Missy Stewart Designs. They mixed and troweled our Aged Gold and Espresso Metallic Plasters, followed with an Olympic Gold Metallic Paint wash. So luxe!

I craved more of a warm hug environment. And I got it! Are you feeling it?

We’ll be featuring more Modern Masters projects found on Instagram so keep sharing them. To purchase any of these products, head to our Store Locator page or click on over to our online shopping site. Have an inspired day!

Once you’ve created your own DIY oasis, you can sit back and relax with these coastal-inspired tile coasters patinated with our Metal Effects. So easy and so pretty! Get the patina coasters how-to from Table and Hearth.

Tracy Wade started her decorative painting business, Tracy Wade Design, in 1992. She took her first stencil cutting class 1988 and had not even touched a stencil prior to that! She says, “I have always been a very creative person, happiest when I am making things with my hands, from sewing and artwork to cooking and gardening.”

My glass fish floats and copper star are the perfect accents.

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I have spent over 15 years as a full time faux finisher, yet I never discovered these crazy fun, addictive products! I know you have seen stunning finishes on walls and furniture on Pinterest and in magazines and drooled over the look thinking they are impossible for a DIYer to achieve.

These amazing tools made in Japan practically do the work for you without having to put a lot of elbow grease into the strokes. One important secret to a pro-looking finish is the tools you choose. Investing in the best tools will not only yield a gorgeous look, it will last a lifetime if carefully maintained. Modern Masters sent me the larger 270mm Japanese Trowel also. If I were working on a big surface not broken up with small areas like my wall, I would have chosen the larger trowel. It’s so worth the cost to make the process go faster.

Metal Effects Primer – One really important point is that you cannot substitute any old household primer when using Metal Effects. Iron Reactive Paint Copper Reactive Metallic Paint Green Patina Aging Solution Rust Activator Spritzer Cap Old brush or Rag and Small Roller Containers and Rolling Tray for holding and rolling products Drop cloth or plastic to cover and protect working surface

If you look closely above, not only can you see the ‘copper’ range hood she created for the Atlanta Symphony Showcase Home, but also the faux floorcloth painted right on the wood floor with the help of the Metallic Paint Collection as well. Gorgeous space! Gorgeous photography by Mary Powell.

A living room accent wall had been painted with various latex paint colors in several sheen variations. Dead Flat Varnish helped provide a beautiful overall matte look and feel – perfect for the rustic brick!

One Large Stencil like the Royal Design Studio Indian Floral Wall Stencil that I used

A handpainted geode wall finish was created with gold, silver and pearl Metallic Paints and Glass Bead Gel for a gorgeous, eye-catching look.

We love working with Metallic Plaster, the Metallic Paint Collection and the Glazing Cream Colors. They are so versatile and can be used in so many applications from walls to cabinetry to furniture. We also have lots of fun with the Metal Effects patina finishes.

This combination of the dull rust and the shiny metallic paint is just gorgeous to me. It catches light streaming in the front window, and reflects a warm glow near the table lamp. The color even looks dramatically different from panel to panel, but it truly is just the lighting in our living room.

I do cherish this old concrete statue, painted lovingly by my Dad over 40 years ago to grace his fish pond. Damaged over the years, she has developed her own natural texture and color, and I love it paired with this rusty, stenciled metal planter now.

Patricia Presto of Georgia’s On the Surface specializes in the decorative painting of furniture, cabinets, and the faux finishing of walls as well as architectural color consulting. She shares, “There is no way I could have imagined the places I would go, the people I would meet or the challenges I would face on my journey into this wonderfully creative business…every project is new, special, and always a creative challenge. My favorite projects are when I work with a passion-driven team to achieve one dream space. It is exhilarating and very rewarding!”

Spray one coat, beginning at the top. Wait five minutes, then spray again. About 20 minutes into the drying process, as the rust begins to form, I used the barely dampened clean sponge to pull off some areas until I liked the look. Then I let the rust process finish.

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 A custom mix of silver toned Modern Masters Metallic Paints add a geometric flair to a home gym.

Our Metallic Paint Collection helped create this beautiful harlequin diamond finish on the dining room walls.

There’s nothing like a sizzling Fourth of July, complete with fireworks and festive decorations to celebrate and we hope we’ve inspired you for your DIY Independay Day decor! Share your holiday projects with us using the hashtag #ModernMasters!

She also designed and created this gorgeous pink and orange hued home for one of her illustrious clients, Dee C. Marshall. The large feature wall has various shades of our Metallic Paint Collection and is a stunning focal point. The project will be featured this Sunday, April 22, on OpenHouse NYC on NBC at 9:00am EST. Be sure to catch Bailey Li on Instagram as well to follow her projects. Congratulations to Bailey Li for these well-deserved accolades and for sharing her beautiful Modern Masters projects!

Let dry a couple of hours, or until the rust quits changing. Here’s what it looks like after about an hour.

Are you jazzed and ready to do this? I have discovered that I could have done two of these planters with the materials on the supply list, and more! Have a blast, and as always, be sure to share your before and after photos with Modern Masters.

The crocodile door panels are painted with Champagne Metallic Paint and the overall antiquing glaze is done with Tintable Glaze.

Here background in fine arts, and experience in residential design provide a solid foundation for creating custom finishes and unique art for an audience with ranging tastes. She shares, “I feel fortunate and blessed to work with designers and clients who appreciate the beauty of thoughtfully executed embellishment, surface decoration, and ornamentation.”

This tray is the perfect flat item for using the Tone on Tone Metallic Application Tool Kit! It’s used with the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics to create a super pretty shimmery and matte metallic paint treatment. The finish adds a lot of interest to the metallic treatment and yet it’s so easy to do.

Enhance a plain white ceiling easily by stenciling a ceiling medallion. It also adds depth, size, and interest to any light fixture. The project was stenciled with Antique Bronze from our Metallic Paint Collection.

Use the sea sponge, tapping it into the iron paint on a palette of tin foil, then onto the surface.

Chris Vaught is an artist and decorative painter working on residential projects with designers and homeowners in the Maryland/Virginia/DC areas. She started her company, Chris Vaught Studios, in 1995, and has had the opportunity to work on a wide spectrum of projects including large commissioned paintings, whole room murals, and expansive wall finishes in both commercial and residential settings.

Custom mixes of several Front Door Paint colors, including Motivated and Fortunate, helped Carmen create an inviting entrance for her own front door.

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First up is a nursery focal wall with a chinoiserie inspired pattern. The accent wall is painted with a satin sage color and the baseboards were taped off. Using the Chinoiserie Birds and Roses Wall Mural Stencil taped in place, the pattern was filled in with white and pink acrylic colors and then layered on top with the Pearl White Metallic Paint. Pearl White is a sheer color and gives underlying tones a gorgeous pop of lustre.

Have you ever looked at a room with a desire to update it and give it a little something special? Feature walls are an excellent way to add visual interest to a space! Adding a decorative paint finish to an entire room is very pleasing but sometimes a little pop of color and shimmer is all you need. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful & innovative ways some of our decorative painting friends have used accent walls and Modern Masters Metallic Paints to make a powerful statement.

Silver Metallic on a dark background looks gorgeous paired with a contemporary chain link stencil design. The marble completes the look with a rich, luxe flair. The pattern was a custom stencil designed by Stencil Planet. The incredible interior design is by Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window.

I can’t wait to see what you paint using rust and metallics!


The eponymous Heather Jozak Studios has over 15 years of decorative painting experience working throughout the New York metro area as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. The studio’s finishes cover traditional and modern styles for walls, hand painted furniture, cabinetry and custom canvas paintings. Some of their beautiful surface treatments include Venetian Plasters, stone finishes, glazing, murals, metal leafing, stenciling, stripes, suede, faux marble and faux wood graining.They also help with styling of windows in New York City – in fact, take a look at some of their incredible retail window displays. We had the good fortune to have a chance to e-chat with Heather as she shares more on her studio, her favorite finish and her top decorative painting tip. Let’s get started!

A sophisticated faux marble stone look was created with ShimmerStone, Glass Bead Gel, and the Metallic Paint Collection. What a stunning media wall!

8 ounces of Metal Effects Primer, 8 ounces of Iron Reactive Paint, 10 ounces of Rust Activator, 2 brushes, 2 stir sticks and complete instructions. The kit also includes the recommended Permacoat Xtreme Sealer.

Coffered ceiling the Belle Arti Studio created and installed. The ceiling is a dark glazed finish accentes with several colors from the Metallic Paint Collection: Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Olympic Gold, and Pale Gold.

The Central Kentucky decorative painting and design studio, Belle Arti, has been successful for over 20 years and owners Vince and Casey Murray frequently use Modern Masters products in their beautiful projects. In fact, our jaws dropped when we first saw their extraordinary artistry and we reached out to them for a blog feature. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their work and a few words of wisdom as a part of the latest feature in our Modern Mastery series.

This is such an incredible patina wall finish with our Metal Effects! Heather worked with Robert Jenny Design for this collaborative design and decorative painting project.

Artist Heather Jozak as photographed by Richard Marko Photography

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It’s the perfect time to start thinking about an front porch exterior update – and what better way to kick off the season than a fresh, new door color! Kristen of Pursuing Vintage used our Front Door Paint with the ultimate fade resistance in the color Sophisticated for this rockin’ red front door makeover and the color Elegant to enhance her shutters, too.

Metallic Paint finishes on an ornate ceiling and medallion for a kitchen and family room

A rich Venetian Plaster finish enhances the foyer of a commercial foyer. Love that color!

A chic decorative wall finish with Metallic Paints was created for a floral design studio. So creative and inspired! The interior design is by Gayle Nicoletti.

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?   

Decorative artist Kathy Hynes had a client with beautiful furniture and décor pieces, who wanted a rich accent color. She created a custom turquoise colored finish for her using Metallic Plaster. Isn’t it divine?

Decorative garden and decor accents created with the help of Metal Effects rust and verdigris patinas.

A stunningly gorgeous agate finish was created by Elan on a master bath ceiling with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints. Incredible space! The interior design was by Tineke Triggs and the photos are by Eric Rorer.

Carmen has been painting since she was a child, winning numerous awards along the way. She furthered her education by receiving a Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. She started creating textile patterns and art for the clothing industry after graduation.

And running into Carmen’s designs happened frequently. Whether it was seeing women buying her dresses at Lord & Taylor to watching Renee Zellweger sport another design as she’s romancing Tom Cruise in the film Jerry Maguire or even on the beach in Hawaii, seeing a couple laying on towels she had designed for the Disney Cruise Lines private label collection.

Along with easy step-by-step instructions, you get the sea sponge roller, a smooth roller, a roller handle, and a paint tray.

Modern Masters Metal Effects rimer, Iron Reactive Paint, Rust Activator, Permacoat Xtreme

Wait. Wait a little more. Then watch the green patina finish evolve over a couple of hours. Depending upon your piece, you may need to spray the Rust Activator over the Iron Reactive Paint when the Green Patina Aging Solution is dry. I actually did not need it to get this look. Since the Green Patina Aging Solution acts as its own sealer, I did not need to seal it. If you wanted to seal after using the Rust Activator, use the Permacoat Xtreme sealer and topcoat as it was created specifically for an overall rust finish.

Stenciled bedroom accent wall with a ragged finish. The pattern was stenciled with both Champagne Metallic Paint and Peart White Metallic Paint custom tinted to an elegant gray blue.

People constantly ask me about my patina and rust finishes, “How did you do this”?! I enjoy amazing my clients and showing them the possibilities in these products. They are great for commercial applications too, where putting in actual patina or rusted metal would be cost and structurally prohibitive. Knowing I have these incredible products on hand, I go into prospective job meetings confident and excited to show clients the possibilities they had no idea existed.

Bella House Faux shared this sun-kissed Metallic Plaster wall finish (created with the color Black Panther) on Instagram and we love it!

The Matte Metallics strike again in this gorgeous vanity dresser updated by Unique by Ruth. Updating furniture with metallics not only adds a beautiful shimmer, but it also helps elevate the look of the painted finish.

Caroline stencils a tone on tone pattern treatment over gray Venetian Plaster. The stencil design is the Indian Paisley Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

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Use a large stencil brush. Dip the tips of the brush into the Platinum Metallic Paint, and offload any excess onto paper towels so it won’t run under the stencil.

First, clean and prep your surface with a good primer for your surface. I used a metal primer tinted gray and let dry. Using one of the brushes in the Metal Effects Kit, brush on a coat of Metal Effects Primer. Once dry, you can add the second coat. Let dry at least 12 hours or overnight.

Both our Metal Effects Green Patina and Rust Finish were combined on the drawer fronts of a painted buffet to create a striking combination. Incredible project by Artistic Home Studio!

Splat Paint is one of the premier decorative painting studios on the Gulf Coast of Florida and was founded by owner Jeff Monsein. Located in Tampa, we have followed their prestigious portfolio of work as they have tackled historic projects, theme parks, residential and hospitality projects, as well as larger commercial spaces, such as hospitals and stadiums. We are honored to showcase some of their Modern Masters projects for our Modern Mastery series.

Heather worked with Interior Designer Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project. She created the gorgeous custom canvas art with the help of our Metallic Paint Collection. Isn’t it perfect for the space?

A creative bench with handpainted ORNAMENTATION AND florals. Amie used our Tintable Scumble Glaze with her color palette to help with the flow OF BOTH painting AND AGING THE DECORATIVE ELEMENTS.

My top studio practice tip is to make samples for everything and keep copious notes in a notebook that doesn’t ever leave the studio! I create samples for every upcoming project, unless I have an existing sample that will work. I often work in batches, numbering each sample board on the back, and entering details from base coat color to detailed product information at each step into my notebook. I make my notes as I work, having learned the hard way how easy it is to forget the details later. Samples can also get lost or damaged, but keeping a designated notebook with the “recipe” has proved invaluable to me over the years.

The Metallic Paints enhance a beautiful pattern set within the insets of a large ceiling as well as the raised details along the wood beams

It’s a result of Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Oh my. After 15 years of creating complicated multi-layer wall finishes, this product provides a glamorous, 2-step plaster treatment for the professional finisher and DIYer. Magic I had to experience.

Have old furniture that has seen better days? Refresh it! These 8 amazing artists remade their furniture pieces with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects for an updated look that is both stunning and stylish.

I have always wanted to paint an entire room of faux tortoise shell inlay. And these days, instead of using imitation leaf as a background, I think I would use a sprayed coat of Pale Gold Metallic Paint as the basecoat.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Metallic Paint project ideas for trim, casings, wainscoting, molding, and more! Adding color and shimmer to these surfaces adds a dynamic and unexpected dose of design to any space. Have you painted your trim and molding with our metallics? Share your projects with us on social using the hashtag #ModernMasters!

A rich, black Venetian Plaster completes this unique masquerade bath perfectly.

An award-winning project, this gorgeous bedroom by Tracy Wade Design features a brushed mix of Metallic Plaster colors. Eye-catching and so sumptuous.

Cut paper overlays in Snowflake Metallic Paint over a swirled blend of Snowflake, Champagne, and Platinum Metallic Paint. This Napa Valley dining room with excellent taste was designed by Julie Rootes and photographed by Michelle Drewes.

Lovely and serene space by Elan with a beautiful pattern stenciled with Pearl White Metallic Paint over a lavender wall.

A brightly colored door greets your guests in style! Debbie used our Front Door Paint in the color Fortunate, a beautiful and vibrant lime green. Front Door Paint features the ultimate fade resistance, so the color will stay true season after season. She made the update in just a few hours and shared her how-to front door project with us.

Caroline used our Metallic Paints to stencil the African Plumes Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio on her client’s living room walls. Mixing gold and platinum toned metallic paints helped create a beautiful and versatile contemporary ‘wallpaper’ treatment.

This stunning patterned wall finish was created by Katie Gaines of San Diego’s Love Paper Paint with the help of our Metallic Paint Collection. She says, “This project was a labor of love with a custom designed, hand-cut stencil, all painted by hand. I couldn’t be happier with the results”. We love the results, too! Instagram: @lovepaperpaint

Use painters tape to tape off the wall, trim and baseboards. I used low tack tape to tape off my silver leaf square. Remove switch plate covers, draperies and hardware. Put down drop cloths.

Sneak peeks are always cool to see! This is a behind-the-scenes of a large mural in progress by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio in Los Angeles. We adore seeing her considerable art skills any time! She’s using our Platinum Series Glazing Cream Colors to help create the mural. Also, be sure not to miss her recent Modern Mastery feature. Instagram: @nicholeblackburnart

Cellar 335 has a rustic yet very chic vibe. For this hospitality project, our Tintable Glaze was used to help add character and age to the doors and moldings. Tribeca Grain did all the beautiful woodwork and Heather did the finishing.

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designs | Leave a reply Modern Masters Instagram Inspiration

This vanity was pickled wood with really pretty carvings and Patricia’s client wanted it painted a deep eggplant-gray color to go with her new bathroom design. “I suggested we take it up a notch and really put emphasis on the carvings as they were getting lost.  She had brushed silver accents in her new bathroom so I went with Silver Metallic Paint straight from the pot to paint the carvings. We also added silver leaf, crackle and finished off with wax.” Patricia did the same finish on the mirror.

This looks weird, I admit, but I propped the lightweight planter up with a log to keep the planter from touching the step so I could do all sides at once. Let dry hard.

The Tintable Glaze helped Heather complete this stained and glazed modern cabinet. Wow!

My dream project at the moment would be a Chinoiserie type mural project, imitating the look of a beautiful hand painted vintage silk wallcovering. I envision this gorgeous, classic treatment juxtaposed with contemporary furnishings, in a dining room or perhaps a lounge, for an eclectic look. Any takers out there?

Four wooden frames encase the fun works of art to complete the gallery wall display.

Let me guess. I think you are on the Modern Masters website now to find the retailer closest to you to get these products ASAP!

Metallic Paint can also enhance trim details! Decorative and Faux Finishes used Silver, Platinum, and Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paints to transform a vent hood in a kitchen under the direction of designer Missy Stewart Designs. Decorative Studio Belle Arti used Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold to enhance the trim, rosettes, and ceiling in a glam bath. Both are incredibly stunning!

This Indian inspired theater features rich wall and ceiling finishes and stenciled patterns with Metallic Paints

The feature, written by Elyse Major, is entitled Patterns of Behavior and showcases both the exterior and interior of Debbie’s charming, colorful abode. Her ‘elegant bohemian’ style warmly invites visitors and also showcases a few of the projects she’s created for us. The beautiful photographs are by Mark Lohman and the styling is by editor Fifi O’Neill.

Three murals, one amazing product! A garden landscape in a bath, Thibaut inspired art in a foyer and Lake Normal ceiling map were all finished with Dead Flat Varnish after painting for a flat, matte look.

What to with the herbs you grew in your garden? Seeking Lavender Lane wanted a super easy upcycle combined with a farmhouse look for her herb display and came up with a genius idea! She combined cleaned vegetable cans with our Metal Effects Rust Finish to create a DIY Rust Herb Cans. So pretty!

Custom tinted ShimmerStone colors were used in a mural to replicate a morning sunrise in a Boeing 787 showroom lobby.

“Butter” the trowel with some plaster using a stir stick. Press the trowel to the wall at a low angle and pull across the surface. Then, at a high angle, remove excess plaster. Don’t miss the How to Apply Metallic Plaster video on the Modern Masters YouTube channel before you begin your project as it shows this step perfectly.

Now this oversized, boring planter literally glows, even as the sun sets over our front courtyard. No matter which of the two looks you adore, you can achieve them with the same materials. After your piece dries, you can apply the Permacoat Xtreme sealer for additional weather resistance.

Modern Masters Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.


Dead Flat Varnish is always on the shelf, not just for protecting painted finishes, but I also find it so useful for touch up and repair work. Dead Flat varnish, a little tint, and and an airbrush has made me a hero on several occasions.

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Modern Masters products have really enhanced our business. Not only are they reliable and extremely durable, but they are also easily available, which makes a huge difference in my business. Being able to stop by my local store, Tanner Paint, and pick up whatever I want, whenever I want has been fantastic.  Ease of use, availability, durability, and flexibility has made the Metallic Paint Collection from Modern Masters our number one choice.

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“Our company name, Belle Arti, is Italian for ‘fine art’ and we are a design and finishes studio located in central Kentucky. As a husband and wife team, we have been working together for over twenty years, both bringing unique skills to the table,” Vince says. Casey and Vince have also, by extension, incorporated a home’s overall design into their studio offerings. “We’ve had clients that want us to put together the wall finishes, any mural or trompe l’oeil work, glazing of any casework and cabinetry, as well as fabrics, etc., and we are happy to oblige them by being their go-to designers and artists for the whole process,” Vince explains. “We both come from design backgrounds. I literally designed, drew the blueprints, and decorated homes for my father who was a building contractor from the time I was sixteen years old, while studying drafting and specialized art in high school. When I decided to pursue my art and design full time, I attended the Miller Wagner School in Chicago to receive the needed training and credentials. My wife also grew up around design, working with her mother who is a licensed interior designer, doing everything from painting, wallpapering, and sewing, to installation of window treatments. So when we married, it seemed only natural for us to pursue art and design as our profession.” It’s an upbringing and partnership that has led to incredible work and success for their studio. Their passion for their art shines through clearly! Now about their work…

I love how the excitement for Modern Masters Metal Effects keeps growing. Every day I see more and more creative uses for the rust and patina products on social media and the Modern Masters Cafe Blog.

Copper Penny Metallic Paint and anaglypta paper add a stylish pop of shimmer and pattern to an otherwise plain side table. Absolutely lovely project by Dressers and Jujubes!

Thin horizontal stripes with several Metallic Paint Collection colors add interest to foyer entry walls.

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If I were to put on my jammies and dream out loud it would definitely involve some travel to an exotic far off place. Europe for its history and wealth of knowledge, Morocco for its abundance of marvelous pattern and textures , and San Miquelle de Allende Mexico for its color and vigor, to name a few…working on perhaps a boutique hotel or destination space.

I also love collaborating with other creatives, exploring new ways of approaching the creative process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Garden DIY project ideas! If you have some of your own to share, be sure to tag us on social media and/or use the hashtag #ModernMasters. Stay inspired!

 ShimmerStone, Venetian Plaster, and Metallic Paints were combined with a V-Mask vinyl stencil to help create an incredible embossed ceiling design. The outer perimeter was also patterned and troweled with Antique Lace Metallic Plaster.

Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky created two glam garden accents, a decor metal artichoke and a planter turned birdbath, with shimmer and an aged patina using the Metallic Paint Collection, MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, and the Decorative Painter’s Products. Since the products are not made to be submerged in water, she painted and sealed areas of the birdbath just to the water line. Click in for both of her garden decor tutorials.

A groin ceiling receives a simple, light and sophisticated pattern with Metallic Paints. Just a little adds so much!

Are you inspired? Metallic Plaster has a symphonic blend of shimmer, luster, and elegance for any interior project. See the 25 beautiful colors available and find your nearest retailer to bring this stunning look home. Be sure to share those Metallic Plaster projects with us on social media by tagging us or using the #ModernMasters hashtag.

So many inspired surfaces and spaces! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Caroline’s extraordinary artistry. Please visit her website, Caroline Lizarraga, to see more of her talents. Many thanks to both Caroline and photographer Catherine Nguyen for the beautiful images to share with you. If you’d like to share your work with us for a possible feature, please send images to – we look forward to seeing them. Have an inspired day!

A Metallic Plaster wall finish graces the dining room walls of a Tuscan-inspired home.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space this year, check out these amazing Modern Masters DIY ideas that not only look beautiful, they also save you time and and stay within budget!

A modern office receives a decidedly contemporary stripe treatment on the entryway and glazed walls in the main area.

We start things off with a gorgeous accent wall treatment for an office created with tinted layers of Texture Effects. The beautiful troweled finish was created by Oklahoma’s Organic Finishes and the image is by Heather Winchester Photography. Instagram: @organic.finishes

Have you embraced the “paint everything white” phenomenon? I have somewhat. Having been in the faux finishing biz for years, white seemed a wonderful, soft new statement color. So, I painted our master bedroom a greyish white with a square silver leaf accent. It made the room so much brighter, which I liked. It also made the room very understated. Not my style.

An ornate dome was one of our most memorable projects. It was 35 feet up in the air. The dome was oval but we made it look round and it was super complicated. It took us most of the first week to just lay it out! We created 4-layer stencils for each of the ‘honeycombs’ and used Modern Masters Metallic Paint for the gold details.

 It was very challenging and we were so proud when it finally all came together. Two incredible artists, Timothy Innamorator and Jair Medina, partnered with me to create it.

Such exceptional work, don’t you think? Vince and Casey have used Modern Masters products for years and have never been disappointed. “We love the metallics, and the clear coats for interior and exterior applications. Their durability is unsurpassed,” they say. “We both truly enjoy what we do, but we realize that it is fantastic products like the ones from Modern Masters that enable us to achieve those looks and finishes, which amaze our clients, and keeps them coming back for more.” We’d like to thank both Casey and Vince for their beautiful artisty with our products and the time they took to share their projects with us! Please make sure you head to their Belle Arti website for more and follow them on both the Belle Arti Houzz page and @belle_arti_studio on Instagram to keep on top of their decorative painting adventures. Until next time – stay inspired!

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We discovered Tracy Wade’s stunning decorative painting through Facebook. She shared many of her projects with us and we thought her artistry with our Modern Masters products was incredible. We’re very happy to share the work of her studio, Tracy Wade Design, as part of our ongoing Modern Mastery series.

A stunning reason to look up! This painted entryway ceiling makes a strong statement with Metallic Paints. Decorative & Faux Finishes finished the ceiling with layers of metallics in a luxe linear decorative paint treatment. Wow!

Metallic Plaster was troweled over a patterned metallic foil for a stunning and creative wall finish.

Then, simply slide the short nap roller onto the frame, and roll two coats of the Copper Matte Metallic color (or your chosen Matte Metallic) for the base coat. Let dry completely between coats.

Through the Modern Mastery series on the Cafe blog, we feature and profile the incredible works of artists who use our products in ever-innovative ways. One artist we’ve featured before is Caroline Lizarraga and her eponymous decorative arts studio is based in San Francisco. We’ve caught up with her again recently and are honored to share her most recent Modern Masters projects with you, as photographed by Catherine Nguyen.

Kelly Peterson was in the construction industry for over 20 years running projects and managing an aluminum frame manufacturing company before starting her decorative finish business. “When decorative painting was introduced to me many years ago, I knew I finally found my passion. I couldn’t wait to figure out how to do it and share it with others. In 2003, I was very fortunate to move to very art-inspired cultural area outside of Sacramento, California. It was the perfect time to start my decorative painting business. I was so fortunate to find IDAL and the talented people at Modern Masters.” She became a Platinum Training Center for Modern Masters and through the studio and product lines, was able to create amazing finishes for her clients. A love of teaching also led her to begin faux finish classes for a local junior college. She now teaches classes each semester and has an amazing team of decorative finishers that create almost all the finishes for her studio, Layers of Color.

This is a very flat finish, so pull the plaster tight to the surface. Clean the trowel often to avoid scratches. You will soon learn that you can use both edges.

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The stunning metallic alligator pattern on this groin ceiling is by the talented artist Arlene McLoughlin of Long Island, NY. She used our Metallic Paints to help create this beauty of a finish. Instagram: @arlenemurals

You know that I am a rust, crust, and patina lover by now, I am sure. I don’t have too many items that belonged to my parents, who are now residing in a lovely garden somewhere in heaven.

This dining room feature wall was given a shimmery, layered effect with our metallic paints by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes! Dana Tucker has a home with a laid-back, warm feel — but she wanted to add a little glamour, too! She used the wall treatment to add a sophisticated edge that complimented her new light fixture as well. Lovely!

The San Francisco bay area has embraced modernism in a big way, and part of the challenge for painters in our area has been creating finishes that are current and fresh, and convincing designers that painted finishes have a place in modern interiors. Since wallpaper has been making such inroads into the decorative painter’s world over the last 10 years, I became determined to create my own line of wallcoverings, and after two long years, I am ready to launch! STRATA layered wallcoverings are hand painted and die cut, my amazing die cutter becomes the ‘low cost worker’ that enables me to manufacture the entire line in Sonoma County. I chose the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters for most of the colors, because of their beauty and consistency, and the response has been so good, so far!”

Beautiful ornamental ceiling in soothing colors painted with the help of Metallic Paints

A textured wall treatment was finished with our Metallic Paints. So lovely and ethereal!

Simply choose a Matte Metallic color for the base coat, and then choose the corresponding Metallic Paint to create this Tone-on-Tone Metallic Finish. The Copper Matte Metallic I chose worked nicely with the Copper Metallic Paint, especially I since I am in a summery wild Boho color mood.

Metallics can be so tricky, and it used to create a lot of anxiety every time I proposed one. Back in the days when I was custom mixing all my colors, I often just didn’t want to fuss with metallics. Sometimes the metallic paints that were available, though reliable, were toxic. Or, if you mixed your own glazes with bronzing powders you struggled to recreate your formula from job to job, or scale up a formula from sample to job. Even a very small variation in the proportions of ingredients would affect the final look. I really value the consistency of the Metallic Paint line as I know exactly what I am getting every time, and now I don’t hesitate to offer metallic finishes to my clients.

A gorgeous bar area painted for a client. All of the moldings and appliqués are painted with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold, and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.

We narrowed it down to two, but for different reasons. We really LOVE the Galerie d’Apollon in the Louvre because of all of the gilding and ornamentation combined with the stunning mural work. The cartouches and pediments over the doorways give inspiration that just goes on and on. The second place was a little shop in Florence, Italy on a small back street close to the Pitti palace. It was a studio that does exactly what we do right here in Kentucky! The shop was filled with gorgeous pieces of painted furniture and screens, as well as sample boards of wall finishes and frescoes. We both at that point realized what an awesome and time-honored profession we are engaged in, that definitely has a rich history attached to it.

I spend a great deal of time making sure the proper foundation has been set. From experience, I will actually feel a surface and look closely at furniture or walls to calculate how much prep needs to be done. I am always extra cautious with projects and take extra steps to make a finish last such as: cleaning surfaces, sanding and then cleaning, sand off, using a high quality primer fit for the project, and of course, using the best painting products to finish. Prep, Prep, Prep – that is my best advice! When you finally get to the fun finishing part, it is so rewarding! It is also gratifying knowing your finish will last a long time.

Garden murals flanked either side of the bed with real tree limbs that was painted and fastened to the wall with birds and ribbons. A huge garden house constructed on site around the specialty bed was painted with black and white shingles, stripes and polka dots accented with splashes of color. The room had to function in so many ways but mostly as a positive uplifting space made to inspire and to make life a little more beautiful and easier for its occupant. It was truly magical and even more exciting to see my client’s face when she saw it for the first time.

Her master bedroom features many inspired creative touches, including a focal wall troweled with our Metallic Plaster and a stenciled folding screen patinated with our Metal Effects Rust Finish. If you’re inspired to try the projects, click for the Metallic Plaster Feature Wall and Shimmery Rustic Folding Screen how-to tutorials.

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Following the approved sketch, Sylvia started with an very light off-white gray base and began the preliminary drawings and used a background leaf stencil as the filler. This important work would provide the base for the Chinoiserie mural.

Did you know that a custom shade of our Metallic Paint Collection has been used to paint the large Oscar statues that grace the Academy Awards stage and events? It’s always such a thrill to see them!  We thought we’d honor this time of year with a look at a few gorgeous golden DIY and decorative painting projects painted with our Metallic Paint Collection.

Whether you’re finishing an entire room or an ideal accent wall, Modern Masters Metallic Paints can help you create a special look that will set them apart from the rest! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how you can achieve stunning results by creating your own feature wall! For more inspiration, please be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page! We look forward to seeing you there!

Fabulous warm weather is finally here, and the other day I decided to drag my huge, hot citrus-color rug down from the attic. Purchased on a Marrakech trip, I loved how the old rug coordinated with the huge wooden screen that I rusted and stenciled for another Modern Masters DIY blog post. But even with some new pillows, I still craved something simple but special on the plain coffee table.

The Alluring Artistry of Sylvia Thompson Incredible Works by Craig Getty The Terrific Tobey Renee Sanders

We recently teamed up with the amazing Cutting Edge Stencils to design and stencil a gorgeous Chinoiserie-inspired nursery full of beautiful patterns and our Metallic Paint Collection. We have three dreamy stenciled surface project ideas for you and each are painted with calming colors and are oh-so-easy to create! Ready for amazing nursery ideas? Here we go!

Sometimes, just a small pop of metallic paint makes a statement! Paintopia Studio used Gold Rush Metallic Paint on this tribal inspired black and white painted dresser to provide a shimmery highlight. Beautiful!

You can get close to the corners of the wall and the trim. The next layer will fill in. Let dry 2 hours.

After several years of working for other talented and generous artists, I established my own Elan Evans Studio in Sonoma County in 2000. In those days it was all oil glaze, all the time. As tastes, and California environmental standards, have changed, my techniques have evolved. Although I will always have a tender (and toxic) spot in my heart for oil paints and glazes, I’ve really enjoyed learning to use the fabulous new and non- toxic products available to the decorative finisher in the 21st century.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited? 

It’s like magic in a couple of simple steps. The look of the two sheens of paint, combined with the perfect tools, brings the look all together. Wondering about sealer? Since this piece will not be handled, I opted to leave the flat Chalk Paint® as is. You could seal the metallic finish with Modern Masters’ MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat that is formulated to specifically protect the Metallic Paint Collection for items or areas that will receive lots of handling.

Sylvia used the Metallic Paint Collection along with the Wall Glazing Cream to help handpaint and finish the mural. The walls were given a soft pearlescent glaze with Oyster Metallic Paint. In addition to the Oyster, she also glazed Metallic Paint on top in layers using Nickel, English Brown, and Smoke. Mixtures of Pale Gold, Green Gold, Venetian Blue, Copper, Sashay Red, and Hunter Green were also used.

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Such a pretty color scheme, don’t you think? Heather used our Pearl Metallic Paint to stencil a modern geometric design on the feature wall of a girls room. The pattern is the Linked In Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio. She worked with Interior Designer of Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project.

This is a handsome silver and blue patina ceiling created in collaboration with designer Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC. Wonderful work with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects! It was a pleasure following this project on Instagram as she shared the process.

Be prepared! My assistant, Emily, always hears me say “bring the kitchen sink” because we never know what the job could require beyond our actual finish. Always make a board, no matter how much you think you “remember” and always mix enough material so half way through a job you don’t have to re-mix and find you are mixing colors for hours because the shade is off. Always ask for help if needed. Don’t be an island! There is a great community of creatives in this field! Such an amazing array of ideas!

These antique glazed doors and moldings have an elegant finished look and feel due to Heather’s talented artistry. We’re proud that our Tintable Glaze helped her achieve this finish! The lovely interiors are by Robert Jenny Design.

Small accents, BIG impression! Patricia was faced with a Bergère chair set that was dark but needed a more European look. Modern Masters Metallic Paint was paired with Chalk Paint® and foils for the luxe treatment. Patricia concludes, “Modern Masters gave it the European feel and lift it needed.”

I discovered that I could create a neutral-toned subtle look on a planter, or, jazz up the details with Silver Metallic paint. How cool is that?

The moldings, rosettes, and ceiling are layered with our Olympic Gold, Pale Gold, and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints. The stunning project is by Kentucky’s Belle Arti.

Clean the tray and the flat nap roller, and switch to the sea sponge roller.

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The community of decorative painters is often a supportive one filled with great friendships. We received a note from muralist Shannon Geis (thank you, Shannon!) to take a look at the work of Elan Evans and we were blown away. It’s our pleasure to feature Elan’s beautiful talent along with some of her projects featuring Modern Masters!

Use a 2″ dense foam roller and the Snowflake Metallic Paint to stencil your design. The beautiful pattern is the Birds on a Vine Stencil. You can also finish your project with the MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, which is specifically formulated to not dull the metallic sheen while providing incredible protection. Be sure to let your project dry 24 – 48 hours before applying the topcoat. This allows the paints and extender to fully dry.

Have you discovered our Modern Masters Instagram? We love sharing projects and inspiration all the time. We are also thrilled at seeing the many #ModernMasters projects shared by you and are amazed by your creativity and artistic versatility! We wanted to share just a few recent Modern Masters projects.

Attempt to hold the stencil tight to the surface with one hand so the mix won’t bleed, but no worries if happens a bit. Perfection is not required.

This beautiful and ethereal Metallic Plaster wall treatment for a luxe Napa Valley dining room was also featured in Rue Magazine. The artistry is by decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga and the lush interior design is by Elena Calabrese Design & Decor. Ms. Calabrese’s design vision was of creating layers of ‘luxe materials with earthy, organic elements for balanced look’. Perfect!

Be sure to tune into the Oscars on March 4, 2018! We hope this has inspired a few award-winning ideas and encourage you to go for the gold. Head to our website to find your nearest Modern Masters retailer and be sure to share your #ModernMasters projects with us on social media!

An industrial style finish with a polished feel with our Metallic Paints was the look Pat Rios of The Wood Spa was after for this tall boy dresser. Mission accomplished!

 The cabinet was first sanded primed.  A custom colored gray Venetian Plasters was thinned with water about 15 – 20% and brushed on vertically, giving a nice chalky finish.  Diluted versions of Warm Silver and Champagne Metallic Paints were then used as a wash.

The Wall Glazing Cream mixed with a little umber slight aged the piece and Platinum/Silver Matte Metallic was lightly added in the insets. Finally, moire like elements were painted in front of the cabinet in Champagne Metallic Paint.

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Heather Jozak’s beautiful artistry caught our eye on Instagram. She’s not only a proficient decorative painter, she’s also put together beautiful display windows for companies such as Bergdorf Goodman and Anthropologie. We’re excited to share some of her amazing Modern Masters projects with you!

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An old, dusty window sees new life as a stunning, colorful garden decor accent with our Front Door Paint. Artist Katie Gaines shares her Painted Window Tutorial.

Champagne, Oyster, and Nickel Metallic Paint are combined to create a lustrous treatment on a wood sideboard and metal hardware. So gorgeous! The project is by the talented Laura Designs Shop.

Before you start, don’t miss Modern Masters’ quick application video for the Tone-On-Tone Metallic Finish:

Large faux cracks painted with Metallic Paints and shimmer and interest to the insets of a large coffered ceiling

Ceilings are also an incredible spot for a pop of color on the trim and crown molding! Up top, artist Nena Garza-Sexton of NCF Studio uses Brass Metallic Paint to add details to a gorgeous ornamental ceiling trim in a bedroom. On the bottom, artist Tracy Wade framed a seamless Glass Bead Gel finish with the stately and handsome Steel Grey Metallic Paint. Perfect touches!

Metallic Plaster in the color Eucalyptus. You can choose any color that works for you! Measure the total square footage of the area you need to cover to figure coverage, just like with paint. 240MM Japanese Trowel Natural Sea Sponge Mini Roller Latex Paint base in color close to Metallic Plaster.

I chose a vibrant green, which is not a close match to Eucalyptus, so you could easily see the process. Notice the plaster covered it easily. You can skip this if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.

Paint Supplies: Roller pan and liners, paint roller, medium nap roller, paint brush and paint stir sticks Tape Supplies: Painters tape and low-tack tape Additional Supplies: Rags, drop cloths and ladder One kitty assistant to keep an eye on quality control

Did you read my recent front door redo, using Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint? If so, you learned that we experienced a huge, damaging hail storm on May 2. Now, weeks later, we have a new roof, our flowers are finally blooming to the max, and hubby and I have worked tirelessly on our deck and front natural area. Dozens of new perennials, bags of mulch and pebbles later, we are almost done recuperating.

Just in case my planter gets bumped or scratched while outside, I tinted the Texture Effects with Natural Brown Glazing Cream, so the pure white color would not show if chipped off. I used 1 pint of Texture Effects and 4 ounces of Natural Brown so that I could have enough to use on all four sides of the planter and not need to mix more. You can tint to taste on this step. It does turn out out I could have made less about half as much, so I can seal the leftovers up for another time.

Extensive planning was done to take into account imagery, colors, fabrics, and sheen levels. Interactive sound and light elements that were built into the wall to coordinate with mural elements. The main walls were done in a soft white with silver flecks that ombre down to deeper tones of grey, achieved with my fave Wall Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colors. The murals consisted of the family dog ready to go for a walk, a bird that would make sounds when activated by a button and a balloon that lit up when the sound of being filled with hot air.

As exciting as the textile industry proved to be, Carmen felt she could do more. So in 1998, she decided to create her own business, Carmen Illustrates, that would allow her to work with people on a more personal level to create custom living and working environments.

She specializes in creative environments for home decor, children’s rooms and commercial spaces. Her design options range from wall finishing and texturing to thematic murals, trompe l’oeil, and three-dimensional artwork.

Absolutely any hand-painted technique can be incorporated, from loose and whimsical to fine art detail and photo-realism.

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I went directly to the color Eucalyptus because I wanted to coordinate with the bedding, pottery and other jewel tones in the room that I love.

Before you get started, prep the area with a drop cloth as needed. It’s a good idea not to invite kids and pets since you will be spraying. Make sure your area is well ventilated, too, or work outside in the shade like I did.

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Are you ready to paint? You’ll be so surprised at how quickly this project goes! Modern Masters and I would love to see your projects!

Metallic gold accents in a glam bathroom. The moldings, rosettes and ceiling are layered with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.

Prep your work area with a drop cloth and good ventilation. After cleaning your piece, roll or brush on two coats of Metal Effects Primer, following drying times on the container. Let dry overnight.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints enhance custom made fretwork for a niche

Papers were coated with custom mixes of Metallic Paints before being hand cut and applied to the walls of a family room at the Palo Alto, CA based Ronald McDonald House. Each artist dedicates their time to beautifying these rooms to help families feel a little more comfortable while they are facing difficult times. Wonderful philanthropic work, Elan! The design was by Butler Armsden Architects and the photo is by Margot Hartford.

An award-winning project, this gorgeous bedroom features our Metallic Plaster and Metallic Paint Collection on the wall, trim, and molding finishes, and both our Glass Bead Gel and Metallic Plaster on that shimmering, eye-catching dome ceiling.

These sparklers will most definitely create sizzle on at your holiday party! Mary Childs shares her Faux Fireworks Sparklers Tutorial so you can easily recreate them.

What an incredible Before & After! Susan of Living Rich on Less completely updates her tired and worn exterior light fixtures easily with our Metallic Paint Collection and MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat.

This Metallic Plaster project was one of the hottest shares for Modern Masters in 2017. The mottled plaster bedroom wall finish was created with the color Tungsten over pewter foil, followed by a Black Pearl Metallic Paint glaze. Stunning!

The Atlanta Symphony Showcase Home of 2015. This was a particular challenge as the designer, Robin Lamonte of Rooms Revamped, had to work with what was there – no major construction. She called on us to create a finish on the large kitchen hood to become the “showpiece” of her design. Talk about pressure! She was interested in a copper hood, but wasn’t sure what would work. I had Modern Masters knowledge, and presented her a board using a Metal Effects with our own secret recipe that created a worn copper, patina look – and she immediately said “that’s it”!! My assistant, Emily, and I were working around lots of dust, several contractors, and other painters in a very tight space with very limited time. We were amongst a few HGTV stars, which felt intimidating at first, but I soon realized we were all just regular people trying to create something magical together and it was working! The house had great synergy!

Heather Dunn & Co. created this bold feature wall with seven of our metallic colors! The rich contrasting hues complement the lighter decor perfectly. Heather blended the metallic paint colors horizontally and vertically to create this one-of-a-kind contemporary wall treatment.


We spied a beautiful painted agate wall finish by Chris Vaught Studios on Instagram and were inspired to discover more! Her talented artistry has graced many beautiful spaces and we are honored to share several of her Modern Masters projects with you.

And I was especially surprised at how well the wall mirror and old columns pulled this little corner vignette together.

Use the trowel to knock down the peaks. Use very light pressure at a low angle. If you press hard, the plaster will fill in the voids. Use a damp rag to clean off the trowel every time you knock down the peaks.

We’re excited to introduce another wonderful artist, Rochester, NY-based Amie Freling, for our Modern Mastery blog series. Amie’s lifelong passion for design ultimately led to the opening of Meme Hill Studio in 1989. Meme Hill Studio was named after her grandparents, a woodworker and art teacher respectively, who influenced her as a child and strongly encouraged her creative development. Today, she proudly offers such professional services as interior design, color consultation, murals, custom faux finishes, furniture painting and more. “I love when the client gets excited,” says Amie, who studied illustration at Syracuse University and previously served as art director for a Washington D.C.-based magazine. ‘”I love creating happy, inviting niches in homes and businesses.” Part of creating these welcoming spaces including using Modern Masters, one of her favorite go-to product lines, and she shared a few of her favorite projects with us.

What do you think of these nursery ideas? Each project adds just the right amount of metallic paint and pattern to create a beautiful, soothing space for you and baby. Let us know which ones you’ll try! To purchase the stencils, head on over to Cutting Edge Stencils. They have so many other incredible patterns to choose from, too! To purchase our Metallic Paints, find your local retailer via your zip code. Be sure to share your projects with us using the #ModernMasters and #CuttingEdgeStencils hashtags!

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Isn’t her work incredible? Thank you, Carmen, for sharing your extraordinary work with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the heart and art of Carmen Benoit and be sure to visit her company website, Carmen Illustrates, for more.

You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Stay inspired!

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Loose and organic freehand drawings of Paris are painted over our Venetian Plaster. The beautiful light fixture and interior design is by Alia Gaffney.

A raised design on ShimmerStone creates lustrous dining room walls that entice.

In order to have a great finish, you need to begin every project correctly. Each step in any finish, whether it be a set of dining room chairs or a foyer’s walls, need to be well executed and thought out. Finishes will not stand the test of time if not prepared correctly.

Last year I had a blast painting an accent wall tone-on-tone finish in our hall bathroom using both the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics. I still enjoy the effect, and the fact that the metallics and tool kit can be used on walls and flat objects to get an expensive-looking finish.

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The Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL, need an update and contracted Splat Paint. With the Metallic Paints, they created and painted all the raised details as well as the stenciled ceiling tiles.

Such gorgeous modern and contemporary projects – each is even more innovating than the next! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Modern Mastery feature of the Elan Evans Studio. If you are looking for paintery yet elegant wallcoverings with incredible multiple layers, look no further than the STRATA Wall Coverings collection her studio creates by hand. Be sure to follow her studio’s work on her @elanevansdecorativepaint Instagram account, too! Thank you, Elan, for sharing your artistry with us!

Platinum and Warm Silver Metallic Paints were crosshatched on the ceiling and a glaze made with Antique Bronze and Blackened Bronze create a gorgeous subtle finish on the dining room walls.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Tracy custom cut her own stencil and mixed both Venetian Plaster and Metallic Plaster over metallic foils to create this amazing linear patterned wall treatment.

Modern Masters shimmering Metallic Plaster is a unique way to add texture or a super smooth plaster finish to your decorative projects! Applied with a trowel, the line is available in 25 standard colors and each color is intermixable, durable, water resistant, low VOC, mold & mildew resistant and will adhere to any primed surface. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at a few beautiful projects!

Modern Masters has enhanced my business through their vast palette of not only fabulous colors, but finishes that no other company has to offer. Metallic finishes are popular right now and being able to mix and match metallic colors to a client’s specific needs is crucial. Many times a client or interior designer will come to me with a fabric swatch or a corresponding wallpaper that needs to match or complement, and being able to customize the color so easily makes for a positive match every time. The Metallic Paint Collection’s colors are vivid and bright, unlike some competitor’s metallic, making them my absolute go-to products.

I am an enthusiastic painter and project-doer, but I am also frugal with my time. So, I selected this very large wall stencil that covers my planter entirely. That way, I did not have to wait for the pattern to dry, then move the stencil to fill in missing design areas. I cut the top of the stencil material off so that I could easily start the design right at the top. After taping, I applied the mixture using a color shaper tool.

I hope you are intrigued with my boring now beautiful planter, and you’re already looking around the house for an item to transform. Here’s the supply list, and you will quickly discover that many more projects can be done with these materials, in varying combinations.

Painted signs help organize the flowers, herbs, and plants in your garden easily. Using our Front Door Paint, you can paint and create garden markers that resist the fading of the sun’s rays, keeping your outdoor design looking as beautiful as ever.

Our Greensboro, North Carolina winter is blah! Dull, dark and dreary. But this week I experienced some creative excitement that beat the gloom for me while cooped up in the house. Packages from Modern Masters arrived on my doorstep, chock full of their Metal Effects products. My goal: to create something rusty and fabulous with gorgeous green patina like you find on ancient hardware and statuary.

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