Decorating Ideas 20 Ways To Add Impact Above Your One Kings Lane Wall Art

interior wall decoration Decorating Ideas 20 Ways To Add Impact Above Your One Kings Lane Wall Art

interior wall decoration Decorating Ideas 20 Ways To Add Impact Above Your One Kings Lane Wall Art

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For drywall (no studs) you need: Drill Screws Anchors Traditional or laser level Measuring tape Pencil

If your seating area features upholstery in a lively mix of colors, go for an equally eye-catching arrangement on the wall above the sofa for a balanced effect. Rather than lots of colorful artwork, though, emphasize shape with a symmetrical display of small sculptural pieces that draw the eye up. The result is playful and a bit unexpected but also helps frame the sofa and ties the space together.

If you’re a maximalist, an elaborate wallpaper will provide just the major opulence you want. Treat the space above your sofa as a blank canvas for a transporting mural. Although the treatment is lavish on its own, you don’t have to shy away from adding finishing touches; sconces, pedestals, or sculptures can make for elegant juxtapositions.

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Use a laser level for accuracy and start hanging from the top down, spacing the large work no less than two inches from the smaller print. The remaining print to display on the lower right should naturally fall into place once the first two are hung. It’s totally ok if your vertical spacing is not equal to the horizontal spacing; what matters is that the outer edges of all frames are level.

A surefire way to make a statement above your sofa is with an oversize mirror as the centerpiece. It will add instant character, help bounce light around, and open up the room to feel more airy. From there, get creative with the space surrounding the mirror and flaunt your personal style. One idea? Try adding your favorite images and tear sheets from magazines for an unconventional version of an inspiration board.

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When it comes to classic, sophisticated decorating tricks, a gorgeous large-scale textile never fails to impress. For a lavish approach, look to tapestries woven with floral borders and bucolic sceneries. Or go with a global pattern for a colorful boho take that’s equally captivating.

Whether it’s anxiety over putting a hole in your wall, commitment phobia, or not knowing how to purchase a piece, there’s no denying that art can be intimidating. Rather than dream of what could be, we’re here to inspire you to go for it. And remember, when it comes to art, there is only one rule: go for what you love.

An arrangement of art does not need to match to feel cohesive. As long as one standout piece (preferably the largest of the bunch), echoes the colors of your room, everything else will pleasantly fall into place.

Use a laser level to ensure you hang in a straight line. Rely on measuring tape to evenly space out the works, marking with a pencil not only where your nail should go but also the distance between frames. You want to leave no less than two inches between each photograph.

For dense walls with studs you need: Hammer Picture Hangers Traditional or laser level Measuring tape Pencil

Start with a large vertical work—the longest side should measure more than 30 inches—and two smaller works that together are nearly equal in length to your larger piece.

For a statement piece that instantly punches up your living space with color, pattern, and height, set up a chic folding screen behind your seating. Whether it’s a traditional screen with chinoiserie details or one with a graphic motif, it’s a piece certain to add beyond-amazing allure.

If you have an expansive wall to fill, consider a grouping of artworks with one theme, such as portraits, landscapes, or nude drawings. Narrow your focus to art in sets or a series, which will ensure that the works are similar but just varied enough, and hang them in a grid above the sofa. Unlike a gallery wall, a thematically curated art display yields a clean-lined look with a cohesive visual story.

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Start with the same size photographs. Medium prints work best for this (the longest side should measure between 25 inches and 30 inches.

By limiting the color palette of this trio of abstract prints, we kept the look united yet full of graphic punch. Balance the bold by trying this above a small dresser or desk in a basic finish like this white lacquer.

If you live in a small space, a large framed artwork above your sofa can come off as more imposing than impressive—and it can make your room feel cramped. The solve? Rethink the gallery wall with smaller paintings. This has the added advantage of enabling you to easily change artworks whenever you want. Just be sure to leave lots of breathing room between the pieces so that the effect is curated rather than cluttered.

Pick a three-color palette. We’re loving any combo that incorporates at least one metallic.

Start with whatever you’ve got making sure at least one work is significantly larger than the rest. An ideal ratio is one large-scale print, 1 medium scale print and two smaller prints.

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Beautiful china can find a perfect—and perfectly elegant—home above your sofa. After all, it’s a decorator move that has stood the test of time. Opt for a set of dishes with fanciful details, gorgeous colors, or lovely painted imagery. To create the illusion of higher ceilings, try arranging them above the sofa starting at eye level and working upward.

A series of photographs is a great choice above wide furniture like a buffet or sofa. Choose pictures that will span the width of the piece below when hung in a straight line.

Hang the largest work two feet from the floor and build up and around as you please. Just make sure the prints are placed close together (at least two inches) to appear as a whole, which will mimic that curated gallery look.

Be it a spacious living room, a formal sitting area, or a cozy den, chances are it’s anchored with a comfy sofa along one wall, leaving a lot of blank space to fill above (and behind) the seat. That empty space is the perfect opportunity to make a bold, gorgeous visual statement. We’ve rounded up some captivating, inspiring ideas sure to add major impact.

Decorating Ideas 20 Ways To Add Impact Above Your One Kings Lane Wall Art