Cool Desk Calendars

interior wall decoration Cool Desk Calendars

interior wall decoration Cool Desk Calendars

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BUY ITMoMA Perpetual Calendar: Tired of buying new calendars year after year? This innovative calendar by Gideon Dagan lets you pinpoint your own time and date, from a desk or wall location.

BUY ITPattern Calendar: A designer would love these patterns, a crafted mixture of black-and-white and coloured finds.

Orange Circle Studio 2019 Decorative Desk Blotter Calendar, August 2018 – December 2019, Botanicals

BUY ITBird Calendar: Symbolising freedom, birds inspire us all to travel more. Count down the days to your next holiday with these feather-plumed friends.

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Nekmit Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, June 2018 – December 2019, 16-3/4 x 11-4/5

BUY ITMinimalist-Style Calendar: Numbers need not always be in sans serif. Interpret creatively, with this one-page calendar on your wall.

BUY ITKids Fairy Tales-Themed Calendar: Teach your kids fairytale lessons with these beautifully-illustrated, didactic tales.

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BUY ITPersonalized Calendars With Your Own Photos: Find the biggest inspiration in your own life? Sit your family around your work desk with a calendar photo of your choosing.

BUY ITPaper Mountain Calendar: Spend the next 12 months doing origami with this interesting calendar. The end of each month peels away a layer of the mountain.

YOFIT 21 Vintage Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar Desk Accessory Shabby Rustic Chic Number, Golden

BUY ITBlack & White Floral Calendar: Flowers more your thing? Bring your garden inside with these months in black and white.

Picking the right calendar depends on your own personal preferences. If you want an industrial-style wall planner, try Kikki K. For some fun art for your kitchen the Gorgeous Greek Gods option is ideal. Or something that helps you plan while at your desk, we like the Birds In Hats calendar. But in terms of price and usability, the Pinboard Wall calendar from Studio Wald is a practical choice, as important information or notes can be pinned to its cork board, and its pages can be refilled year after year.

BUY ITBlock Perpetual Calendar: Let colours designate the time and date with this everlasting calendar.

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Mead Academic Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, July 2018 – June 2019, 21″ x 17-3/4″ (CAM10217)

BUY ITYet Another Cute Cat Calendar: Can’t get enough of your miaowing moggy? Hang this bad boy beside some stylish cat furniture to turn up the ante.

BUY ITMultilayer Die-Cut Calendar: Die-cut in the middle, this calendar’s months peel to reveal a black-and-white design. Shuffle the months around to create your own centre.

Organising an entire family can be a challenge at the best of times, but Caroline Gardner’s large wall calendar comes complete with columns for five people to help everyone keep track of where they’re supposed to be. The calendar is topped with illustrations of plants and food and bits from around the kitchen, and comes with helpful stickers to make planning a bit easier and more colourful. 

BUY ITLondon Landmarks Calendar: Enjoy the sights of London from your desk, with this muted-tone calendar. Hang it on a clipboard for a hipster look.

Get ready for a new year with a planner for your wall or desk

BUY ITBlue-Toned Animal Calendar: Not big on colour? Create a more vintage, blue-toned feel with these inquisitive creatures.

BUY ITMoMA Cubes Calendar: Scrabble comes to mind in this MoMA-commissioned design. Using generic figures and dates, it’ll be up to date for all eternity.

Another good choice for busy people, this wall calendar is decorated with a pretty flower motif throughout its pages but comes with added extras to help keep you on top of your commitments. It has a small “To Do” list sticky pad underneath the calendar, alongside a weekly food planner with space to mark out meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus snacks) for each day of the week. And it also comes with stickers to help with appointments and parties. 

BUY ITEurope Through The Eyes Of An Architect Calendar: Handmade from the States, this calendar shows all your favourite sights through the eyes of the architects who build them.

BUY ITRustic-Style Wooden Blocks Calendar: An all-wooden box holds these rustic blocks. A wooden desktop would be the perfect setting.

BUY ITCat Calendar: A cat lover is not uncommon. Gift the one in your life with calendared cat illustrations.

This nifty pinboard calendar from stationery brand Wald offers a stylish way to plan the rest of your year. It comes in separate pieces and helpful instructions of where to place the three screws in to the cork board to get your year off to a simple start. It comes with three coloured push pins to let you stick important reminders to the board, and refill pages are available each year.

BUY ITItalian Architecture Calendar: Rome’s architecture is one of the world’s most historic. Learn from the ancients with this calendar for the coming year.

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Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Teachers Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Ruled Blocks, 22″ x 17″, Dots Design

Blue Sky 2018 Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Large Print, 22″ x 17″, Classic

Alice Tams’ delightful illustrations for this desk calendar give you a whole year of different birds in fabulous hats to flick through, all of which have been attached to a fun literary theme. January’s image of a common raven in a bowler hat is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, while May’s kestrel in a deerstalker references Sherlock Holmes, and September’s goldfinch in a beret is, of course, connected to The Goldfinch by Donna Tart. This one is a thoughtful addition to any desk, especially one in need of a splash of colour. 

BUY ITWooden Perpetual Calendar: This unusual calendar uses grooves and balls to set the date. Place it on your office desk for a groovy conversation starter.

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AT-A-GLANCE Academic Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, July 2018 – June 2019, 21-3/4″ x 17″, Two Color (AYST2417)

BUY ITHello Kitty Calendar: Roll over the day and month with this iconic character on your office desk.

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CUPCAKES & KISSES Weekly Desk Calendar & Daily Planner: Blank Spiral One Year 2018 Calendars – Appointment Log Book Shopping List and Graph Paper Project Diary Journal Notebook for Students Teachers

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BUY ITMini Doodle Desk Calendar With Wooden Easel: Find a cute gift for that special someone with this gorgeous kitsch calendar on a wooden easel.

36 Unique Desk & Wall Calendars To Help You Get Ready For The New Year

Ideal for someone who likes an uncluttered desk, this small calendar comes in two sizes, one the size of a postcard and one no bigger than a business card. Both feature delicate illustrations inspired by nature, and sit within a small, handmade, ceramic base. 

2017 is coming – and so is the need for a new calendar. Gone is this year’s calendar, covered with scribbles; gone are the big dates, counted down by preceding days. Get ready for the New Year and its new promise with our selection of the top fifty 2017 calendars. Available in watercolour, geometrics, architectural sketches or black-and-white cartoons, they add not only a new year but a new feel to your office or home environment. Tailor your calendar to your own style – by the month, by the day, as a one-page overview or in a whole new format – and see what new achievements your calendar can be filled with in the coming year.

Bullet Journal Calendar Stickers Planner 2018 for Bullet Journal and Agenda,Self Adhesive Index Tabs Monthly Index Dividers Easy to Peel and Stick,15 Month 6 Set

BUY ITCardinal Calendar: A cardinal bird sits above this monochrome design, easy to use and rotate with painted cubes.

bloom daily planners 2018 Calendar Year Desk or Wall Calendar (January 2018 through December 2018) – 21″ x 16″ – Peacock Feathers

BUY ITVintage Camera Calendar: Know someone that loves photography? Let them see it every month of the year, with this calendar beside their home camera decor.

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, 22″ x 17″, Peyton White Floral Design

Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Ruled Blocks, 22″ x 17″, Penny

For those who want a planner that is free from designs or colours and wish to start with a blank canvas at the start of the year, this wall planner is just the thing. It is printed on thick cardboard and is not particularly light, but it has a cord on the back to make it easy for hanging. This large planner has a decent amount of space for writing with helpful areas to jot down notes, and has a wipeable surface, which comes in handy for changing plans. It also comes with a black whiteboard marker pen, too. 

Based on the hugely popular new Ladybird books made for adults (“The Hipster”, “The Husband”, and “The Sickie”, to name a few favourites), this calendar holds a pithy new challenge from the modern world to ponder each month with an accompanying illustration. Each page offers a different page from a book. Topics include graduation, mindfulness, the zombie apocalypse and dating. This is a jolly calendar to make you snort with laughter all-year-round. 

Desk Calendar 2019 – 22″x17″ – (Runs from July 2018 through December 2019) (1 Pack)

Cambridge Academic Mini Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, July 2018 – June 2019, 11″ x 8-1/2″, Work Style (CAM10538)

Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Ruled Blocks, 17″ x 11″, Mahalo

BUY ITPerpetual Sliding Calendar: Need to see the whole month? This nifty purple frame outlines your next 30 days.

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, 17″ x 11″, Navy Stripe Design

Lollipop Designs Colour Year planner: £11.50, Not On The High Street

Desk Calendar 2018 – 22″x17″ – (Runs from NOW through December 31, 2018) (1 Pack)

Studio Wald Pinboard Wall Calendar: £16, Not On The High Street

BUY ITTravel Landmarks-Themed Calendar: Have a bucket list you want to fulfil? Remind yourself of your goals with this black-and-white sketched calendar, an artsy find for the home office.

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith Wednesday 29 November 2017 12:30 GMT

Blue Sky 2018-2019 Academic Year Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, Ruled Blocks, 22″ x 17″, Mahalo

BUY ITAnimal-Themed Calendar: Animals never looked more hipster. These beautiful illustrations let an animalistic face peek out every month.

AT-A-GLANCE Academic Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, July 2018 – June 2019, 21-3/4″ x 17″, Emma Moroccan (D1116M-704A)

As the new year fast approaches there is one thing left to do after Christmas and Boxing Day are out of the way, and that is buying a new calendar to help plan all of the events in the year ahead. But whether you prefer to keep track of your days with a no-nonsense style yearly wall planner, like to tick then off with a calendar on your desk or prefer to mark off the months with  some fun illustrations on your kitchen wall, we’ve got you covered. 

Mead Academic Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, July 2018 – June 2019, 17-3/4″ x 10-7/8″, Compact (CAM10400)

BUY ITMinimalist Landscape Calendar: Combine a love for travelling with a love for minimalist painting, with this calendar of many watercolours.

BUY ITTopography Calendar: With each page adding a new layer to the topography, this gem of a design is just awesome on so many levels!

BUY ITSnoopy Calendar: Snoopy watches the year roll by, atop his month and date-laden kennel.

BUY ITMid-Century Modern Architecture Calendar: Architecture is not all bells and whistles. A great gift for an architect, treat this 50’s-style calendar as a Christmas gift.

BUY ITDigital Calendar Clock: Show the time and date with this unique clock on your bedside table or wall.

BUY IT50 Year Calendar Paperweight: Be more precise with the date – for the next 50 years – with this calendar and paperweight.

BUY ITMinimalist-Style Wooden Block Calendar: Thrill the minimalist you know with this last-minute present for the office Christmas party.

Illustrator Gemma Correll – author of “A Cat’s Life” and “A Pug’s Guide To Etiquette” – has drawn up this fun wall calendar with 12 silly illustrations of cats drinking wine, watching goldfish bowls and telling each other they’re popular on YouTube. It offers an imaginative insight into our feline friends’ lives and how we treat them, making it a good choice if you want a visual joke to brighten up the kitchen walls, while also providing ample space for scribbling in plans. 

BUY ITBuild Your Own Calendar: A Lego set doubles as a nifty calendar, in this self-created block design.

BUY ITArt Deco-Style Calendar: Follow the pursuits of a woman in style, with these art-deco illustrations in black and white.

This planner is ideal for no-nonsense, year-round planning while still adding a little colour to the walls. The portrait-style planner is good for a smaller wall space as it is not overly wide, and has ample space for scribbling appointments and deadlines on each day. It also comes with some handy stickers to make the planning process a little easier. It is lightweight as it is printed on thin card, making it easy to Blu Tack to the walls, and is perfect for someone who needs to map out their business plans for the year ahead.

This cute desk calendar is small and simple, with all 12 cards for each month sitting in a wooden block that has a rose gold “Z” printed on it. Each month has an inspirational or fun message embossed on it with a fun background, encouraging the reader to “Make the days count” or to “Stay curious”. Ideal for the young millennial in your life. 

Holly Dinsdale’s inventive illustrations under her brand Constance and Clay depict everything from patterns and plants and nature to cocktails, and her new calendar is a fun take on a classic theme. The Gorgeous Greek Gods calendar features portraits of 12 mythical figures, from well-known gods of the Earth Zeus and Poseidon to Heracles, Apollo and Eros. Designed in a landscape format, half of each page of the calendar is filled with the image of a god and the other half has space against each day of the month to jot down appointments.  Perfect for anyone wanting to add a little playful Hellenic history to their walls.

2018/2019 Floral Fantasy Calendar Pad – 11″ x 16-1/4, Runs From January 2018 to December 2019

BUY ITMandala Calendars: A representation of the Indian universe, these hand-drawn mandalas serve as pretty prints after the month is through.

This neat square wall calendar has a different illustrative theme for each month, from colourful patterns to flower and jungle motifs. The calendar has a handy tab for each month, making it easier to flick through the pages when you need to add in important events in the upcoming months. It also has some fun events marked out for your diary, from National Hug Day and Spanish Paella Day to the start of Fashion Week and Wimbledon. 

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