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interior wall decoration Catskill Art And Office Supply

interior wall decoration Catskill Art And Office Supply

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Catskill art office supply office equipment 807 main st poughkeepsie ny phone number yelp
Catskill art office supply
Catskill art office supply
Catskill art office supply
Catskill art supply offers quality art materials office supplies greeting cards novelty gifts maps and carefully selected accessories as well as
Catskill art office supply
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Catskill art office supply
Catskill art office supply
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Catskill art office supply
Catskill art office supply on the app store
Choose your amount and email the gift card to your loved one you can even schedule it to be sent at a later date making it easier not to miss a birthday or
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Something for everyone,in every category, for every level of experience.

Ginny did a really beautiful job on 7 very different and colorful prints we needed framed. She chose the mat and frame colors with an artist’s eye. They set off the prints beautifully. The frame de…tail also picks up some of the intricacies in the artwork.

And we gave them to her with no input from us whatsoever! We highly recommend this shop and Ginny. Thanks! Lihat Selengkapnya

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My business partner and I had a BIG graphics/printing job that needed to be done in a WEEK! I was so terrified that such an important part of our weekend selling at the craft fair, couldn’t be done. U.

..ntil I met Amanda! First of all she is such a sweetie! When I told her my order she was enthusiastic about my business as we’ll as the project that I asked of her! She knew my time limitations so I got a final draft of the prints AN HOUR after our official Lihat Selengkapnya

Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!

This isn’t just a store to buy art supplies, but a cornerstone of the community. The prices are similar to what you can get online, except you get to keep your money local and the employees are real p.

..eople that can help with a wide range of things. Lihat Selengkapnya

Check out our spooooooky cards for Halloween!!💀🎃👻 These pop up cards are no trick and always a treat!

This is one of those places, that makes being in a college town pretty awesome. My housemate and I spent many an hours getting supplies for whatever we were working on, at Catskill. Be they class related (the year I thought taking beginning drawing would be a great way to relieve the thesis stress… HA), personal projects (when I decided to reupholster the couch), or extracurricularly related (when we had a play or event to work on). The people who own/ run this store are amazing with students, and if you are a regular like we were, they are even nicer. I love this place, small (in business manner) independently run, fabulous.

I am very frustrated. I received a call that my painting was finished being framed and ready for me to pick it up. I was really excited as I’d waited over two months for it. I got there and a fello…w handed it to me and walked away.

My heart sunk. It was very obviously damaged. I found another employee who told me I could take it home or leave it for them to see if they could repair it. I’m just feeling really awful right now. I don’t even know what to say.

This just happened. Things happen, I’m okay with that (sorta),but the lack of empathy or concern that I received just made it seem even worse. The responses I got were in the “not my problem” category.

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Stop in and explore the large variety of art supplies in stock to fulfill your creative needs. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff is always glad to assist you.

Art Supplies, Office Supplies, Custom Framing, Graphic Services, Archival Printing, Custom Vinyl Cutting, Gifts and more!

Each Catskill Art & Office Supply store has a complete, full-service Custom Picture Frame Shop on premises, offering the most comprehensive selection of mouldings and mat samples in the Hudson Valley.

Catskill Art & Office Supply Locally owned Art & Office Supply Store with three convenient locations.

We’ve got greeting cards! 💌 sending a card just because is a lovely treat for loved ones! Come check out our wonderful selection this weekend!

Great selection of supplies, gifts and office supplies. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Support local business and artists, shop here!

Happy Friday! We just got these awesome 2×3” frames perfect for wallet size pictures of your bff, graduate, preschooler or your favorite artist!

Wasted trip…first and last time here. Stock was disorderly and sparse. Customer service was poor. I’ll continue to order from reliable art supply stores in NYC and online where stock is plentiful, customer service is knowledgeable and friendly, and shipping is free.

Love Catskill Art Supply. They always have what I want and if not- they help me find it. Great printing department!!!

Everyone that works here is friendly and helpful. I am especially grateful to Amanda who gets prints done fast and helps me with copies!

WELCOME TO CATSKILL ART & OFFICE SUPPLY Proudly serving the Hudson Valley since 1978.

Ginny has framed things for me for the past 20 years and has ALWAYS done an amazing job. I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Yeah, she’s had to frame some pretty bizarre stuff for me and it’s always perfe…

ct. I’d say that every room in my house has something framed by Ginny. Lihat Selengkapnya

I just paid a visit to the new chain store that opened on Rt. 9, and all I could think was that despite the chain store’s hideously large floor space, there was nothing there that I couldn’t get at Catskill. And that’s mainly because I like to buy high-quality art supplies for my projects, and whenever I’ve wanted paints, glue, or paper for my projects, I’ve found it at Catskill. And bonus: the staff is friendly, helpful, and the money I spend there stays in the area. Also, they’re open on Sundays. Hooray!

They lost a good customer when they tried to charge me for redoing scanned photos for a large amount of note cards with photos of original artwork and then came back after consulting a family member to show them inferior quality. It was even obvious to the graphic designer but the owner said that since I left the store and then came back I would have to pay again. REALLY ? Bad customer service.

I’m sorry to read that some customers have had a less than satisfactory experience with Catskill Arts. I am a commercial photographer and I have been working with Ginny at the Kingston branch for 2 o.

..r 3 years. I work mostly with hotels and conference centers . They look thru my portfolio and order 20 to 30 framed prints at a time but always the order has to be approved by some other office. This usually results in weeks of delay before they sign the contract and then call me to say they need them yesterday.

That makes me a difficult customer for Ginny but from the get go she understood my situation so after my clients initial inquiry She makes time for us to sit down and work out what is needed ,frames mounts, plexi glass.

Then we put everything it on hold until the call comes . She and her team have never let me down . My clients get what they want when they want it. Ginny and her team always produce a consistent level of excellence ,that makes me look good.

Number of complaints from my customers on framing issues. Zero. I think of Ginny and Catskill Arts as partners I can trust and depend on and for me that is a rare relationship and one I value highly. John Currie Photographer .

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Love it they Have everything I need locally and it saves me from ordering my paints and makers online best store ever staff are always nice and helpful :^)

As a studio art major, I have a love-hate relationship with Catskill Art & Office Supply – but its not their fault! All my friends groaned at how much their textbooks cost and enviously eyed my sparse bookshelf, and yet they had no idea just how much I was spending on my art supplies. And you can’t sell back art supplies! In a way, Catskill is a godsend for the Poughkeepsie area college student – but then again, its the only art supply place I know of around here! They are medium-sized with a fairly extensive array of supplies for all your drawing/painting/printmaking/arts and crafts needs, including a framing studio and copy center. There isn’t too much variety though in terms of brands for each media, so you don’t have too much choice when it comes down to price. However, the staff has always been friendly and helpful whenever I have to go get more supplies (considering how much they get out of me, they should be nice!). The layout is pretty good, everything is arranged together and marked off with signs, but the aisles are angled kind of weirdly so navigating with your huge pad of paper can be tricky. And it is nice that for Vassar students at least its within walking distance of campus AND they offer a student discount on supplies, which eases the pain slightly when you see the total amount that you owe.

Store is great. However, their employees seems to always have a very bad attitude. Been shopping there for many years and it has not changed.

I wasn’t an art major or student of any sort, but I occasionally had a project I needed fancy things for, or just a craving for fancy art and office supplies that I had to satisfy. Catskill Art & Office Supply was the perfect place for both of these things. I especially enjoyed the specialty papers/stationary/envelopes section they had. It was rather comprehensive and more than fulfilled my letter-writing needs (because yes, I do still send paper-and-pen, sent-through-the-United-States-Postal-Service letters to an honest-to-god pen pal!). Once, I liked a paper so much (it was called “Fiesta” but was by a company whose name I can no longer remember), they ordered and extra ream for me and called me when it arrived. Super cool! But as much as I loved CAOS, I’m docking ’em a star for having a somewhat limited selection otherwise and for being a little too pricey (but the 10% student discount helped!)

Catskill Art was conceived and birthed in our current location in Woodstock NY way back in 1978. Artists in the Hudson Valley enthusiastically embraced the effort and assisted Paul Solis-Cohen, owner, in developing a world class inventory.Services like custom picture framing and a copy shop with graphic designers soon became part of the Catskill Art portrait. After traveling to Woodstock, artists from throughout the Hudson Valley wanted Catskill Art locations closer to them. They got their wish when Catskill Art opened in Kingston in1983 and Poughkeepsie in 1988. Since then we have received awards by being voted the Best art supply store, Best picture frame shop, and Best greeting card shop in the Hudson Valley by the readers of Hudson Valley publications.

Catskill Art Supply (Poughkeepsie) has been our go-to source for presentation posters for over 5 years. A special thank you to Seth and Greg for their expertise and advice.

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I had terrible service at Catskill Art Supply. After spending thousands on framing, the work was completely unprofessionally done. One of the frames was scratched. Another one had the work fall within.

.. the frame due to incorrect hinging–I had to fix it myself. And when I arrived with a truck to pick up the work for my NYC exhibition it was not ready on time although promised on that date and time a month before.

I waited 2 and a half hours for it to be finished, causing me to arrive exceedingly late to my gallery to install my show. When I complained to the owner and asked for any kind of compensation he told me he couldn’t figure out a price to compensate me for so would not compensate me at all! I recommend you go elsewhere for your framing needs in the Hudson Valley and NOT use Catskill Art Supply.

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We’ve used them for all of our framing needs since moving up here 5 years ago–for the house, at the Spruceton Inn, all of Steven’s art shows. Super easy, flexible, and personable. Highly recommend ’em!

Thank you Seth for taking the time to help me out!! What a friendly and helpful guy!

Great People. Yes, they HAVE it. Or can get it. Tell them Ihor BohDan Procyk sent YOU

Everything you need for you and your business in one place! -Copies -Flyers -Graphic Design -Large Format Archival Prints -Business Cards -Post Cards -Posters -Much more!!!

I was in need of note cards and could find nothing that I liked among all the artists and museums i googled. When I had the idea of creating note cards from photographs of two of my son-in-law’s pain..

.tings, my husband suggested I try Catskill. To my great delight, I discovered that this was doable, and emailed two images to your store at 5:30 pm on Monday. At noon on Tuesday the cards were ready for pick-up, having been transported to your Poughkeepsie store for our convenience.

At the cost of $26, I now have 40 beautiful cards with envelopes! Lihat Selengkapnya

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I probably shop here on an almost weekly basis, and always have a good experience. The staff is really great, the selection is good, and the prices are competitive and often beat the local chain art s.

..tore. Specifically, Amanda, in graphics in Kingston has been sooooo helpful on many projects. Most recently, she rescued a brochure I “designed” that wasn’t working. She’s very patient, even with the most minute details, and my brochure looks great.

THANKS! Lihat Selengkapnya

Best Art supply shop! Best stuff, best people like Poughkeepsie Manager Lee, and best prices! Thank you for all the years☀️

We’ve been offering quality art materials, office supplies, greeting cards, novelty gifts, maps and carefully selected accessories as well as valued services like custom picture framing, graphic design and copy shop output,  serving Hudson Valley residents and visitors for over 39 years. In addition to the largest inventory of artist materials in the Hudson Valley, we offer services you need most. All three locations provide the finest in custom picture framing, a valued selection of ready made frames and a highly respected staff of professional picture framers. Our copy shops are activity centers for graphic services, providing color and b & w copies, wide format scanning and printing, signs, banners and custom vinyl. We design and layout anything you need. Our latest premier offering is large format inkjet archival printing also know as Giclee printing. Special note to Artists, we can print copies of your originals on 100% rag papers and canvas. We are here for you…to serve and assist in your next artistic endeavor. Stop in to connect to our network of fun staff and customers. You’re likely to find your friends and neighbors and experience the joy of shopping local. LEARN MORE >

in Recording & Rehearsal Studios, Printing Services, Graphic Design

Manda W. said “After hearing my local kitchen/cutlery store in Hudson charged approximately $1/inch to sharpen knives (so I would have spend $33 and would have had to leave my knives at the store overnight), I drove to…” read more

Ginny is the BEST! I’m a painter living in the Catskills. Whether my pieces go in a gallery or a museum or my house I always go to her. The work is excellent, fast and well-priced. Framing has always .

..been my biggest point of dread as someone who works on paper. Catskill Art & Office Supply has removed all that dread. I cannot recommend them enough. Lihat Selengkapnya

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Here are some gift suggestions and a special coupon. You can sign up for our email list right here on Facebook, in store or on our website.

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